Commit to get fit & lean for Feb 27 - March 4, 2012


Good morning girls,

I haven't done much except work on the house this weekend:confused: I feel like this house is taking up all my time. What were we thinking:eek: We did went to Low's and bought some plants for the house, makes it feel a little more like a home. I am so tired of boxes:confused: Maybe I am in such a crappy mood, my sinus is all messed up. My head is killing me since weeks, I am so stuffed up:eek:

Anyway, today I will start STS W2 D4 (CSB).

Helene - you gonna love Zumba Exhilarated, so much fun! WTG, finishing phase one with livefit trainer. Rollerblading with the kids sounds like fun. How are you legs feeling?
Debbie - I am not even close....on the last box. It's just to much!! I heard LIC is tricky?? Haven't done that one yet. LOL, everything I ship from Germany/El Paso I will keep. I am not throwing much out.Good job, iwht TBT UB, still haven't done that one! LOL, yes I would help Cookie.
Kisrting - hope you little one felt better after his nap? I remember those time to well.
Cookie - thanks for asking about DH. He is hanging in there. Sorry to hear your sinus it you hard. Mine are acting up too. Weird?

I will be back later. I will take it easy today.
Hi everyone. Today is my rest day. I got maybe four hours of sleep last night and then it was back to work today. That combination killed me, lol.

Belinda- nice job on D4. I really love meso 1 and 2 leg workouts. I am dreading the plyo leg work in meso three.

Cookie- I am not good with change when it comes to personal space. I can imagine how annoying it would be to have to move offices.

Helene- I wanna go roller skating now! Lol. I haven't done that in years. I'd probably fall flat on my butt.

Deb- trisets from lis is not my favorite, although I do miss the Dixie cup work.

Belinda, sorry to hear you're also suffering with sinuses. The ent has me doing that neti pot but it still isn't helping. Due to reactions, I'm really trying very hard to not go on antibiotics and he says I have a lot of scar tissues, so I'm not the best candidate for more surgery. It is making me so tired but then I can't sleep 'cause I'm so stuffed up. Is that how you are? Would love your help on moving!
Helene, any doms from the rollerskating? That sounds like a lot of fun. Strange that we are moving at the same time. Do you have an elevator? Realized today I must have had two boxes thrown out that I was moving. Oh well, less to carry up those flights.
Kristin, did you feel like your break flew by? How was reentry? That's the payback for a week off.
Deb, how did they get stuck in an elevator for that long? That must have been frightenin.
Ds's girlfriend is here for a couple of days, and he told me she wants to wo with me. Once I mentioned 4:45, he was speechless. I've wished for that for years! Anyway, guess she's not interested any longer.

I did IMAX 2 forgot how much I really like that DVD. It went so fast, liked the music a lot & Cathe too.

Belinda - I couldn't even imagine what you must be going through. Take your time because I'm sure you'll be in the house for a long time:) Kudos on getting your w/o's in.

Kristin - Ugh, on the 4 hours sleep, why doesn't it happen when you have a day off:confused: but I guess with the little guys it wouldn't matter much. I like the dixie cups too.

Helene - This rotation really has you motivated!!

Cookie - It's tough that the nettie pot isn't working, how about sitting over a steaming pot of water with a towel, remember doing that as a kid, wish I could offer more help. I'm not sure if they were waiting for help or it tooked that long to fix:confused: I bet that's too early for DS's gf me too:D

Good morning,

Cookie - I been using the neti pot since my surgery in 2009, like you it's not helping! I also have a lot of scar tissues, in my sinus. How many surgery did you had already?? I feel the same way, stuffed up at night to the point I can't sleep! My head feels like it's gonna explod, I have so much presssure. I need to go back to the ENT, I know what they wanna do!! SURGERY!! They been calling me since last Oct, lol! I am pushing it off:p, lol. I am not getting better. Maybe I should throw out some boxes:D, LOL! Hope you feel better soon.
Debbie - thanks for your kind words! Like you said, need to take my time. It's gonna take time.

Kirstin - hope you got more sleep last night. I think I only slept only 2 hours yesterday? Do you have a squat rack? Never did plyo legs...

Helene - yesterday I checked out your rotations, looks awesome!! How are your legs feeling today?

I will do cardio today, not sure what yet??

