Commit to get Fit & Lean January 2016 - 2023

Happy New Year everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful and happy New Year :) Can't believe it's already 2016...time flies.

I will do STS D 33 and Jessica Smith Strike, Stretch & Relax 30 min.

I will be back later. Have a great day and workout, everyone.
Hi girls,

I am done with STS D33 + Jessica Smith Walk On 21 Day- Strike, Stretch & Relax 30 min and Jessica Smith Yoga Stretch
-AM: Energizing Flow = 30 min :)

Welcome lovetocamp :) Check in when you can.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Happy New Year!!!

Yesterday I took a yoga class, today I took a rest day. I didn't feel too good today, my throat hurts hopefully rest this weekend will help! We went to my in-laws last night & cooked fish. Today we went back & a lot of relatives came over to eat. We borrowed some old home movies my FIL made from past Christmas's before we were married. We watched one tonight it is wild seeing the clothes, hair & cars etc. . . from the mid 80's:eek:

Belinda - Thank you for starting the "New" thread. Time sure does fly!! Kudos on your workouts:)

Waves hi to Kristin & Cookie

Welcome Lovetocamp & checkin when you can:)

Happy New Year!
Lovetocamp - welcome! Check in when you can. This is a great, kind and supportive group.
Belinda, you must be quite the planner to have things so organized. I'm going to check out JS's strike, stretch and relax. Haven't done that one yet.
Kristin, are you enjoying the last few days of break. Are the boys doing basketball?
Deb, hope you're feeling better. Watching those movies must have been wonderful. We have a few from when the kids were young, but they're on vhs and we no longer have a player. One of my goals for this year is to get them converted and then uploaded to an external hard drive. Good that your inlaws have so many visitors. How are they doing?
Eldest ds has been released from hospital w/walker, cane, antibiotics and other meds. DH has gone to take him to an appt and check on him.
Friends from forever always come for NYE, and we play board games. This year one of their dd and sil were visiting and they came also. Had a blast. Yesterday drove our dd back to school and did Tracy Staehle's walk dvd. Haven't done one of hers in a long time.
Any resolutions or goals for 2016? I want to meditate/pray daily, get as many 10K days as I can, and remember negativity in others does not have power over how I react.
Hey girls,

I am done with ICE Metabolic Total Body MishMosh Premix:
Scrambled #1 Changes the order of some rounds and mixes in some Blizzard Blast intervals. - 53:07

Cookie - glad your son is coming home today and you had a blast on NYE :) JS's strike, stretch and relax is really good, especially last 15 min stretching :)

Debbie - sorry you are feeling under the wether:( Feel better soon and relax.

Kirstin - I hope you feeling better.

Have a great Saturday.
Good morning, today and yesterday just some treadmill work will start a cathe rotation on Monday.
Deb- hope you feel better soon.
Belinda- you have quite a collection of workouts.
Cookie- nothing like old friends to celebrate with.
Thank you for the warm welcome!!
Hallo again,

I also did Weight Loss Walking (4 DVD's) Walking for Weight Loss = 43 min. You probably wondering why I am working out so hard, lol? Well, my son is getting married the end of this month. DH and I will drive in our RV for 3 day's, not sure how much/how many workouts I get in? I usually workout in the RV with no problem, but I want to make sure I am not behind my weekly dvd goal :)

Have a wonderful day and workout, everyone.

Good morning, today and yesterday just some treadmill work will start a cathe rotation on Monday.
Deb- hope you feel better soon.
Belinda- you have quite a collection of workouts.
Cookie- nothing like old friends to celebrate with.
Thank you for the warm welcome!!

I sure do :p:D Good job on your treadmill workout. Which Cathe rotation are you doing?

Today I did ICE To the Mat floor work only & shoulder meltdown. I am feeling better, mornings I am just so congested. The temps are dropping but not too bad:)

I am reading the book The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up and plan to use that to jump start my resolution of organizing;)

Belinda - January seems to go by so slowly but for you it will be quick! The wedding will be here before you know it and all your hard work will show:)

Kristin - How are you feeling?

Cookie - Wow, it seems like ds is still not 100%, hopefully he gets better soon. It sounds like you had a lot of fun on New Year's! I like your goals:)

Lovetocamp - Which rotation will you do? I haven't checked out the January rotation yet, will go look at it.

Good morning ladies,
No workout today. I am starting the beginner rotation on Monday. Recovering from a knee injury. Prob won't do the whole 12 weeks(hopefully).
Have a great and blessed Sunday
Hey guys. Remember me? Well, I am not dead, but I felt as though I were dying. I wasn't feeling well on Christmas. I thought I just had a cold or something. I worked out on the 26th and 27th, but both times I felt spent after the workout. It got worse. I got the chills, fever, and a nonstop cough. I hate going to the doctor, but ended up going on my husband's insisting and it turns out I had the flu. A "mild" flu, as the doctor put it. They wouldn't give me anything for it because they claimed I had the symptoms for too long and that tamiflu wouldn't work at this point. I spent the whole vacation, except for yesterday in bed. Even New Year's Eve. . . my DH and boys stayed up and celebrated while I slept. I felt a little better yesterday, which was a good thing because we had free tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters in Brooklyn. I was able to go and had a great time with DH and the boys. Today I feel even better. I did do a workout finally today. I did Push/Pull. This workout is less challenging to me and I figured that this week I am going to ease my way back into working out with easier workouts. I have also made it my resolution to take my vitamins every day and to listen to my body. If I hadn't have pushed myself, maybe I would not have been so sick. I also have decided that I have to make it a priority to eat healthier food. No more going for what's convenient on game nights and busy nights. I have to make my health a priority like everything else.

