Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL)

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Good morning! It's beautiful outside and I AM ON VACATION!!!!!!!
:7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 :7 Started it out right and went for a great relaxing 4 mile run. Had some coffee and cereal w/ fruit, then headed for my basement for bodymax :7 :7 :7

Did I mention that I am on VACATION :7 :7 :7 :7 :7
I guess you can tell I'm needing one:p

Carole- Have a great interval run! I'm laying off the speedwork and intervals for a bit. Going back to the basics and building up slowly for my run in Oct. That's great you'll be providing the info for tracking on your pacing run. That'll be fun to check!

Wendy- I know all about sleep disruption! I'm an expert on that after 25 years working 12 hr nights! After a work night if I'm off the following night I just nap for a couple of hours. DH calls this my crabby day. He is a patient man I tell ya! I do all of Cathes kickboxing tapes, but rarely Cardiokicks, that one just doesn't do it for me. Actually my favorite is not a Cathe :eek: Its an older CIA vid with Debbie Burns- I just can't get enough of it--it is so FUN and I get such a kick out of her--it also kicks my but!!

Cathy- so sorry you're a sick cheetah! REST!!!!!!

Judy- Tennis AND a 7 mile run....AWESOME! I love doing PUB when I want to do some serious heavy lifting. I like it much better even then S&H. I'm quite proud that I've gotten myself up to doing 12,15,20 on the biceps!

Karen- great job on the tempo TM run today! When are you racing again? Any longer (i.e. 10k) races planned?

Jess- I ADORE coffee also, especially flavored like french vanilla, hazelnut, etc. Have a great day at the pool. I ran 4 miles today also, although I'm willing to wager you did it ALOT faster
;-) I didn't know you were training for a marathon! How exciting. I'll be doing a 25 mile race the first Sat in Oct so there are a few of us on the same page so to speak.

Gayle- We're pretty much on the same time table it sounds like with training. I'm pretty much doing 3-4 mile runs this week and next.
I definitely was having some overtraining issues and problems and was seeing declining performance levels. I think this will really help me.

Hi Mattea, Christine, Elaine, Barb, Pamela, Marcia and all you other lovely cheetahs
Did I mention that I am ON VACATION !!!!!!!!!
:7 :7 :7
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Hi Ladies.

This is my work out and then I'll post separately for personals in a few minutes! :)

20 min ITrain Elliptical work out moving BACKWARDS to hit the muscles differently.}(
2.5 miles on the TM at varying speeds between 5.5 and 6.8 for a time of just under 26 mins.}(

***HRM: 43 mins---avg hr 143---pk hr 176--total cals burned 494***
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Jess: You lucky girl you! What does your DH do for a living, if you don't mind my asking?

Gayle: FREAK!:p LOL...I actually got plenty of sleep last night. The trouble is that I went to bed too early so I didn't sleep straight thru...ah well, I feel fine so who cares, right? :)

Carole: Please excuse my ignorance..but what is pacing exactly?

Karen: Oh they will call for daddy but only for FUN things!x( LOL

Mattea: You had better be lifting those weights girl!!! }(

ShellyC: Are you on vacation or something??? :p :7 :p :7
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Hye there lovely Cheetahs!

Wendy - Oh I hate that! Nothing like staring at the ceiling realizing you're getting absolutely nothing done, and by the time you're starting to feel tired, you have to get up anyway. Hope you sleep better tonight. I had the opposite problem - I couldn't sleep until about midnight, then I slept like a rock until I had to use the restroom at 3:15AM AND 4:30... Go figure...

Thomasina - Great to hear from you! Glad DS is having a great time! (my DS follows in his footsteps this Sunday). I hear ya on DD - I'm thinking of you there.

Cathy - hope you're feeling better! My allergies are kicking in because it's so darned windy here lately. Had to take drugs last night (which is probably why I couldn't sleep).

Judy - Enjoy your Yoga! Tomorrow sounds like a challenging day - 7 miles AND tennis? You go girl!

