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Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. I didn't get a good night's sleep so hoping will sleep well tonight.

Belinda - Nice work getting SBF barre workout in. This time of year so many errands to run. Will you put a tree up since you are celebrating in TX?

Cookie - Nice JS wo & 3 mile walk. I'm guessing your dog likes snow:). I thought I saw a few flakes it certainly was cold enough. Those are DH's Christmas favorites too.


I met up with DD in DC early this morning. I just finished my workout.

I did ICE UB today. I forgot how much I love this series.

Debbie - it’s crazy time of the year. So much to do and so little time. I had to get my passport renewed today. I will not put up a tree. We fly to TX on the 18th. Great job on your zoom yoga and walk outside.

Cookie - glad you ended up with the little guy. Glad you all crazy about him. Sounds like he found the perfect home.

Have a great evening.
'Evening! Snow flakes all day today, so dh wouldn't wait any longer to get a tree. Think he wasn't happy I didn't want one up with all this past weekend's celebrations. Anyway, so went w/him at lunchtime to get one and skipped my workout. His family never put one up to Christmas Eve, and now he's already to go the day after Thanksgiving!

Deb, hope you sleep better tonight. Hopefully the walk and yoga help with that. The little guy doesn't seem to like stepping in the snow and will stop to brush it off but he's so nosy about everything, he'll endure the snow. Your dh has excellent taste in Christmas Movies!

Belinda, it is such a hectic time of year! Glad you got to see your dd when you were in DC. My dd did her renewal the end of September, and it was back before Columbus Day!

Today was a walk outside & Cathe Great Glutes. We went to get our tree today too. It's a good thing because not a lot left. The local guy we go to every year said that the North Carolina tree growers didn't have much inventory. Apparently they were selling trees for lots of money to be shipped to Europe because Ukraine was a country who supplied other countries in Europe with trees. It seems like it's always something:rolleyes:

Belinda - Nice ICE UB workout! It nice you were able to visit with DD when in DC. Our neighbors leave for Hawaii to see their DD same day so not putting up a tree either. Will you be going to Germany with new passport?

Cookie - We had snow flakes all day too! The tree guy told us next year that Thanksgiving is the latest it can be to come early for our tree. He said people wished he was open Thanksgiving day so they can get trees LOL. We went to my Uncle & Aunt's house for Christmas and they put their tree up Christmas Eve too.


Today was a walk outside, not so cold today. I also did ICE upper body. We are going to get a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda & Cookie - Have a great weekend:)

Today I did ICE LB. I had to modify some of the impact.

Debbie - great job with Great Glutes and ICE upper body. Yes, I will go to Germany with the new passport.

Cookie - that was quick when your DD got her passport. I was told 6 to 8 weeks. You can pay extra to get it quicker. We had snow fllakes too. I am not ready for winter.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside, it was nice out. I went to some local stores and surprisingly not crowded.

Belinda - Nice work with ICE lower body. It will be nice for you to visit Germany.

Cookie - Hopefully not to crazy weekend for you:)

Good morning,

Sorry my iPad wasn’t charged last night. I did Cathe Yoga flow and SBF barre lower body and Christmas stretch.

Debbie - the weather was beautiful for a walk. I wanted to walk, things got in the way. Today it’s raining. Are you still shopping for Xmas? Our local stores are never crowed.

Cookie - how is your weekend so far?

I am finishing up the 2nd bedroom. I doing the final touches on that room. Instead of having a 4th bedroom, I am turning it into a game/sitting room when my kids come to visit.

I will do another stretch later. BBL
'Evening! It's been a busy weekend. Friday is our town's holiday parade, and we host a viewing party, since it goes right past our house. Then yesterday was visitors and today was a play. Got in walks each day and twice did workouts.

Deb, we went to a Christmas tree farm, and they were sold out. They had to bring in trees from PA! It's surprisingly warm here but damp with the rain.

Belinda, when are you going to Germany? DD was surprised with the quick turn around, and she didn't pay for expedited either. Now she's going for a copy of her naturalization papers, and I'm curious how long that will take. I have some gifts, but need to figure out others, and prepare packages for overseas shipping.

Today was a walk before the rain. It has been raining really hard here. We decorated the tree.

Belinda - Great workouts! I bet the Christmas stretch was fun:) I like the idea of a game/sitting room. I hope to be finished shopping this week. DH is so hard to get for. I had some home video tapes transferred to dvds & thumb drive so may give him that as part of his gift.

Cookie - It was warmer to walk this weekend & great job with your workouts. I passed another place that sells trees and they didn't open this year. Maybe they couldn't get trees :confused: Our tree is so dry. I realized when we brought it home but what could I do at that point. It's great that you host a viewing party for the parade!

