Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023


Today was a walk outside & yoga. It's crazy how after the 4th of July the time goes so much faster;)

Belinda - Sounds like a fun workout & walk. It's good Sadie slept though it:)

Cookie - I bet your guests are still around. It seems like a big vacation week, traffic is light.

Good morning,

FUEL Series 30 Min POSTERIOR CHAIN Circuits Workout | Day 8.

Debbie - it does seem like time goes so much faster. Great job on your walk and yoga,

Cookie - I hope you doing ok.

That's it of me today.
Evening! Sorry for not checking in. BUT, I did think of both of you a lot! It's been quite busy here and no workout today or yesterday! Definitely need to move tomorrow. Did get in kayak and bike rides Fri - Monday.

Deb, i was lol picturing you jumping in and out of a pool on your walks. Going thru sprinklers is a great idea. Has your yoga instructor considered getting another dog?

Belinda, one of my current dogs gets very anxious w/fireworks. I would love it if he slept thru them! One of my sil takes Humira and it took her a while to get used to doing the self injections also.

Today was a walk outside & upper body at the gym. I was supposed to get my hair colored today, the girl had car trouble. They rescheduled for Saturday, at least it wasn't an airline flight. It must be frustrating if that happens.

Belinda - Did you put the rotation together, or is it a planned one?

Cookie - Kayak and biking sounds like fun. Is it better for your foot?


Barre workout and walk for me today.

Debbie - those are plant rotations. She has a lot of free ones. Scheduling a flight right now is crazy. I am not even thinking about flying. Have fun on Saturday getting your hair done.

Cookie - Brawler was afraid of fireworks. I felt bad for him. Sadie is amazing. I was afraid she would be scared. DD was frightened. My Humira is an auto injector, that one is easy to use. I am using a syringe with a needle, I have to put the med into the syringe. It will take me a few tries to get used to it.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & Cathe butts & guts.

Belinda - Barre workout sounds good. Do the injections hurt? I remember my FIL saying the size of the needle is what makes a difference with pain levels. I’m sure that was his feeling.

Waves hi to Cookie


Fuel FB Day 9 is done.

Debbie - the injection don't hurt. It's a small needle compared to the ones they use to draw blood. Great job on your walk outside & Cathe butts & guts.

Hi Cookie!

Have a great day and workout.

Today was a walk outside before the rain storm. It was hot! We are going to grab a bite to eat.

Belinda - Nice workout! That good that it doesn't hurt and you use a small needle.

Cookie - It is finally getting dry around here. We did get a little storm today but not enough.

Have a great weekend:)
'Evening! Sorry for being missing in action again. Just busy. Sitting outside as I'm typing this - loving that it's still light out at 9 pm! Walked yesterday and resting my foot today.

Deb, it has been warm here also in the sun. We got a bit of rain on Tuesday, but it's pretty dry here. Our lake is down at least 6 inches. Kayak is great since it doesn't bother my foot. Biking affects it but not as bad as walking.

Belinda, glad it's smaller needle. What plans do you have for the weekend?

Today was walk outside and SBF barre.

Debbie - it's very hot here too. The humidity is very high makes it difficult to go for long walks.

Cookie - glad the kayak is great and doesn't border your foot. Biking hurts my knees.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside. I also did food shopping, it was nice the store was empty.

Belinda - Nice SBF barre workout! Does Sadie like water?

Cookie - It's good that you have other activities that don't bother your foot. Wow, the lake being 6 inches down sounds like a lot.

Good morning,

Today was over 3 miles walk and Fuel HiiT D10.

Debbie - nice walk yesterday. She doesn't mind getting a bath. She didn't like walking into a water puddle yesterday. I love when the stores are empty. Makes it easy to move around.

Hi Cookie - hopefully the lake will fill up soon. It's been raining here off and on.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.
'Afternoon! Another beautiful, sunny day! I do wish we had some rain though. Yesterday did a Jessica Smith workout, and today did an upper body one from her. My foot is quite sore, so no biking or walking this weekend. Getting ready fo go for a kayak ride.

Debbie, yes, 6 inches is a lot for it to be down! Luckily for us it is the deepest lake in the area, but still! We need rain. Do you think of getting a dog for your daily walks? Then you could both jump in sprinklers!

Belinda, no real rain here. Only sporadically. My dogs love the touch that comes with baths. The shih tzu gets groomed on Tuesday. He needs it. I was wondering if you still did SBF workouts, and then you are doing one.

Today was a walk outside. I made chicken & eggplant parm for dinner. I’m not used to the new stovetop (flame was too high) almost burned down our new kitchen! It was scary but DH took care of it, I panicked.

Belinda - Nice long walk for you. We need rain here, hopefully soon.

Cookie - Nice JS workout. You still keep busy with your sore foot. We want a dog in the future. We haven’t seen any on our walks, even too hot for them.


Fuel LB Day 11 is done.

Debbie - your chicken & eggplant parm sounds so good. Nice job on your walk yesterday too.

Cookie - yes, I am still doing SBF. I took a break for awhile. Nice job on your JS workouts. Your your foot a rest.

I am cleaning up my computer. Hopefully I am not deleting too much, lol

Today was a walk outside. Tomorrow we need to go to Brooklyn, NY & get up early for a funeral. It is DS's gf's Grandmother, we don't know the family but doing it more for his gf. She was very close to her Grandmother.

Belinda - Nice workout! I need to clean up my computer, always afraid I'll delete too much too:)

Cookie - Is it really hot when you kayak?

'Morning! Sorry, I crashed last night and forgot to post. So, this morning reporting in with Essentrics done. Hoping to get in an upper body workout later.

Deb, glad your dh was there to help! It takes a while to get used to new things. Do you like your range otherwise? Loving your new kitchen? The pavement may be too hot for the dogs' paws. Nice you're going to support the gf. It will mean a lot for her.

Belinda, as you know, we do what we can with what we have. Unfortunately, my foot just doesn't want to recover any where as quick as I would like it to. Other than photos and legal docs, I don't worry about deleting! Figure it's always there somewhere.

I did FUEL Series 30 Min ANTAGONIST UPPER BODY Workout | Day 12 is done. I will do SBF stretch shortly.

Debbie - my gmail at 97% full. I didn't wanted to buy more GB's just to store a lot of workouts. I already have iCloud and a hard drive. I had to delete a lot of stuff mostly on my gmail drive. When you buy workouts from BARLATES they stay on your drive, they also take up a lot of your free 15 GB. The links for Linda workouts never expire. Great job yesterday.

Cookie - the older I get my body doesn't want to recover any where as quickly as I would like too. I also feel the same way you do about deleting. Great job getting your workout in. I fall asleep early too. No worries. My new meds knock me out.

Have a wonderful day and workout.

Today was a walk outside. It was a long day, lots of traffic due to construction. GF was so happy we came. The family and my DS spent an additional 5 hours (round trip) to Long Island to the cemetery. We didn't do that part.

Belinda - Sounds like you did some good workouts! That is a lot of space to free up. The good thing is your computer will probably be faster.

Cookie - Nice essentrics workout. GF was happy we came. Her Dad passed away when she was young so her Grandmother (Dad's Mom) meant so much to her.

Good morning,

Walk outside and FUEL Series 30 Min GLUTE & HAMSTRING COMPLEX Workout | Day 13 is done.

Debbie - sorry about the traffic. Glad you got to spent time with DS. My computer is running fine, I got a lot of memory. It was my email account that was full.

Have a great workout and day, everyone.

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