I will try to be back later, if not I will catch up! Keep up the good work, everyone!
Belinda, my last major surgery was 07, and then they fixed a deviated septum and scraped the sinuses above my forehead and along the nose. They tell me I have so much scar tissue surgery isn't adviced, but I'm not sleeping. I've been awake since 1:15! Lying down makes my head hurt so bad! I have lupus so try very hard not to have antibiotics, but think I'm ready to have more. Sorry for rambling and complaining but this is bad.
Deb, hope things are okay with dn. Hope she's seeing someone to help her thru this. Are you getting in to NYC much these days?
Kristin, last year I moved five times - at least that was all within one building. I don't have much that I keep in an office, mostly it I live out of my car and house, but it would be nice to get settled in one place. I'm so frustrated - got videotaped today to be used as an example and the microphone didn't work. One hour of productive group work and no sound! Then they followed me to another school but there their battery was dead, but they didn't tell me until after. Now I have to develop a whole 'nother lesson and deliver it twice. Unfortunately have no time to do it until end of March! Are your students into the Hunger Games?
Helene, do you miss cardio? Your little ones sure are busy. Are you still working part time? Have you heard from Iris lately? Drove past her old hole and it's going to be a Shop Rite.
Had to take a rest day due to lack of sleep.
Evening everyone. What a crappy day. I am too tired to explain. I am just so glad the day is over. I ended up doing STS D23, the last of the leg trisets :D. I also did Med ball abs.

Cookie- SOunds like you and I had a frustrating day. Thank God tomorrow is Hump day, lol. I love the Hunger Games. I have a few students that are into that series. I actually would love to teach it, but with the funds being what they are. . . of course, we will have new test prep books :mad:

Belinda- I do not have a squat rack. I do not have squat rack legs, so plyo it is, lol. Hope we both catch up on our zzzzzzzssss tonight. I need a good night's sleep!

Deb- IMAX 2. . . good job! I never seem to have a sleepless night when I am off. . . hmmm. . .

Okay, I am ready to turn it in. Good night!


I hope all you girls catch up on your sleep tonight. I did 30/30 today. I need to find missing evening bags in 3 of my stores tomorrow. Of course 2 of the stores are where the weather will be bad.

Belinda - Have you been walking in your new neighborhood?

Cookie - I feel so bad for you:( Have you had a 2nd opinion in regards to surgery?

Kristin - Looks like you took your bad day out on your workouts :) Kudos on not letting it get in your way.

Hi to everyone!

Good morning,

I never got that workout in, ended up taking a rest day. My sinus hurt to much. Didn't wanted to jump around with that giant headache I been having lately. No matter what I did yesterday, it didn't go away arrr....

Cookie - sounds like you going through the same problem as I do!! That's sucks! Every bone in my face is hurting, if it doens't stop I have to go in for the surgery. I do have antibiotics, I only can take it when I ran a fever. Do you think the weather has somthing to do? I am so sorry you feeling like this ((HUGS)))

Kirstin - good for you getting your workout in last night. How did you sleep? I woke up a few time last night...what's up with that??

Debbie - hope you find those missing evening bags. Good job, on your workout last night. I ran my neighborhood, no walking yet. I am to busy setting/cleaning/painting the house. I am almost caught up, lol.
My plan is to get D5 in today and same abs?

I will catch up later.

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday after all. It was DD's birthday and a busy day at that. I can't believe she turned 5. :eek:

Belinda: It is a great rotation. My legs are wobbly today. I had back on Monday, Chest and Abs yesterday and legs this morning. I'm eating like a horse yet don't seem to be gaining any weight. Love it.

Kristin: So I have this image of you doing IMAX2 in your livingroom with pigtails "a la Cathe". I just can't get it out of my head. Hopefully it made you smile and today was a better day.

Cookie: It's moving week. That shred pile is getting higher every second. :( about the sinuses and having to take antibiotics potentially. I think I forgot to ask, are you going to the RT? OK, bad memory sorry. On the cardio, somedays I miss it and somedays not.

Deb: I would so freak out if I were stuck in an elevator for 2 hours. Nice job on 30/30.

Belinda and Cookie: So sorry about you girls' sinuses being so bad. :( I saw a note recently that antibiotics are not very effective for some serious sinus infections. Just has a hard time getting to the right place.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!
Hallo ladies,

Just a quick check in: D5 and Stretch Max w/ ball is done!

Helene - shame on you, for not checking in yesterday:p:eek: Just kidding! We understand! Awww...happy birthday to your little girl! They grow up so fast! So happy for you that your prgram is working for you. Can't wait to hear your results! Do you lift heavy or with light weights? and how long does your workout take you ever day and how long/days do you workout? Sorry, for all those questions:p:eek: You are right about the antibiotics not working, they don't/never worked on me:confused:

Off to the shower!

BTW, I never ask, are you guys are ok with a weekly check in or you girs wonna go back to the daily one? Sorry, I never ask:rolleyes: LOL!
Hi everyone. I did MMA Boxing tonight, which helped to get out the rest of yesterday's frustration.