'Afternoon! Wanted to check in while I had a minute - tb workout in but no walk. Hoping to get an Essentrics wo in after work still. Snowy day here, and our local school was closed. Since we don't have sidewalks, slippery weather can be even more dangerous.

Deb, our tree last year starting dropping needles right away too. My kids prefer gift cards, so I find shopping not so much fun. Still get to select presents for my step mom, uncle, and a few others though.

Belinda, you sure get in a lot of workouts! Having a game/sitting area sounds like a really good idea.

I did ICE BB this morning. Instead of week 2 of the December rotation I doing week 4. The reason, I don’t have Lite as downloads only on dvd. I don’t want to bring a dvd player with me to TX next week. I probably will sign up for OnDemand for a month. Cathe has 2 weeks wiith the Lite workouts week 3 and 4.

I have an early Ent appointment tomorrow morning.

Debbie - I know how hard it is shopping for DH. Our gift this year is the RV and a new car. I like the gift for your DH. Great job on your walk. You and Cookie are brave walking in this weather.

Cookie - Dh and I are tired of our kids taking over our kitchen, they using my kitchen as an office, lol. My kitchen and living room are open. DD/Dil and DS are usually on calls for hours. They all can sit upstairs and take all their calls in the entertainment room, lol. We don’t have sidewalks either. It’s getting to cold outside. We had some snow today.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside, it was colder than I expected. I went to the mall for some last minute gifts it was eerily quiet. Don't get me wrong I was happy but so strange. Before I stopped working it seemed people mostly went to the mall on weekends. I guess that is the case.

Belinda - Nice work with ICE BB. I wouldn't want to bring a dvd player either. Good idea to have another plan. Good luck with your appointment.

Cookie - We have sidewalks but some streets on our walk don't and that makes me nervous. Especially this one delivery truck he speeds through the area. I do like the idea of gift cards!

'Evening! Yoga today. Must have aggravated my quads yesterday, so didn't go for a walk today. Didn't sleep well last night w/it bothering my hip, so planning on relaxing and getting to bed early tonight.

Deb, that's a very thoughtful gift idea for your dh. I'm struggling w/ideas for mine. I might get him a couple of books, even though I complain he has books all over the house!

Belinda, that's a good idea to use your extra room for them to work in. I love streaming workouts. I noticed the past few years, I've used dvds less and less. The last time I used one now was over a year ago!
Good evening,

Travel fit and barre back is done.

Debbie - that is a very thoughtful gift for your husband. Great job on your walk.

Cookie - I would love to stream, my internet connection sucks. I am holding on my DVDs. I love the idea of streaming. Sorry about the quads and sleep. Hope you feel better soon.

Good night

Today was a walk outside & x-train bi's & tri's at the gym. I tried to get a bunch of things done but ended up falling asleep at one point:)

Belinda - Nice work with travel fit and barre back:) Will you be driving or flying to your DS & DIL home?

Cookie - I hope your leg feels better and you get a good night's sleep. Books are a good idea.


Today was a bike ride or cardio of choice on the Dec rotation. I did a belly dance and barre fusion today.

Debbie - great job with your walk outside and strain biceps and triceps. You probably needed that nap. We will fry to TX.

Cookie - how is your leg feeling today? Hope you got some sleep. I am so tired lately, I could fall asleep right know.

Have a great day and workout.
'Evening! My leg is better but still quite sore today. Manage a walk in a somewhat flatter section of where I live. Didn't sleep well again. Went to one of my great nephew's wrestling matches. Not something I've ever done or would do, if he hadn't asked. It was interesting but I'm relieved none of my own sons did it. Don't think I could watch it.

Deb, you've had a lot going on the past few months, no wonder you needed a nap! Plus to me a nap would always sound better than getting things done.

Belinda, great subs! Glad you're enjoying belly dance. It is very impressive how consistent you and Debbie are with your workouts!

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga. I didn't see anyone walking today. DH woke up with a hurt leg not sure how he did it, but he is in pain.

Belinda - Nice belly dance & fusion workout. I'm tired too even if I get a good night's sleep.

Cookie - It's sounds like my DH has a similar injury. I hope your leg feels better each day. It was nice of your nephew to ask you to watch his match. My nephew did wrestling but DH went.

'Evening! Did the somewhat flat walk again today. My sciatica is acting up again, which is probably related to the sore leg. It's that darn domino effect!

Deb, sure hope your dh is dong better. I may try to see if that massage therapist I've used in the past is back. She was really good, and no one I've gone to since has given me the relief she did. Must be nice seeing Hawaii during your yoga.

Belinda, hope the appointments today went well.

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