Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

Hi everyone,

Amy Christmas challenge Day 19 35 Minute Dumbbell Full Body Athlete Workout plus SBF D15 Christmas LB = 22 min + Christmas Express Stretch = 12 min.

I will go for a walk soon.

Debbie - praying for your mom and your nieces husband. Glad your niece is feeling better. That is so sweet of her husband bringing her food. Our farmer's market closed before TG. The Avocado hummus sounds delish. Great job on that walk.

Cookie - I agree with Debbie how crazy your house must be. It's only going to be DD, DH and myself. I miss having people around :( You guys making my mouth water with all that talk about lasagna and Italian food.

I still have to wrap presents before DD is visiting.

Great job on your workout.

Have a great workout and Monday, everyone.

Today was ICE Chiseled upper body. I didn't get a walk in because, we went to pick counter tops. Our builder told us in January building supplies are going up. Hopefully we get our orders in before that. I can't imagine how prices could go up anymore :confused:

Belinda - Fun workouts for you today:) Thank you, my Mom's test came back negative today, she does sound better. Did you DD ever get her washer/dryer resolved?

Cookie - Enjoy your time with your son. You may need a vacation after the holidays;)

'Evening! Yes, I feel like my house is crazy at times, but we do enjoy having others over. Sorry for not checking in last night, one of my nieces came over to visit with my sons and dil and we all played some games. Today got in an indoor walk and a balance workout.

Deb, that's so sweet of your niece's dh, and I hope your mom is feeing better. There's such an array of countertops, it's hard to pick one. So exciting to be getting a new kitchen, but it is a lot of decisions.

Belinda, how are you feeling? Thought of you when I decided to do a Christmas workout. Thanks for the idea.
Hi everyone,

Crazy day today. I did get in Amy's No repeat HiT D20 and SBF D16?) Core and stretch.

Debbie - hope your mom is feeling better. Yes, DD got the washer/dryer resolved. Now she has problems with the AC/heater.

Cookie - you are so welcome! Which workout did you do? I am not feeling so great lately. I am still relapsing (RP). My Rheumatologist ran some blood tests on me last week. He thinks my current meds are not enough, he wants me to take more meds on top of what I am already talking. I am not even happy about it. One was an injection every 2 weeks we talked about the other was in a pill form weekly than daily. The stress with Invisalign isn't helping either :( I agree, lots of decisions when getting a new kitchen. We can't decide on flooring, lol.

Good night.

Today was a walk outside & ICE Chiseled lower body. The next couple of days will be cleanmax:(

Belinda - Nice workouts! I'm sorry you are going through so much with RP. I hope you and the Dr. can get the treatment that will help you feel better.

Cookie - Balance workout sounds like fun. I almost feel off the bench at the gym, TG no one was looking :oops: DH said renovating is like building a house so many things to pick. He didn't agree with my color choice for cabinets but I said I'm in the kitchen more. He can pick the cars LOL;)

'Evening! Today was KickMax. Ds2 and dil left, so enjoying one day w/only Ds2 and us. Tomorrow DD and her partner arrive.

Deb, good for you on getting the color you want for the cabinets. I'm sure with your merchandising eye, everything will look great together. Glad you didn't fall off the bench.

Belinda, glad you have a good doctor for your RP. At Christmas, I always think of my mil's stollen. What will you be serving the holiday meals?

Today I did SBF LB and Amy's D21.

Debbie - thank you! It is what it is with RP. I can't seem to get it under control not matter how many different meds I take. I even went vegan to help with RP. Glad you didn't hurt yourself at the gym. What color did you pick for your cabinets? I think, I will go with white.

Cookie - we will make some vegan food. I love Stollen. I didn't get one this year, DD can't eat most of the food. She has a lot of allergies like gluten/wheat/dairy and the list goes on. Enjoy the time with DS2. How long is he staying?

Good night.

Today was a walk outside before the temps dropped. I have been doing last minute decorating & laundry. Tomorrow will be cleanmax:(

Belinda - Nice workouts:) Can food choices help with RP? I saw Michael Simon has a cookbook out, he said he did it because he has an autoimmune disease. I'm going with a Sagegreen. The contractor said white is a good choice but the way I cook it wouldn't be white for long LOL. Today I spilled a shake I made for breakfast what a mess to clean up:(

Cookie - Kickmax is a good one! It's nice that you get individual time with the kids:) I don't remember having Stollen but it does sound good. My MIL was German but she didn't cook German food.

'Morning! Wanted to check in before I forgot! Did PHA Supersets 2 No Repeats - loved it. It's cold so not sure I'll get a walk in. Perhaps I can squeeze in some steps on the rebounder. DD and her partner are coming in this evening, and we have a birthday party for my tio tonight.

