December 2010 rotation Check in

Gayle, FYI on the standing work-I use my cathe weighted gloves for this. It really helps to get into the obliques good. Between that and kickboxing w/weighted gloves, my obliques are like rocks! :D

Rhonda, I hear you on the rotation front. I got thru a P90X rotation in 2007 and got fantastic results from it. I also got through an Insanity rotation last year, again with excellent results, but that's where it ends. You would think these EXCELLENT RESULTS would spur me on to do more but I don't. :rolleyes: I would, however, like to complete a 3 month STS rotation. I tried earlier in the year but stopped after 3 weeks due to weight gain issues that made me feel so awful that I just couldn't push thru them. I plan to try again though. I want to start after I finish this rotation. Plan to start on Jan 3rd but I am going to modify it a bit in hopes of avoiding those same issues. Fingers crossed!
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I don't have Meso 1 as the first time I tried it I was injured during meso 1 and had to go through a few months of doctors with inflamed discs in my neck. I don't want to blame meso 1 but I think with all the band exercises that were in that one, it stressed my neck too much? That is the only thing I can think of because no other workouts have done that I have been fine since.

So I stick with Meso 2 & 3. I tried P90X and lasted 7 weeks as Tony just drove me crazy. I needed something different.

I got a rotation for and Insanity/P90X mix and wonder if that would be a good one. Looks very hard though. Will have to figure something out for the new year.

Maybe the STS rotation would be a good one to start with : )

Rhonda:: Hey, ya gotta do what works for you. If meso 1 didn't agree with your body then it's okay to give it up. It doesn't mean it's not a good work out. It just means it's not appropriate for YOU. :) If I re-start STS and find I am having the same issues and they are bad enough that I once again can not push past them, I will not hesitate to put the breaks on again or change up my routine to try and make it work for me. Just because it works for this, that or the other person, doesn't mean it will work for me or you. I am hoping it does but there are no garuntees and I'm not going to make myself miserable trying to "force" it to! YKWIM? That being said, if STS sounds like a good plan for the New Year Kick Off, I would love the company! I already have a few from my other check-in thinking about it and the more the merrier! :D
day 1

quick check in with my spin class. I'm very excited to start Cathe's Dec rotation and also to finish and see results. :D Oh,and the eating under control too :eek:

have a great day everyone!
Hey all! Just setting up for tomorrow's LBB. Wendy, I do the standing parts of this (the slide moves using the discs) with hand weights too!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought of that.....but I thought of it as a bit of extra shoulder work! LOL

This morning in addition to Intensity, I added on my own tabbata-style plank/back extension bit! :) I did 1 min ON, 10 seconds OFF of straight arm/straight leg plank, side plank one side, side plank other side, elbows straight leg plan, and back extensions on my hyper bench......TWICE thru. Not bad at all and I think I'll be feeling those back extensions in the AM! :D

OK.....need to get some rest...LBB is gonna be a fryer after STS TB and Intensity. I think Cathe might be trying to kill us! ;)
Gayle, I was actually talking about standing abs when I mentioned using the gloves but your idea is a great one too!:) Not sure I'll try it though. My shoulders get extra love with all the weighted glove k/b I do. I don't think they can handle much more. :p Nice superman/plank routine there, lady! Wow, talk about showing me up right out of the gate! ;) Awesome!

Terina, Hope spin class was a goody! Enjoy day 1 of your rotation. The food is the hardest part. I know this well!
:D So....standing abs, hugh? DVD? If so, who is it? I have a runners' core workout from Runner's World that I'm going to toss in on the days in between scheduled abs on the's a lot like my little self-made circuit from yesterday.

This morning was hammies were already sore from STS TB and yesterday's Intensity...seriously. But it was AWESOME!

Took the day off of work and am hitting the road early and spending the entire school day doing my Christmas shopping. PRAYING I get 95% of it done!
Morning everyone,

Today was STS TB and it was no easier but I did go up in weights on a couple exercises. I still enjoy this one and I think it is because it is set up in tri-sets (which I do like) and it goes by quickly.

Wendy - Yes I do know what you mean about things working for others and possibly not for you. I think I kinda know what works for me but I just need to stick with it and stop trying all this new stuff that comes out. I believe heavier weights is best for me as that is why I am thinking about the STS rotation come January and if I do, would love to stick to a check in. Just need to gear myself up for the three day split at about an hour each and do my own cardio.

Terina - eating is my problem. If I could get it under control and better choices I think I would be very fit and lean. But since it is my downfall I have a ways to go in order to be fit and lean. This is a fight for me and I am really hoping to fight it in the new year.

