Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2024

Good morning,

Caroline G. FUEL Series 30 Min GIANT LEG DAY Workout - Dumbbells | Day 1 is done.

Debbie - we took a walk yesterday too. So hot outside. I think I pass this year with a CSA.

Cookie - hope you had a fun weekend.

Have a great day.

Today was a walk outside after the rain. Tomorrow we are thinking about going to the beach before the 4th of July crowds. On the news they said starting Thursday traffic will be bad.

Belinda - That sounds like a good workout, haven't heard of that series. I have a small CSA box but would not get anything bigger. Too much work, this size is manageable.

Cookie - Hopefully you received some of the rain we had.

'Morning! Completely forgot to hit post yesterday and thought of it this morning! Sorry about that. Weekend blew by so quick and sangria tasting was a big hit with the neighbors. Told dh he needs more practice, so we can keep tasting. Essentrics yesterday and hoping to get something in after work and family dinner this evening.

Deb, glad you had company in the car. That was a long time. We still get a CSA from a farm nearby. Always am amazed at how much better greens taste from there than the grocery store.

Belinda, again, so happy you got into the study as then you'll have the best of care. Never heard of a stroller fan! What a great idea!

FUEL Series 30 Min UPPER BODY CIRCUITS & Cluster Sets Workout | Day 2 is done.

Debbie - even I was overwhelmed with a large CSA box. It is a lot of work. Great idea going to the beach before the 4th of July crowed shows up.

Cookie - I done that so many times not hitting enter, lol. No problem. It's actually a baby stroller fan that I can charge on my computer. I ordered it on Amazon.

Great job everyone.
'Evening! Just got back from family dinner and am going to crawl to the couch! I'm beat!

Deb, enjoy the beach. Agree w/Belinda, it is smart to go before the 4th of July crowds.

Belinda, I'm impressed with your and Deb's consistency. I'm just too worn out today.

Today was a nice day at the beach:) It wasn't crowded and not much traffic and the weather was good. I'm happy we were able to get a stress free day in. I was exhausted fell asleep right after making dinner tonight, hopefully I can sleep now LOL.

Belinda - It sounds like a tough workout for you.

Cookie - I'm beat today too, I guess the fresh air, for you it's probably the social visits:)


FUEL Series 30 Min GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS Supersets Workout | Day 3 is done.

Debbie - glad you had a lot of fun at the beach. Those are tough workouts

Cookie - I am beat too. Glad you had fun with you family.

Great job everyone.
'Evening! A double wo today, made up for yesterday. Essentrics and Cathe Pyramid UB!

Deb, I'm envious of the day at the beach, but am so glad you got it! Stress-free days are well needed.

Belinda, are the Fuel workouts Caroline Girvan's? Wow! They're tough. Impressive. Sadie's going to appreciate having the fan.

Today was a walk outside & zoom yoga on my deck. My younger ds went for a run today. I think he regretted when he came back home. I told him barely saw anyone walking and certainly not running.

Belinda - Sounds like a good workout!

Cookie - Nice workouts! I like to write down exercises from Cathe Pyramid's & bring to the gym.

Good morning,

I did a SBF stretch. It's a rest day on Caroline's rotation.

Debbie - I'll bet your DS did regretted running in that heat. My AC is running nonstop.

Cookie - yes, the Fuel is Caroline Girans's. She does show modifications. Great job on your stretch and Pyramids.

Have a great workout and day.
'Evening! Did my Essentrics this morning, and then dh and I went for a bike ride tonight. Short one. My foot was sore but am icing it. Beautiful day here.

Deb, yikes on your ds's run. Hope he was alright. I often get a headache from the heat. Was your yoga with your HI friend?

Belinda, my dd has done some of Caroline's rotations and really liked them. Pyramids has always been one of my fav Cathe workouts.

Today was a walk outside & a quick upper body at the gym. I met my former next door neighbor for lunch today. We lived next door to each other for 17 years & our kids grew up together. We ran into each other at the food store around Christmas and finally put a lunch together. She picked me up and it's been 13 years since she drove down the street and saw her old house. She was sad and teared up. It was really hard when she moved (it was a divorce situation), but nice to get together.

Belinda - Nice stretch! It's been so hot & humid here too.

Cookie - It must be cooler by you, nice for a bike ride. It was my yoga friend from HI.


I did Fuel TB is done plus walk today,

Debbie - glad you met with your neighbor. It’s so hot outside. The dogs don’t like going outside.

Cookie - I like Caroline’s workouts, they get the job done in a short time. Her workouts are only 30 min. I am excused lately. I need shorter workout. Hope your food feels better.

Have a great day and stay safe!

Today was a walk outside it was hot out! I found 3 sprinklers to run though, it helped but not enough;) I need to find a pool next time:cool:. We are going to get a bite to eat tonight.

Belinda - Nice TB workout! I don't blame the dog. Does it cool off by you after the sun goes down? Most of the time it does here but not in FL.

Cookie - Do you have visitors this weekend?

Have a great day:)

Today was a walk outside. It was hot out, it was supposed to rain but it didn't.

Belinda - Have you tried the new meds yet?

Waves hi to Cookie

Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I am watching DD's dog. He is a hand full.

Yesterday I did a SBF UB/core workout.

Debbie - LOL, I am picturing you jumping in someone's pool while walking. Yes, I started the new meds last week. They knock me out. I am not kidding you. With everything new it takes practice. Not easy giving myself an injection The Humira is an auto injection. Easy to use. The new one is not. I feel like a nurse :( We shall see next week.

Sadie has a groomer appointment today. I also need to get my workout in. BBL

This morning I went for a long walk and did FUEL Series 30 Min QUAD FOCUSED Leg Workout | Day 6/ Week 2.

Debbie - I agree with you on the injections. I wished the new one was an auto injection. Oh well, I will get used to it. Great job yesterday. We don't have anything planned either. DH is grilling. DD is coming and pick up her dog. Glad he is going home, he is afraid of fire works. They are not allowed to shot fireworks in DC. Sadie, only got bored with the louder ones. It should be fun today.

Hallo Cookie!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July

Today was a walk outside & a full body workout at the gym. It was quiet here, didn’t hear too many fireworks & had some BBQ food.​

Belinda - Nice walk & workout! That is great for DDs dog that they don’t allow fireworks. I saw on the news they have all kinds of products to help with dogs afraid of fireworks. I wonder if they work.

Cookie - I hope you had a nice weekend.


Today I went for a long walk and did FUEL UPPER BODY COMPLEX Workout | Day 7. I really love her workouts.

Debbie - DD said they had a lot of fireworks yesterday :( Sadie slept through it. I am glad she did. Glad you had a great 4th.

Hallo Cookie!

Have a great day and workout.

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