Deb, I love sage green! What countertops did you select? I recentlly saw sage green with butcherblock and thought it looked so good. I hear you on cleanmax. What did you decide about paper plates and ordering lasagne?

Belinda, tbh I liked stollen but w/o the candied fruit. Since she was from the northern part, we always had herring salat as an appetizer. DD2 doesn't have a return flight! Last time he was here, he couldn't go back b/c of Covid. He says about a month or so. Since he can work from here, and gets free food here, I don't think he's in a rush. I'm betting once the holidays are over, and its gets icy and really cold, he'll be booking his flight! What are some of your holiday traditions?

Today was a walk outside & that was the easy part of my day;) I think every bone in my body hurts between cleaning and organizing.

Belinda - I forgot my MIL did do herring, in was a New Year's tradition. I didn't realize until Cookie mentioned it. I'm guessing it's German tradition? I just read that Christmas trees tradition started in Germany.

Cookie - Nice workout! It's great your DS stays awhile. It is a long trip. I can see why he would leave when it's get cold & icy. Actually that's the picture I have with the butcherblock countertops. I like the way it looks but between me and my family it wouldn't last long. I went with quartz, the contractor said it's less money. I thought it would be more. It is white with beige and grey.

Good morning,

sorry for not checking in yesterday. DD, DH and I decided to visit It was very cold and only a few vendors were open. We wanted to get some German food, the only stand that was open was the roasted nuts and a French fries one. That was very disappointing. We still had lots of fun except we didn't eat lunch until 4:30 pm :( Sadie got lots of complements at the market with her beenie hat, I also had her in a dog dog carrier sling. We didn't get home until late evening. I also had to call around to find DH xmas gift. I ended up driving 45 min to an Apple store. The day my Orthodontist ask me to came in to discuss my treatment, I wanted to pick up DH's xmas gift at Costco. They sold out. We still had a fun day walking around the Harbor in Baltimore.

I did ended up doing my workouts before we went to the Christmas market. I did SBF UB and Amy's mobility workouts.

Debbie - Yew Years evening we also had like a charcuterie board with different cheeses, breads pickles. In the afternoon is when most eat a big lunch like Herring, roasts you name it. That's funny when you mention how xmas tree started. My older sister told me a few day's ago she and my BIL watched a documentary about how xmas tree started. I hopefully you can get some rest after cleaning and organizing. What is your traditions? I love sage green. True white gets dirty quickly. I am on a white kick lately.

Cookie - I love Stollen only with Marzipan :) No fruit for me. I think the Herring is a northern thing too. We do love sea food in Bavaria. Sorry your DS2 had covid last time he visit you. He was in the right place :) I am sure you took good care of him while he was visiting. You are such a good mom. Our German tradition? Our Christmas is on Christmas Eve. We will eat around 5 pm and exchange gifts at 6 pm. Usually Christmas Eve we eat German potato salad and German Wieners or Saure Zipfel (it is traditional dish from the region of Franconia). DH loves Bratwursts, he isn't a big fan Saure Zipfel. Since we don't eat meat we will have charcuterie board with vegan cheeses. olives, breads you name it. I still will make a German potato salad today. On the 25th is when we have a Christmas goose with traditional German potato dumplings. I love the once you make with raw potatoes ( they will be cooked). No matter what these dumplings will not come out here in the US? The potatoes are too watery. What is your traditions? Enjoy your time with your kids and family.

I will be back later.
A belated Merry Christmas! As much as I love the holidays, it is nice to be able to take a breathe before NYE! Just found out one of yesterday's guests tested positive for Covid. Got in Rock Em, Sock Em Kickbox today. Our oldest dog passed away late last night. It reallly is for the bedt but still ...

Deb, quartz is definitely easy upkeep. Bet you're getting excited! Have you selected hardware yet? How did you Christmas Eve dinner go?

Belinda, thankfully my ds didn't get Covid when he was here before. He was blocked out of returning to Spain due to Covid restrictions. However, we just found out one of yesterday's guests has just tested positive for it, so who knows? My dh is from Northern Germany, but his father was from the southern part. We open gifts on Christmas Eve. Growing up his family didn't get a tree until about noon on Christmas Eve. I think dh didn't like that b/c he's now always getting it much earlier.
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I did Am's workout and SBF. Today was a SBF stretch. DD joined me.

Debbie - hope you had a great xmas.

Cookie - I am so sorry about your oldest dog passing (((HUGS))) Was he sick? It's always hard losing a fur baby. I still miss Brawler and ChuChu :) Oh...that makes more sense. I am sure your DS didn't mind staying with you. OH no...about one of your guest testing positive for covid. I hope you all ok. My BIL ankle brother almost passed away on Christmas Eve :( I wonder why so many fully vaccinated people pass away of covid. We also open gift on Christmas Eve. When I grew up my parents didn't put up the tree until noon on Christmas Eve. I usually put up my tree just a few day's before Christmas Eve. DH and kids put up our tree when DS and DIL was here. I am ready to put the tree away. Traditional we don't put the tree away until Jan 6.

