Commit to get FIT & LEAN for March 5 - 11, 2012


Good morning,

Today is cardio for me. I have 3 more disc left with STS, can't believe I did STS for 8 1/2 month!!! But I did it! I need a break from heavy lifting, lol. Maybe just for a while?

Debbie - you are right about the vets beeing so expensive, arrr. Good job on your yoga class. How is your FIL doing? Wow, on the shoplifter. That's crazy! I just don't see Cathe coming out with STS2? STS is perfect as is, JMO!!

Kirstin - you know what, I did CSS before! You are right about AB, still don't like all those pushups/mountion climbers! Once I am done with STS, I will play with the new workouts. Enjoy your weekend.

Cookie - how are you doing? You must be busy, hah?

I will be back later after my workout.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Hey everyone. No workout yesterday. I was just not feeling it. I don't feel too guilty though, as this is supposed to be a rest week. I was going to do some cardio today, but I still wasn't into it. I did Yoga Max instead. Tomorrow I am starting MESO 3! I might add a little fast cardio premix in there if I have the time. I am getting ready to meet up with some old girlfriends from high school. I am soooo looking forward to having a girls' night.

Deb- I am loving the yoga dvds more and more every time I do them. I would like to do a class though. The class I took a while back was great. . . only five people and the instructor pushed me to go deeper into the movements and stretched. Maybe I will have to look around here for a class. Hope your FIL is doing well recovering.

Belinda- STS for 8 1/2 months!!!! That takes commitment. Will you miss it? I know all about how expensive vets can be. My cat had heart disease before he died. I paid for medicine and check ups and then I ended up having to put him to sleep. It was terrible. It took me a while to pay it all off. I had him for fifteen years, since I was 14. I was 29 when I had to put him down. I didn't want to let him go so I kept paying for tests and medicine. I was crazy!

Okay, I will be back tomorrow.

Have a great night!



I did the rest of Turbo barre & repeated some of my favorites. We went to visit FIL today & he is doing really well & losing weight which is a good thing. Tonight DH & I are going to grab a bite to eat, looking forward to a drink too:)

Belinda - Wow, 8 1/2 months of STS . . . I bet you hold the record;) Is DS moving in with you too?

Kristin - Enjoy the rest of your rest day;) It sounds like you'll have lots of fun with your friends tonight. It's funny to remember all the stories from HS.

Waves hi to everyone:)


Had a great time last night. It was such a pleasure to just have some girl time, lol. Today we took the boys to the outlets to get them some new jeans and pants. They have outgrown their pants and look like Urkel, lol. Then we had an early dinner/ate lunch at this burger joint we love. They were celebrating St. Patty's Day there with a live band and everything. Christopher started dancing by the band and they gave him a necklace. People were cheering him on; it was just too cute. He charms everyone in a matter of minutes, lol.

When we got home I had to make up for all the bad eats this weekend. So I did LICH premix #2 and STS D25. I began Meso three today. In four weeks, I will be done with STS and Easter break will be here. I am hoping by doing Meso three the the weeks will fly by, lol.

Deb- glad to hear your FIL is doing well after the surgery.

Have a great night everyone!



Deb, TG you were out of the mall before that occurred! Glad to hear your fil is doing okay, but your poor son and the boy's family. Last summer a former foster child of ours committed suicide. You just can't help but wonder why they don't realize there is help. Wow, your life is certainly eventful lately. Ever find the missing bags?
Belinda, it is expensive having pets and their medical health rivals ours. Almost done with sts. You are definitely a tenacious person.
Kristin, we'll miss you this summer also. Perhaps we should have our own mini meet up. Picturing your son dancing made me smile.
Helene, how's the move coming along? Did you send those inches over here?
Enjoyed seeing my friend; it's been a few years. Today went for a long walk with the dogs - the weather was fabulous and then did disc 28. Need to be better with my eating lots of meetings and stress are not good for me.



Today was supposed to be a rest day but wanted to do alittle something so I did KM combo's 3 & 4. My eat haven't been the best either & part of that is not planning & going to the food store without a list, ugh!

Belinda - Whenever your missing I picture you digging through your boxes:D

Kristin - It sounds like you had a fun weekend. With this great weather time is sure flying. Too bad you didn't have your video camera because I'm sure it was cute with your son dancing.

Cookie - It must have been a nice to spend time with your friend. I was thinking you went through something similar it's so sad they don't reach out for help. The bags are still missing, hopefully when I go back this week someone knows something:confused:



Good evening,

no workout to report today:( Went down in my basement (storage room) and never came up until this evening:eek: I went through every box down there, boy do I have a lot:rolleyes: i forgot all about those boxes:confused: now all is left I need organize them on the shelfs. I am sure, I will do that again until I go through every box in the garage:confused::rolleyes:since I don't know what's all in those boxes. I found all kinds of stuff I haven't seen in years:eek: I need to get rid of some stuff:D

I promise, I will catch up in the morning. I am beat!

Have a great everning! BB in the morning!

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