Helene- my pigtails, the few times I wear them when working out, always look bizarre. I can never get them to be even, lol, so they end up quite lopsided. nothing like Cathe's. lol. Happy birthday to your DD. It is crazy how fast they grow.

Belinda- last night I slept pretty well. Maybe you are having a rough time because of the sinuses plus the stress of getting the house in order? As far as a weekly check in, I like it because it makes it easier to catch up with everyone.

Deb- how did it go today? Did the weather slow you down?

Okay, I am beat.

Good night!

I took a spin class today & followed it with yoga. One of my stores is still missing the bags, tracking said it's at the store but no signs of them anywhere:confused: The receiving manager thinks they were shipped to another store by mistake. I think they are on a truck that will arrive on Friday . . . or someone somewhere has some nice evening bags:eek:

Belinda - I feel so bad for you & Cookie:( I bet it is the weather we are having. Great job with your workout. A weekly checkin is fine by me.

Helene - Happy Birthday to DD. I always wonder what it is like to have a birthday on 2/29. That sounds great that you can eat so much on your rotation.

Kristin - I noticed the pigtails too, wondering if it makes you look younger . . . may have to try it;) The weather wasn't too bad, only the fog coming home.

Hi girls,

My husband had an doc appt this morning, for this surgery. He ask the doc to take a look at my hand (been having problems for weeks), I have carpal tunnel symptoms:( At first I thought I pulled a muscle, I guess not! He also told me to stop with the heavy lifting, infact he told me not to work out:eek: and rest! You know, that's not gonna happend, right:p I have 2 more weeks left with STS and I plan on finsihing it!! I can do this for 2 more weeks. Yesterday I had numbness in my fingers so bad while doing deadlifts, I had to drop by 10#, just couldn't feel my fingers:mad: He thinks it's from lifting so heavy and all the cleaning I been doing:eek:

Today I was suppose to do CCC, I don't see that's gonna happen today:( I may take a complete rest day and get my cardio workout in on the weekend! BBL with personlas.
Hi everyone. Tonight's workout was IMAX 2, premix 6-10 combos (no pigtails :p) and STS D24. I needed a kick-butt workout after the meltdowns DS had today. Good lord, he was possessed, I swear!!! :mad::mad: Definitely overtired. Anyway, I am exhausted.

Belinda- that stinks about your wrist. If you do workout, I would at least wrap it or get one of those braces for it to keep it straight. Enjoy your rest day!

Hello to everyone else. So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Belinda, we're turning into twins! I also have carpal tunnel in both wrists. For me, I go lighter than I used to when lifting, but still lift pretty heavy, well at least for me. But I can't do any pullup/chinups any more and push ups get very painful after a while. How's your dh?
Helene, happy birthday to you and your daughter. I say you since you did all the work. My mother always said it was her we should be celebrating on our birthdays. Eating and not gaining weight sounds great. Are you staying with her eating plan? Yes, I'm going to the rt. My daughter got in also. So now she's trying to do Cathe's dvds to get ready for track season and the rt. She loves the hiit ones.
Deb, boy that must be aggravating not knowing where those bags are. Hope they are located quickly and easily. How's your niece doing?
Kristen, is your ds feeling okay? Being a parent is the hardest job. Sometimes when mine were younger I think I was often tired from teaching and had less patience with my own. But one of mine was/is still a major handful.
Did turbo barre today. It was our first snow day, and I loved it. Managed to get some paperwork done, a dr's appt with ds, and my hair appt! DS's girlfriend did sts 11 with me yesterday using 3 and 5#, and she's got some doms. DD did hiit pyramid and she was tired today from it. Thought you would all be happy to know just how awesome you all are.

I went to take a ballet barre w/o at the gym but their wasn't any floor space left. I was right on time but people get their real early to get a spot in this class, ugh. I ended up taking spin which was empty. I also did standing portion of B&G.

Belinda - Maybe you should just take a rest week & than go back and finish STS up. I know easier said then done.

Kristin - Even though it's hard to think about now, someday you will have lots of stories to tell DS & his gf's when he is older:)

Cookie - How exciting we will get to meet your DD:) My niece comes home on Fri. for Spring break, I hope to see her.

Hi Everyone,

Was thinking about the upcoming RT today, which of course made me think of last year's trip and all of you. Hope you all are doing well! This winter is just flying by! Nothing much new going on here, except I'm attempting a 'bulk' to help put on muscle. Not too sure how the muscle part is going, but I certainly am getting bulkier:) Also, Amaya has been begging for her own room, so we're starting to pick out paint colors and stuff. It makes me a little sad that she wants her own room. Won't be long before she's a bonafide teenager.

Gotta get back to work. Nice popping in to say hi:)

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