Hope everyone has a good day,
HIGH REPS is done. I did the Lower body First premix today. Good stuff! ;)

Gayle, I have several dvds that have standing abs on them including TJ Ab Jam, BBC Back and Shoulders, Criss Cross Cardio, BBL Abs Rapido, Rapid Fire Kick, Box and Core Burn and KCM's 30 Minutes to Fitness Kickboxing. That's where I get my routine from for the standing work I do. Good Luck getting your shopping done! I am doing to do 95% of mine online! :)

Rhonda, I liked the tri-sets in STS TB too. Also found that the work out flew by. It doesn't hurt to try new things. Your body likes the change even if it's only for a couple of weeks between heavy lifting rotations.
It's also sometimes just about what you have fun doing. :) I hear you on the eating! GRRRR. lol.
day 2 wwek 1

Just got done with Intensity and I must say it REALLY kicks my butt! I look forward to the day of doing this one without stopping for air. Cathe is just the best tho!

Rhonda,I totally agree with you if it wasn't for my eating I would be so lean and fit :eek:

Fitmommy,I did better yesterday in spin class,still not able to keep up with the class. It blows my mind how they keep up with the peddling and the sit downs,standups, and all that stuff!

have a great day everyone!!!
I'm in. This rotation looks good. I just finished STS and I need some good fat burning and strength mixed for this holiday season. lol
I'd love to join in too. I started on monday and just completed Intensity. Looking forward to tomorrow's workout!
Wednesday December 8th

Welcome Hawgwild and Luprisi. Happy to have you with us. :)

Today will be INTENSITY for me. 'Nuff said. :cool:

Terina:: Yeah, I admit to having had to "slack" in spin class at times. I would usually do so by easing back on that tension knob. ;) TOUGH STUFF! Hurts so good. :D

Morning everyone.

Boy I hate TOM as it seems to drain me more and more as I get older. I was planning on doing a spinerval workout this morning but was so drained I opted for a shorter and easier spinerval. Irongirl spinerval workout A which is a beginner/intermediate and was just enough for this morning. It was 25 minutes and consisted of 30 second intervals with 30 seconds rest.

Wendy and Terina - I have never taken a spinning class, I bet those are tough as my spinning workouts are tough.

Welcome to the newbies. Glad to have you join us.

I'm back.

So I did INTENSITY this morning but I did it backwards. :eek: After the warm up I started with the Lo HiiT and worked my way UP the list. YIKES! I was dying by the last step section! It was awesome! :cool: Finished up with standing abs from TJ AB JAM. Good stuff. :)

Rhonda, I've never done a spin dvd at home so we're even. ;) LOL Sorry TOM is bringing you down. I know how you feel. Sometimes being a woman just stinks!:rolleyes:
happy hump day

late checking today but I did my workout early this morning, I did LBB and that is a great workout! I like it.

Hawgwild and Luprisi welcome!
Hawgwild,I hope you don't mind Im going to copy one of your quotes and post it on FB:).

have a great nite everyone:)
Good Morning.

STS TB for me today. Had to do the no bonus burn or abs timesaver. Love that work out though! AWESOME! It was the one I looked the least forward to and is turning out to be one of my faves! :)

Terina:: LBB is awesome too! Glad you enjoyed the burn! ;)
Wendy you are all FULL of fun ideas with these time I do Intensity, I'm doing it backwards like that too. Is it a premix or did you just chapter thru it? I LOVE that idea! Thanks, again, for all the ab info. I have a few of those you mentioned (plus ALL the Cathes of course) but never thought to use some of them. Tomorrow's ab work in HR will be abs #5 for me for the week....and I admit to having some DOMS in the core this week! YAY!

Hi and hello to everybody else.....sorry for no more personals...busy busy getting stuff done around here for the weekend.

This morning's 'prescription' was a 45 min ss I bundled up and headed out at 4:30am in 20 degree temps! LOL 50 minutes later I was home and the only part of me numb were my fingers...time to invest in gloves designed for running, perhaps? ;) Hammies are FINALLY feeling better....this has been a tough week for them.

OK...that's all I've got time for right now...trying to stick to my to-do list this week. Making a to-DONE list as I go thru it! Happy THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!
Gayle:: 5 days of abs this week? That's awesome and just what the dr ordered. ;) Isn't core DOMS great? I lurve it so very much! :D Today was my one day to miss abs so I gotta be on the ball fo the rest of my work out week. I got under armor gloves for Christmas one year for running and they sucked. UA is great stuff. Keeps ya warm but the gloves were big duds. I think mittens would do the job better. Go get yourself a cheap pair of mittens and your fingers will probably be warmer! :) Glad you like my INTENSITY idea! Nope, not a premix. I just chaptered my way through it! Have fun! ;)
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Yep. No problem; you can use my quotes. lol I borrowed them from someone else anyhow. lol
Today is supposed to be KPC. I love KPC but have done it a thousand times. I don't think I have ever sone the MMA or even the boxing... maybe I'll do one of those instead, then a core max workout, instead of KPC.

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