Hi ladies,

Today I have stayed home and did my Kickbox workout for tomorrow's class. It was 41 minutes long. Then I worked on the cardio songs off another workout that I am working on, changing around the cardio segments trying them with different songs. Trying to see what works best. That was about 30 minutes.

I might be done for the day.

Have a great day and workout!!


Hi Everyone,
today I did RWH chest +High Reps biceps and added on 25 minute spin class. I hope to see you all tomorrow.


Good morning,
Today, I took my laptop to the gym to do Cardio Slam.

Background: 4 years ago, I changed jobs and my commute is 40-45 at least each way to work. I now have no time at home to do cathe dvds. I had to join a gym and squeeze in 30-40 minutes on weekdays of workouts that I do not like!. I purchase the strong and sweaty series for my laptop, but didn't want to carry laptop back and forth. But I miss my Cathe workouts so much, so I did it today. Set that laptop up and got my workout in. I feel awesome and comforted that I spent time with Cathe and the girls.

I'm seriously considering getting ondemand and taking my laptop every weekday. There's a cardio room that no only hardly uses and I can carry heavier weights in there as needed.

I just know with this new year, i'm getting older and I want to enjoy my workouts. I don't want to keep buying downloads when I can have access to all her workouts with ondemand. Their internet is pretty consistent, so no issues there.

Tomorrow, I'll do another workout from that series.

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