Good night.
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Today was a walk outside, it wasn't too cold. Christmas Eve and day were rest days. Christmas Eve went well but made a couple of mistakes which I will correct next year. I ordered too much food. I cleaned rooms really good that people didn't go in and didn't in rooms people were in :confused: I also was exhausted for 2 days. I must start preparing earlier in the future. Christmas day, I brought food to my Mom's, it was a nice day.

Today my SIL & her partner came from TN, she is visiting for a couple of days and we had dinner.

Belinda - The Christmas Market you went to looked like fun:) I wonder where all the food vendors were. I'm sure Sadie enjoyed herself. It sounds like you had a really nice Christmas with DD. We get our tree about 2 weeks before Christmas but lately it dries out so quickly. As a child we went to my Aunt & Uncle's and they always got their tree on Christmas Eve. Sorry about your BIL brother passing away:(

Cookie - Nice getting your workouts in. Sorry your dog passed away, not the best time to happen:( Hopefully your family will be safe from catching Covid. It's funny the contractor didn't mention anything about picking our hardware but that will be fun and not too hard to decide;) Do you get time off between Christmas & New Year?

Hi everyone,

I did CL A Christmas Ball. It was a fun workout. I am deciding if I want to sign up for another CL year. My subscription is running out the beginning of Jan or do I want to do monthly? I will skip Amy's last week of her Christmas challenge and will finish her last week in Jan or skip it all together.

Debbie - I have no idea where all the food vendors were. It would have been a lot of fun if they open. Sorry you were exhausted for 2 days. Like I mention besides cooking it was very relaxing:) I am sure you will prep ahead next time. My BIL uncle almost past away on the 24th. As far as, I know he is still alive. Hopefully he makes it through.

Cookie - thinking about you. It's hard losing a pet. I agree with Debbie, hopefully you and your family are safe from Covid.

Good night, everyone.
'Evening! Today was CL Low Impact Conditioning Express. My dd says Cathe puts pushups into every workout - and I think she may be correct!

Deb, thanks. It's always hard when one of the pets pass, but she had gotten very thin and I think she was ready. She was crying for a while, and that was hard to bear but then she just went to sleep. I also ordered too much food! My dh was teasing me that I must not want to cook for a month! Enjoy your dsil and her partner. Have no meetings this week and am considering it a catch up week on paperwork. I hate paperwork.

Belinda, my ds certainly does like visiting - my dh and I laugh that perhaps he likes it a little too much! We brought Zoe to the vet today for cremation. I miss our pets who have passed also. It was hard to leave them behind when we moved. The love they give is worth is all. Good luck on your decision. I love being able to stream workouts and not have to deal with a dvd player.

Today was a walk outside. I went to breakfast with my 2 SILs it was fun. I couldn't believe how crowded it was. I think lots of people have off this week.

Belinda - CL Christmas Ball sounds like a fun workout! Hopefully your BIL Uncle makes it through. Our state's numbers are getting very high. I was surprised when they said you only need to quarantine for 5 days now.

Cookie - Nice workout & I agree with your dd about the pushups. I have so much paperwork that I need to shred that is a 2022 goal for me LOL.

'Evening! Today was LITE Metabolic blast and a long walk. Got my first shingles shot today!

Deb, I'm impressed with your relationship with your SILs - yours sound much more like they are your friends. Paperwork is a bain of my life! I hate it, and I swear it reproduces when I'm not watching it.

Belinda, hope your relative is doing better. How are you feeling?

Today DH and I went for a nice long walk. Didn't get anything else in, I moving/reorganizing again. Still have a little left.

Debbie - I planned on calling my sister in Germany. With the time difference (6 hours ahead of us) it was too late to call her. By the time I thought about it, it was midnight in Germany :( I pray my BIL Uncle makes it through too. So sad.

Cookie - I also agree, Cathe loves push ups and shoulder. LOL, your DH is probably right about your DS. I am sorry you had to go bring Zoe to the vet for cremation. That must have been hard :( Did Zoe passed at your house? The vet did all that for us after all our dogs passed. I swore off getting another dog. I agree, they do give us so much love. Unconditional love. Do you still buy workout dvd's? I agree, I love streaming. Did you sign up for CL for a year or month? I can't remember. Hope you don't have any side effects from the shot today. I didn't expect a little swelling in my arm. I am fine. Thanks for asking. I will see my Rheumatologist in Jan. How are you feeling?

Good night.

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