Commit to get FIT & LEAN for March 5 - 11, 2012


Morning ladies,

Had a wonderful and fun day with my DD Aleisa yesterday. Eating wasn't so great:confused: Oh well!

New week, new start:

Plan today is: D7 and abs!

I will be back and catch up on personals later. BTW, the house is starting to look like a house, about time. DH had to put 2 new doors (mudroom/bathroom) and he changed out the door handles in brushed nickel (they had gold, yuck!). Looks awesome! I still have the garage full off boxes, I think we have like 60 more left.It took 3 semi - tractor trailors to deliver my stuff. Lots of stuff:p Today I will work on the basement, need to organize it. I still have a giant mess down there, except my workout room:eek:

Enough with the chatting, I will be back later. Enjoy your workout/week, everyone!!!
I am back, did my workout this morning. I couldn't post my workout this morning, DH came home for lunch:D I also did a 10 min stretch w/ Cindy Whitmarch. I really like her. BBL!

Belinda: 60 more boxes? 3 tractor trailers? Is the house big enough!? LOL at having the workout room in order. It's the neatest room in my house. ;)

Deb: You are so good. I see you still go to your gym and do classes there. I don't know why I don't. I just love my basement so much. Whatever happened to the purses that were missing?

Cookie: Glad you had a rest day with the snow. Love hearing that we get to meet your DD and that these young women can't keep up with us and Cathe. :D Hiit should do wonders for your DD and track. The last month has me doing Hiit workouts 4 times a week for 30 minutes. I am a bit scared.....

Kristin: I was thinking about going to puss in boots and forgot. Should do it. The kids would love it I'm sure. I laughed that your did Imax 2 the second half minus the pigtails.

Can't believe how cold it is today. Still cruising along with LiveFit Trainer. I did back and cardio today. Yesterday I did legs and then went to our Sunday roller blading thing. My legs were wobbly for the first hour I swear. Then I had to go to the bathroom, with wobbly legs and roller skates on my feet. Let me tell you, squating in those stalls under those conditions was rather comical!

That's about it for me. Tic toc, tic toc, RT is getting closer. :D:D:D
Belinda, when does your dd move in with you? Did you say three tractor trailers? Wow, that's amazing!
Deb, my dd is all excited to meet everyone. She's pretty funny about getting ready for the rt, since she is so anxious about it. Honestly, I won't be surprised if she decides not to come. So far I haven't bragged that she's more out of breathe and sore than I am from the workouts. When is your fil's surgery?
Helene, oh, your thighs are really getting attacked! Hiit 4 times for 30 minutes sounds like a lot.
Kristin, did you wo today? Puss was enjoyable.
This is my rest week, so I did one of the sections of stretchmax. Felt good.

I did Intensity today & that w/o is tough. Major cramps today because I was a week late but the w/o did help & the carmel hot chocolate too:eek:

Belinda - Wow, 3 trucks I'm sure you won't need to go shopping for a long time. I hear you on the eating but your right tomorrow is a new day.

Helene - I'm sure it was funny in the bathroom especially on rollerskates:eek: ouch!! The bags have still not been found & the delivery date was 3 weeks ago my boss had me call the district manager & they are trying to track it down:confused:

Cookie - My FIL's surgery is on Thursday & he is in good spirits. Enjoy your rest week:)

Kristin - I thought of you when I saw the Puss & Boots movie in the store today:)

Good morning.

I will do cardio today, haven't decited what yet? It's sunny outside, maybe I will go for a run later?

Helene - yes, my workout roon was the first room in oder, can't have a mess when working out, right? LOL! The house is big enough for all my stuff, lol. It's over 4000 sqft. I think I have enough room.

Cookie - Aleisa is already living with us. Her lease ended the end of Jan. I helped her clean her appartment. ROFLMAO, yes I said 3 tractor trailers. You acumilate alot when traveling/living in Europa for over 20+ years (in my case all my life:p).How old is your DD?

Debbie - I don't need anything for a loooooooooong time, lol! DH is happy I stopped shopping:confused: I told him yesterday, from now on don't buy anything for me anymore (I don't need anymore purses, workout DVDs, workout gears, just sent me on vacations from now on, he started to laugh:p WTG, on Intensity yesterday.

Off to get busy, BBL!

Kirstin - I remember the Puss & Boots as a child and when my kids were little. Such a cute story.

Hey everyone. Yesterday was my rest day and today I did Yoga Max. I am enjoying this rest week from STS. Next week I begin Meso 3. This month is going to fly by with STS, lol.

Belinda- awesome workout. Hearing about your workout room is making me want to get moving on mine. I put it on hold when we booked the trip to Florida. I just don't want to spend the money for the room, but it is something I want at the same time, lol.:rolleyes:

Deb- Intensity is a hard workout, even when you do not have cramps!

Cookie- it is your rest week too, huh? I didn't realize how much my body needed a rest week until I did no workout yesterday and yoga max today. I feel good :)

Helene- the boys really liked the movie. They were trying to do the Flamenco when it was over, lol.

Okay, I am off to rest.

Belinda, wait, did you said hiit dwp and 4ds lb only! Only?!! Come on, 3 tractor trailers, 60 boxes and that workout only? You don't do anything in a small way.
Helene, did you say your children were doing a type of martial arts? You sure are a very active family - rollerskating, swimming and all. How is your back doing?
Kristin, that must have been so cute watching your sons do the flamenco!
Deb, my dd is 18. That's strange about the purses. Hope the mystery is soon solved.
Rest day today. Tomorrow have a presentation after work and then meeting a friend who is in for a short visit from Norway!