Karen - Yeah, the 10 minute thing? Not happening with this cheetah. I need a full hour - which is why I'm up at 4:15 on the days I work out!

Marcia - sounds like I need to break down and get BFFM. You're becoming another enabler... ;-)

Jess - I love Rodney Yee's Yoga for Athletes - Baptiste's sounds great too. I may have to get that as well *watches as dollars simply fly out of her wallet*

Gayle - Sunlight and Birds are great, but in very low quantities at 4AM. :p This cheetah needs caffeine before she feels her spots. Sounds like you're doing a smart, smart job training for the marathon. I think that's where I went wrong with the half. I'm doing it differently for the Humbolt Half.

Carole - see the above - definitely signing up for the Humbolt Half. HAVE to run a half this year. Cannot wait to run with you!

Mattea - Sure - I'll hire a Yogi for as many MIL's as needed. }( Labor is pretty cheap over there! Oh - go lift weights girl! You'll thank Thomasina for it. (Oh you had me laughing).

Shelly - I'm jealous! ENJOY your vacation!!!

Today is my rest day (finally did the PLANNED one!). Work is getting plain weird. My job is being moved to Alabama without me, so I have about 3 more weeks (11 more days after today with my trip to Napa). We're really winding down and spend the mornings dealing with problems, and the afternoons staring into space - well, except for the girl who spends the mornings complaining about how busy she is (literally the entire morning). I love people. They are constant sources of entertainment. :+ DD13 graduates from 8th Grade tomorrow - then we go shopping Saturday for her school trip to Washington DC. I'm going to miss the little booger...
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

He's a computer programmer for a large company that has lots of great perks!! They have flex hours so he's home by 11 on Fridays & works 6:45- 4 Mon- Thurs. It's awesome & he really loves his job too- he's kind of a Mr. Fixit w/ computer stuff. The pool is the kids' favorite perk! We just made it back & got my almost 3yr old down for her nap. She had (TMI) diarrhea at the pool, thank God she wasn't IN the pool!! So we headed back a little earlier than planned. Oh well, now I can get in another workout!!! ;-) What to do, I'm thinking I might do some of MM. I don't want to do too much legwork cause of the 5K.

Hope you're having a good afternoon!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

LOL @ the money flying out of your wallet!! This is the only yoga DVD I have so I have nothing to compare it to, but it's pretty good! It's his LIVE yoga & has a 60 min soul strength, 25 min yoga for athletes, & 25 min core yoga. I just need to do it more often!

Enjoy your rest day- my rest day is tomorrow!! Sounds like work is interesting for ya! Wow- so your dd will be starting high school in the fall?? I'm sooo not ready for those days yet! I'm sure she'll have a blast in DC!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Ooh, vacation!! Enjoy! We're leaving for the Dells on Sun, only 3 more days, 3 more days!! (the girls have a countdown going on!)

I am a coffee lover too, I love the flavored kinds too but really I'm just a plain black coffee lover (no sugar, no creamer). My Mom always said you have to drink it like a man! ;-)

Yeah, my *easy* runs are about a 9 min mile pace now. I don't like running much slower. Funny that when I started I thought a 9 min mile was pretty darn fast though!

I just finally decided that I'd train for the marathon, I have a good base going on so kind of jumped into the training w/ my running buddy Erin. We're going on week 4 of training. The only bummer is that this weekend is supposed to be a 9 mile run & I have the 5K so I'm going to run that & then have my dh drop me off 6 miles from home & I'll run home!! :p I hope I can fit in a couple runs while on vacation!!

Wow- 20 lbs on the biceps?? I was so proud of myself for doing the 15's this week!!

Enjoy your vacation!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Mattea- I don't have a choice on the early time. My running buddy has to be at work at 7 so we have to go early & my dh leaves for work about 6:20 anyway. It seems to be working so far, week 2 of early mornings & I think I'm finally catching up!! It was so hard at first! I just make myself hop right out of bed & I have my clothes laid out so I just put them on before I can think about going back to sleep!!

