Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 27 - March 4, 2012


I took a yoga class, finished floorwork B&G also went to my in-laws for pizza to celebrate MIL birthday before my FIL goes for surgery the end of next week. Just finished watching "Raging Bull" it was a good movie.

Trish - Thanks for stopping by . . . can't imagine you bulking up. I look forward to seeing you at the RT.

Waves hi to everyone:)

Good morning,

Yesterday I ended up doing D 6 legs. Not sure, what I will do today? Maybe I will so Zumba???

Debbie - good job with your yoga class last night. Need start more stretching too. Keep skipping!

Cookie, Helene and Kisting - what are your plans this weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend and workouts.
Good morning. Last night I did Low Max 1-4 premix and then yoga abs. After my workout I watched Puss in Boots with my two DS. It was a cute movie. Today I am planning on doing AB. Later we are going to our friends house to hang out and have dinner. Should be fun.

Deb- nice workout yesterday. Raging Bull, that's with Robert De Niro, right? I watched that years ago. I agree, it is a great movie.

Belinda- you are almost done with this pyramid, huh? What are you planning on doing after you are done? Do you think you will miss STS? I am planning on doing circuits and today body workouts and then the one month STS/LIS rotation for January.

Trish- Hello! I am kind of regretting not going to this year's road trip, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Okay all, I'll be back to report my workout.

So I just wasn't in the mood for AB. I did Slide and Glide cardio plus abs premix and then yoga max premix #2. I feel so relaxed after the yoga, even though it was a little over 30 minutes. I will make it a point to do at least 2 yoga workouts for my rest week this week.

Our friends called to say that their son was sick, so no plans for tonight. Maybe we will rent a movie. I really want to see the DiCaprio movie on demand. Don't know if I can convince DH though, lol.

Enjoy the weekend.


I did Kickbox combo's 1&2 & leg conditioning drills, didn't have time for the full w/o. We went to my Mom's to take her out for her birthday.

Belinda - Zumba sounds like fun. You must be getting warm weather this week.

Kristin - Your right it was the DeNiro movie. I'm really enjoying trying to get 2 yoga classes in a week. I hope you enjoy your movie tonight:)

Good morning,

No workout to report yesterday. DH and I worked all morning on the basement, I am finally seeing an end to this. Did two trips to Home Depot, lol. We always need something. By the time I was gonna get a workout in, I was starving and it was to late to get a workout in. Oh well! Today Alesia and I will get our hair done.

Kirstin - hope you still had fun last night. So what did you end up seeing? I will do maybe 2 /3 full body workouts maybe one lower/circuit?? I have so many DVDs I wanna play with? Who knows, what I end up with? Nicely done with S&G. I also need to get more stretching/yoga in.

Debbie - Happy Birthday to your mon! Hope you all had fun! I hope we are getting warmer weather, the sun is out that's good.

Waving Hallo to everyone that checks in today!

I will be back later. Enjoy your weekend.
Hello everyone. Today I did AB, lol. I find that once I get through the runner sprints, I am all good, lol. Then that last interval nearly kills me :eek:

Not much going on over here. I have essays to grade and the Yankees and Knicks are playing so we are being homebodies for the rest of the weekend.

Deb- nice workout, something is always better than nothing. That is a good little premix when you are short on time.

Belinda- We practically lived at Home Depot when we first moved in here. Hope you and Alesia had a good day getting your hair done.

Off to shower!

Belinda, it's amazing how much you've gotten done. Bet it helps you to sleep well. Remember reading that most folks spend the most on their new residences within the first six months.
Deb, you sure have a lot of family things going on. How are your fil's spirits doing? My dd is quite excited yet anxious about going on the rt. She's really worried she won't be able to keep up with Cathe. Which is really funny 'cause she won the scholar/athlete award forher school and we went to the awards ceremony today.
Kristin, I'm watching Puss right now. I love Antonio's voice!
Trish, glad to hear from you. We've missed you.
Helene, how are you doing? Are you missing cardio yet?
Did lich this afternoon - what a great workout.

I finished doing KM combo 3&4. I ended up tackling my closet (Belinda is giving me inspiration :)) but when you only clean out your closet every 10 years there is no way I'm getting in done in a day . . . maybe a week or 2:D

Belinda - You really deserve some rest time, hope you enjoyed the day with Alesia.

Kristin - Today was a quiet day for us too but I can't say I didn't enjoy it:) If the Yankees are playing I'm sure it's only a matter of weeks before your son starts.

Cookie - Wow, on the award your daughter received. She'll relax once she's at the RT & of course she'll do fine.


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