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Has anyone else damaged their metabolism from too much cardio and low calorie diets? I feel hopeless, recently no matter what I do I can't lose weight... I actually gained while eating less than I should be able to maintain on. The weight is visible fat, not muscle so I know my metabolism is damaged from previous under eating and too much cardio. I don't know how to "reset" my metabolism because when I eat more I keep gaining and gaining. :(

If any one else has experienced anything like this before I would love to hear how you dealt with it, how you managed to boost your metabolism, and any advice you would care to share! Thank you.
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I am so glad you have posted this thread to share your worry.

I would:

*figure out the Basalmetabolic rate as precisely as possible taking the current activity level. Make sure you are. *NOT*eating less than your BMR.

Cathe Friedrich - Why Your BMR is Important for Weight Loss

*track food consumed on daily basis.

*possibly get your thyroid test done if you are approaching forties.

After doing this , if facts prove you have been undereating, set a healthy tasty nutrition. Wholegrain, fruits ,healthy fats etc....watch out. Hidden SUGAR grrrrr
Eat sensibly and avoid empty calories ;-)

To sum up, Eat to *fuel* your body. Decrease cardio and lift not just light weight. If you are a weight lifter newbie do not get discouraged when you experience water retention on muscle. Carry on lifting and you 'll get there.

Steady pace cardio are to be kept at a minimal frequency. Research prove Hiit is best to attack fat.
Embrace Hiit ;-). Should you have joint (knee) issues opt for low impact Hiit.

BTW, I feel for you...This happened to me:mad::mad:
Be strong you will get your metabolism back. It does take time.

Another piece of advise is do not think about it too much.:cool::cool:

All the very best ,
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seek out a RD

I didn't get your first name but I am a body builder going to school to become a registered dietitian and I've heard that happen to a lot of girls in my field. The best thing to do is get a thyroid test with your doctor and get a referral to a registered dietitian that deals with metabolic disorders. Try to log what you are eating so you can show the RD your daily intake. The worst thing you can do is overcompensate with extra cardio or less calories. I've heard that some girls even have to give up cardio for a year just to reset and heal their bodies. Please see a doctor to make sure some level isn't off first. Good luck!!!


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