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another kick butt

very quick check in b4 hubby and grandbaby get back,I just got done with KP&C. I was just about to quit right in the middle of the combo "knee,round,drop and round" when cathe says "its really going to shape those legs as well" I was All rite! shape those legs shape those legs dont quite! lol
hubby is a "leg":eek: man

Have a great day!
Thanks everyone for letting me join in. I took an unexpected rest day yesterday so I'm a day behind. I just got done with LBB and I'm off to take a nice shower. Don't know if I should skip KPC tomorrow to catch up or just forget about the rest day on Sunday
Morning everyone,

Yesterday was legs from High Reps and Kim Spreen Absolute kickboxing (or something like that). I changed up 4DS kickbox/legs.

This morning was suppose to be 4DS bootcamp cardio but I didn't feel like a lot of plyo today and need to start getting in some lower intensity cardio so I did a nice 50 minute endurance spinning ride. It was good and I felt good. I also have to watch all the intensity as I do have a bad knee and too much of it makes it hurt and it was sore yesterday.

So I took it down a notch. tomorrow is STS TB.

Have a great weekend everyone. We are getting snow today and then 3-6" this weekend. Yuck, I cannot stand this stuff and I complain every year but we will be here for a while as retirement is way off and we both have decent jobs so just can't get up and leave.

Rhonda......SNOW! I want ONE WHOPPER of a storm, then I'm done! LOL I'm cold ALL.THE.TIME and it's especially hard this time of the year to warm up with that cold, biting wind! Good workout and for making the rotation work FOR YOU!!!

This morning was High Reps. Those abs are kill-ER! YIKES! I'm really zeroing in on the perfect weight for these new workouts....tweeking and eeking the weights up here and there to really REALLY get hit hard.

What's everybody got on tap this weekend?
I have a 5 mile race/run tomorrow...and I'll be sporting some bright red Christmas PJs and slippers (if I can find a way to make them stay on my sneakers, lol). Then Sunday is a rest day. I'm hosting a holiday potluck for my running group on Saturday night, then we have a basketball game for DS Sunday. But all in all a great weekend ahead. I hope you ALL have a great weekend.
Hi ladies.

I subbed in BM2 step (3 segments plus challenge) for Step Blast this morning just cause I felt like it. :p What I did was a little shorter then SB but doing it with 2 risers on each side like Cathe does really stepped it up a notch for me! Definitely a challenge. Tougher then SB I think! I finished off with abs from STS TB since I skipped 'em y'day!

BBL for personals. :)
I'm back.

Gayle:: Love High Reps ab work. Tough stuff for sure but I still love it! :) Sounds like a fun w/e in store for you. We are going to my FIL's girlfriend's house for a little early Christmas celebration since him and her celebrate with their own families separately every year. That's it for me. Everything else involves chores like foodshopping, laundry and cleaning. BLECH. :p

Rhonda:: I love Kimberly Spreen! She is a recent discovery of mine. Absolute K/B is fantastic IMO! I have 4DS k/b, etc on tap for tmrw but just might be tempted to switch up the cardio for some Spreen k/b instead. ;)

Luprisi:: I would skip the scheduled rest day this week now that you took an unscheduled one. JMO though. Do what feels right for you! :)

Terina:: Glad Cathe was able to motivate you to keep going! That's part of why we love her so! :)

Hawgwild:: So did you try one of the MMA's in place of KPC? What did you think?
Hey all! Just packing it in for the night and don't think I'll be online (on HERE, anyway) tomorrow. I've got my 5 mile race in the morning and I just finished up the last details of my 'costume'. lol I'm tying stuffed Christmas animals to my running sneaks...a santa and a reindeer. Add white antler headband plus the PJs and I think I'm all set for the morning! LOL I'll share pictures when I get a chance, most likely on Sunday (but on FB, I'm sure, much sooner than that).

Everybody enjoy your weekend. Set your goal(s) and do what NEEDS to be done to get there!!!!!!!!!!!
its freezing here

its freezing here in HI,its in it 60's:eek: I know for you all up in the mailand thats but you know us hawaiia people we get cold real fast.:D

Today and tomorrow is a rest day,straighten my hair and can't wash for 3 days.

Gayle,have a great run tomorrow.

Wendy,BM2 is one of my favs,I love the music on that workout.

Rhonda were do you live?
Hey Ladies.

Happy Saturday! Today is 4DS K/B, Leg work and abs. I may do a little improvising but it'll be a kick butt work out regardless, I am sure!

I might be BBL for personals. Have a great day! :)
:D Quickie post.....41:57 was my time for this morning's race. I was almost TOO warm in flannel Christmas PJs. :) Started un-buttoning my top around mile 3.5! lol Legs are tired, though, after High Reps yesterday and today's run...not to mention the ENTIRE week of workouts I (WE) logged! Party tonight at my house, and I do believe I'm sleeping IN tomorrow. We'll see!

Have a great night!
Saw your pics of the race festivities on FB, Gayle! You looked too cute in your PJ's, etc! Nice time! Have fun tonight! Don't sit down until everyone is gone or those tired legs may not get you back up! ;):D

Good Morning Ladies.

Today the rotation only calls for 4DS Bootcamp cardio. I am hoping to have the time to add one of Jillian's 6 week/6 pack work outs to it.

Have a great day!

Happy Monday Ladies. :p

So I did 6 week six pack w/o #2 (harder of the 2) y'day and followed it up with 4ds bootcamp cardio only as prescribed. OH.MY.GAWD.!!!! Jillian kicks serious arse in this work out and Cathe doubled the pain!!! :eek::D

Today is a scheduled rest day. I begin week 3 of the rotation with High Reps tmrw. My left shoulder is really bothering me today. If it's still unhappy tmrw I am going to seriously considering omitting shoulder work from tomorrow's work out...

Guess that's all for now. BBL to see if anyone checked in!
I started a new week for us this morning, Wendy. I thought maybe this would start getting too long? What do you think???
I'm on Week 2. I must have started this rotaion a week after you guys.
ANyhow, I did Intensity this morning. Not the entire thing. That is just CRAZY! lol. I did the Double HiiT and Bootcamp.
I'm on Week 2. I must have started this rotaion a week after you guys.
ANyhow, I did Intensity this morning. Not the entire thing. That is just CRAZY! lol. I did the Double HiiT and Bootcamp.

FYI:: Gayle started a new thread for us this week so check it out and post there now! :)

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