Today I did w/o's at the gym spin & high reps. Not looking forward to losing an hour this weekend but happy that the days will be longer.

Belinda - Isn't this supposed to be your rest week;) I agree going away is so much better then things.

Kristin - It's funny that M3 does fly by:) Hmm, see you did yoga going back & forth as to whether I should go to yoga tomorrow morning:confused:

Cookie - A girl at 18 is so much more mature than a boy. Wow, Norway is a far place from home, have fun!

Helene - Are you still working part-time?

Hi all. It was a crazy day today. Thank God there are only two more days until the weekend. Tonight's workout was CSS and then I tacked on Yoga RElax premix #2. . . needed it. I love these yoga workouts.

Deb- I am getting into the yoga more and more. I may have to find a class to take around here. I am also dreading the springing forward of the clock, but it will be nice to have the sun go down after dinner instead of before it, lol.

Belinda- nice workout today!

Cookie- Hope you are enjoying your time with your friend.

Waves good night to everyone ;)


I didn't go to yoga today but I did do Muscle Max. I had to prepare a store for a big visit. My older ds just gave us bad news one of his friends from HS (he hasn't seen him in years) commited sucide. It's weird because I just ran into his Mom a couple of weeks ago at the hair salon & found out we use the same hairdresser. I feel for her no one should ever have to bury their child:(

Belinda - Did you start STS again?

Kristin - Yoga is a nice balance with Cathe's w/o's & a great for stress. I agree the weekend or a vacation;) can't come soon enough.

Goodnight everyone:)

Good morning girls,

I will do cardio today?

Cookie - your post made me laugh:eek: yeap, I said only DWP & 4DS! Hope you enjoyed your rest day and visit with your friend.

Debbie - I will keep your friend in my prayers! Good job, with MM yesterday. I been doing STS for almost 8 1/2 month now, first I did the 6 1/2 month STS rotation, than I pyramided down M2 and now M1. I know, it's a little confusing, lol! It's all good!

Kirstin - hope you having a better day today. How do you like CSS? I heard that one is tough? Thanks for the reminder, need to pull Yoga relax, keep forgetting about that one:confused:. You almost done with STS, enjoy M3, !You need to finish your workout room:eek: I love mine!

Lori - how are you and the baby doing? We miss you!

Off to get more coffee, than tackle on the day:D BBL!
Howdy girls!

Quick post for me. I am in the middle of moving office this week and it's been a bit busy. Also my in-laws are coming next week.

Deb: :( It just breaks my heart to hear things like this.

OK, back to work for me. Moving along nicely with my workouts. I am almost half way through my livefit trainer program. I am eating well and not gaining weight but I have lost 1 1/2 inch around my hips. So I'm doing the happy dance (should speed along my results right? ;) )

Have a good day everyone and I'll BBL this weekend.
Workout is done! I did a 30 min and a 30 walk. Getting ready to work my abs;)

Helene - have fun at work and moving. BBL!
Hello everyone. Friday is almost here! :D:D:D I did AT today. My legs are wobbly now, lol. Every time I do this workout I think of last year's road trip and all of you. I regret not signing up for this year's RT. I will be thinking of all of you :).

Deb- hearing stories like that of your DS's friend makes me realize how precious life is and how scary it is when you have children. I just cannot even begin to imagine. I tell my boys they have no idea how much I love them, and will probably never know, because there are no words for the way a mother loves her child.

Belinda- CSS is awesome. It is hard, but I think AB is harder. I like that on days when I really want to push myself it has that step add-on. It is a great workout. The yoga workouts are so relaxing too. I need to do them more often.

Helene- nice job on the clean eating and workouts. The program sounds very interesting. Hope the office move is coming along.

Waves hello to everyone else.

Good night!


I did 1/2 of turbo barre hope to do the rest tomorrow.

Crazy day today, my FIL had his heart surgery he is still in recovery but looks good & his vitals are good too:) Today I was at Woodbridge Mall and I was rushing to get home early to go visit FIL & my boss called & asked if I could go to another mall & do a quick fix so TG I left the mall at 3:30PM because at 5PM a shoplifter was killed after holding a customer at knifepoint hostage:eek:

Belinda - You are so getting your money's worth with STS! Do you think Cathe will ever do STS 2?

Helene - Losing inches off the hips is so hard . . . great job!! Good luck with your move.

Kristin - We'll miss you too at the RT:( Your right life is so precious & sometimes we lose sight of that. When I think of AT, I think of the RT & how it must be your favorite.

Cookie - Did you move into your new office?

Hey girls,

quick check in: I finally finished my workout, did D9 legs! I went and got some bloodwork done this morning, went to breakfast w/DH:eek: after we came home my dog browler started to limp:( he wouldn't even follow me, he always does:p I knew I was in pain. So DH and I took him to the vet. He gave Browler a shot for the pain. checked him for lime, gave me pain meds for a few days and all that cost me $200:( not cheap!

I will be back later!

I took a yoga class today. It's going to be a busy weekend, not sure what to do 1st but want to get my w/o's in:)

Belinda - Bringing our dogs to the vets is so expensive . . . too bad we can't get health insurance for them.

Have a great weekend . . . Goodnight:)

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