Oh, and good to know about the trampoline!! I know it's a great leg workout, especially when my girls want me to *popcorn* them!! My quads can get sore from jumping them a while!!

Hope you enjoyed your weights- can you come out & play yet???? Oh, and sorry about the MIL issues- I'm so fortunate in that I have the best MIL & FIL!! So I can't complain w/ you, but I have friends that have some horrible IL's!!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

OK, I did ALL of Muscle Max! I was just going to do some of it, but I just love that workout so I did it all. Hope I'm not too sore, at least tomorrow is my REST day!! I am sooo sleeping in tomorrow!!!

Have a great night!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Christine...8th grade graduation! WOW! That must be exciting! Congrats to your DD! Do you think she'll be nervous about entering high school?

Jess...Okay, so how does a computer programmer get hooked up with a pool?? I just don't get the correlation! Sorry! LOL :p Training for a marathon...GOOD FOR YOU! Forgive me, I don't recall but have to figure that means that you have already run atleast one half?

Well, I just got home from food shopping a little while ago and shoved cereal in my face cause I was starving but now that I'm fed and have relaxed for a few I must go contemplate dinner. I'll be back later though!
Good afternoon Cheetahs!

Today will be P90X Shoulders and Arms, and maybe yoga (I'm not making any promises. :)) By the time I got home yesterday (I teased my sister about holding me hostage the entire dya :)), I only had enough time to get in a 2.5 mile run. Yesterday was bil's 31st bday so we all met at a club for salsa dancing. Fun, FUN, FUN!!! We danced almost nonstop for about 4 hours. I didn't get home until 3am, and I didn't get to sleep until after 4. I woke up at 8am fully intending to do shoulders and arms right away, but my knee is swollen and stiff, and frankly, I was tired after two nights of partying. :D Since my mom and dad have the kids today, I'm cleaning the cupboards (yay, what fun . . . not! :))

I was invited to a concert tonight (Anthony Hamilton and Heather Headley), but I think I'm going to pass. I have to get a good nights sleep since tomorrow I have a 6mile tempo run.

Wendy and Cathy, hope you guys get some rest tonight and feel better soon. How's Joey's cough? Wendy, I think I missed your original post on this subject, but are you going on a cruise? Enjoy! I had a blast on mine even without DH.

Judy, hope you enjoyed yoga today. Tommorrow's workout sounds like a tough one -- enjoy!

Karen, glad you enjoyed your tempo run today. I have one tomorrow that I was going to do outside, but I'm considering doing it on the tm given the way my knee has been feeling lately. Glad to hear your IT band is no longer giving you problems. Oh, and btw, I agree -- they never cry out DADDYYYYYYY @ 3am :).

Marcia, sounds like you're making great progress. I have BFFM too, and I really enjoyed reading it. I've tried to consider the principles in my training schedule, but I don't remember the food part. Maybe I'll take another look at it and join you in core.

Jess and Shelly, I too love coffee! (I love it so much it always requires an exclamation point :D) I generally limit myself to one cup at home, but when I'm out, I allow myself as much as I want. (Is that why I've been going out so much?)

Shelly enjoy your vacation!

Mattea, you crack me up :) Are you allowed to come out of your room yet? If I had timeout until I completed a yoga workout, who knows how long I'd be stuck in my room. :+

Gayle, sounds like you have another great weekend planned. You're such a great mom -- have fun on your camping trip!

Hi Carole, Thomasina, Barb, Elaine, Kathy, Sarah, Laura, and anyone my tired mind may have caused me to miss :)

Have a great Thursday!
Hi everyone!

My workout for today was supposed to be CTX upper body and a 6 mile run. The 6 mile run will happen tonight when my DH is home from work so we can go together. My mother is staying with us for a bit so we've been able to take advantage and leaving DD at home. I have only done CTX upper body three times and, sorry Wendy I know you love it, but I cannot make myself like it!! So, today I did PUB instead. Love that one, it's so mindless and as tough as you want it to be. Next week I'll exchange all of the CTX upper body I had planned with my beloved Gym Styles!!