The vacation went by quickly despite being so sick. I go back to work tomorrow. I have work to do today to prepare.

Belinda- That is so exciting that your DS's wedding is coming up! Something to look forward to in an otherwise uneventful time of year. This month always depresses me a bit, lol. How are you liking the new series? I never did order it, but I wish I had. I might just order it today, lol.

Cookie- I love your resolutions, especially the last one. Negativity in other people can really affect us. For me this is true especially at work. I have learned to remind myself that another person's negativity is "not about me" and so I take it for what it is. I don't buy into it though. It gets hard to block it out sometimes, but it is what we have to do, especially in our current environment at work.

Deb- I hope you are feeling better. how are you liking the new series?

lovetocamp- Welcome!

Ok, I have a lot of planning to do. I am procrastinating at this point, lol. I will be back tomorrow. I am hoping to do something cardio-wise, but not sure what I can do. I am thinking something like Step Moves.

Good afternoon,

I just did JS 5 Mile Fat Burning Miles plus both bonus workouts. One bonus workout was The strong feet and Ankles = 15 min, the 2nd workout was The strong knees & Hips = 15 min. Really liked both lower body stretches. I also did GIAM Upper Body BalanceBall workout w/Suzanne Deason = 40 min. Great arm/ back/chest opener. I really needed those stretches today. I need to start doing more yoga/stretches. I am so stiff these day's :(

Kirstin - sorry to hear you been that sick., glad you starting to feel better. I only did 2 of the new workouts, so far I like them. Amanda isn't doing a great job with the modification, JMO :( If all that jumping doesn't border you, it's a great jumping mania workout:p I do have to modify a lot, I don't want to blow out my knees :eek: I am not getting younger, neither does my body:oops: Cathe does have a few new and interesting moves.

Debbie - I hope you feeling better. Take it easy, girl! How are you liking the new workouts?

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.

Today I did Meltdowns for tri's & bi's. I'm still coughing up a storm, was so tired so spent a couple of hours in bed today so that did help. I agree with Kristin, I think it was my poor eating that won't let this cold go away:( I don't have my work schedule but I know it will be extremely light this month (no excuses;)).

Belinda - Great job with your workouts & I know what you mean about needing stretching & yoga:) I really like the new series but haven't really done a cardio workout just the weight workouts so far.

Kristin - I didn't have the flu but staying in bed is the only thing that works for it. The good thing is the boy's were probably busy with Christmas gifts so that was helpful. So good to hear you are feeling better & now you have the cruise to look forward to.

Cyndi - Good idea to do a beginner rotation when recovering from the knee injury.

Cookie - Did you get snow yet?

Good morning,

Today I did STS M3 W4 D34 (chest & back) + XTrain Core #1 and 100 Reps Triceps :) I am done for today.

Debbie - glad you feeling better. I like Cathe's new series, except the Blizzard workouts are to high impact for my knees right now. I have to keep it low impact. I can't wait until next week so I can play more with ICE.

Good job on your workouts, everyone. BBL!
Quick check in : I also did Leslie Swanson Walk it Off in 30 Days - Burn 30 workout = 30 min. It's to cold and windy for a walk outside.

I will be back tomorrow.
Belinda, you are going to look so good at the wedding! Have you chosen your dress yet? You must be getting excited. I sure would be.
Kristin, oooh, hope you're feeling better. That sucks - being sick on vacation. Is it the flu your dh had? I honestly think most things in life come down to the food we consume and stress. For me the two are the same, since when I'm stressed I eat really bad.
Cyndi, where do you like to camp? Hope your recovery is going well.
Deb, my colleague read that book and totally loved it. It probably sounds crazy but I really like cleaning things out. Dropped off two boxes of games and books we don't need any longer to Goodwill. Hope the book helps you with your resolution. Hope you don't have the flu also.
We have snow, about 5 inches, and it was also 5 degrees out on my drive home. Winter came with a vengeance.
Got ourselves a big screen tv for Christmas, and wow what a difference. Yesterday moved things around to put in new entertainment center, move the other one to basement work out area, and set everything up. Wanted the new one set up for Downton Abbey, and now I can see it really well. Took today as a rest day since was up late watching this season's first episode.

Today I took a yoga class, the gym was packed saw a neighbor who has been saying she was coming to yoga since last year but she was here today:) I think she was surprised by the intensity of the class but the instructor explained to her that some of us have been coming to the class for 5 years.

Belinda - It was so cold, winter is here it must have been a tough walk for you today;)

Kristin - I'm giving my throat a couple of more days and will get tested for strep if it doesn't get better:(

Cookie - Sometimes I still look at our big screen tv and am amazed at the quality. You & Belinda could easily go in the organizing business!

Cyndi - Waves hi


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