Carole, If you are around when I'm in your area it would be great if we could get in a run together. I can come to where you are..... whatever works, if it works. I don't know about you slowing me down though. I'm a granny runner too, remember? I took a look at the Western States Endurance Run and am thinking that only a fool would want to do that!! LOL!! And I'm kinda wondering about the person who paces that fool!! You have certainly been given an appropriate nickname (Super Carole).....

Jess, What marathon will you be running? What training plan are you following? And I love, love, love Muscle Max too! And the Gym Styles. I have a negative dread factor when I do any of those and in the past have had to force myself to do different workouts. Good news is that they are coming up on my rotation again.

Wendy, Glad to hear Joey's feeling better. I'm wondering about the programmer/pool thing too. Both DH and I are programmers and the closest thing to a perk either of us gets is a paycheck!

Shelly, I heard that you are on vacation! Going anywhere special or just hanging out at home? If you have said already then please humor me and pretend like you didn't. :+

Gayle, I'm another one who could not imagine starting a day without a cup of coffee. Actually I can imagine it because I've done it on occassion and it's not real pretty! I'm afraid you're not really grasping what you're missing... I'm gonna send you an email as soon as I click the "post" button to request the marathon training plan you've cooked up.

Thomasina, I'm so glad to see you checking in every so often. I can relax then knowing that you're still out there and still preparing for the Sonoma 1/2. Just got a little rush of adrenalin when I thought of running that with you all!

Mattea, Glad to hear you managed to get in your weight training. I didn't realize that you're such a youngster. I never would have guessed from the things you post. I guess it's because of your incredible maturity and itelligence.:)

Judy, I know this is the runner's check in but wanted to tell you that your response to the person in the Open Forum wanting to know why anyone would have more than two kids was perfect!

Cathy, Hope you are feeling better soon!

Karen, I wish I had your discipline to run such a tight ship. Instead I find myself too often being needlessly stressed out because I don't do that. I'm really glad to hear that your IT band has become a non-issue.:)

Marcia, Yup on the clean eatin'.:) :) When's your 1/2?

Christine, How's the rest day going? From California to Alabama? I've lived in both places and the differences are huge.

Hope you all have had a great day! Talk to you again soon.:)

Editing to say Hi to Pamela who was posting at the same time as me.
RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Not working out on account of this nasty little bug, but I just wanted to stop by & read up on what's going with all of you. :) A little too kaput to make comments, but pl. know I *am* interested! Thanks so much for the well wishes!! 'Preciate it!!

Thanks again & have a great night, everyone!
RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Elaine: My 1/2 is on August 26th.

I'm cooking up some nice fish and veggies for supper tonight. This resting one day is just no fun! I might have to get out and go for a walk or something. :) I have a 5 miler on tap for tomorrow morning, though, so a rest is needed for me to go at it early.

Have a great evening everyone.

RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Elaine - the job is going to Alabama, I'm remaining in California. I was offered a position in Alabama, but I politely declined. I would be divorced with no kids should I do that. :)

Cathy - hope you're feeling better soon! *Sends wellness vibes to Cathy*

Wendy - Thanks!! She'll be a little nervous, but older sis (dd17) will be there to act cool and bored about the whole high school scene, so younger sis will affect the same pose... :) These two girls are night and day, but they are so funny when they're together.
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Well, the company he works for owns a large park/ pool that they let employees/ dependents use for free- does that make sense??? That's where my 5K is on Sat- it's an employee/ spouse only 5K. They have a fun run for the kids too which my older 2 dd's are running! Last year I came in 1st in my age group- hoping to do that again!

Yes, I did my first half marathon last Sept. I know, I'm still kinda new here so I forget what I've posted!! Just since May this year so far I've done a 12K (7.44 miles), 10 mile race, and a 5K w/ another one planned Sat.

Have a great night- I"m so excited that I can sleep in tomorrow for my rest day!!!!!


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