Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL)


Good Morning girls!

I'm a little early, ey? ;)

Joey and I were both very tired come just before 8pm so I put him down for the night (he normally goes around 9-9:30) and jumped in bed myself to read. By the time DH got home from working O/T around 8:30 the light was already out and I was on my way to dream land. :) UNFORTUNATELY though I woke up about midnight and have not been able to fall back to sleep. x(

So Wednesday's TM run didn't happen. DH wasn't around to watch Joey and I was too darn tired to go anyway!:-(

Kathy: Sorry about your injury and the surgery but you sound like you are in great spririts considering and it appears that the surgery went well! Happy healing!:)

ShellyC: Do you do Cathe's kickboxing vids?

Thomasina: Glad you were able to run the 3 miles. YES, I joined. :) I knew I had wanted to but "scheduling" problems were popping up. I have them ironed out though and will only be missing the one class for vacation (aside from the actual first class that I already missed). I am excited, nervous, etc. but I was reading and they will be "behind" me in the run/walk. I think they will be doing like 4 mins of running/1 min of walking at the class on monday and I am due to give 9 run/1 walk a shot come saturday!:eek: Should be interesting! It should really help me build confidence for the 5K come the fall AND I'll atleast see familiar faces there instead of a bunch of total strangers. :) Thanks for finding this race for me! I owe it all to you, ya know!:+

Karen: LOL about your poor DD. So did she come into your bed last night? :)

Hello to everyone else!:+

So today, assuming Joey is still relatively cough-free, I'll be heading to the gym for that run finally. :)
Hi Cheetahs,
I missed check-in yesterday but did run a 3-miler in the evening. Have come down with a bug myself, however, and am not feeling up to snuff. Wish I could just curl up in bed today. May need a couple of rest days to recover. Hope everyone has a great day & workout!

Good Morning Cathy...I wasn't feeling too hot myself yesterday. I think that's why I was so tired. I must've caught a little something from my coughing Joey! Rotten kid! LOL :p :+ :7 :7 :7
HI Cheetahs :7

Wendy- I hope your sleep schedule can get back on track! I slept in a few extra minutes today, because nobody had school. DD-Nina doesn't have an exam until Monday, although she is babysitting allday. DS-Sam is done with school. DS-Nick is lifeguarding, but later. (OK TMI)

Today is going to be a full yoga perhaps Eionn Finn ? Tomorrow is a 7 mile run followed a tennis match. I won't need (be able) to do any extra lower body tomorrow.

Wendy- yesterday my UB was PUB, but time was short so I did up only but went VERY VERY HEAVY.

Cathy- I hope you are feelingbetter soon. :)

Judy "Likes2bfit"

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
Judy, I LOVE doing PUB premixes and going super heavy! I am not a fan of doing the pyramids in FULL. Have fun playing tennis!
RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Good morning everyone:

I have been reading Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and WOW - the information in there is astounding. I've learned a lot and I haven't even been through half of it. I, of course, jumped right to the eating section and have been taking lots of notes to incorporate that into the WW Core Plan, which is basically about the same thing. Just plain ol' clean eating (right Elaine ;-) )

I was looking at my schedule for training and I will have to change things up a bit. I'm at a workshop all day today so I'm changing today to a rest day, 5 miles tomorrow, etc.

I hope everyone has a great day and workout. I won't be on until probably tonight after this so, have a great day!!!

Good Morning Cheetah's

Today for me is a Tempo Run and then some yoga. Hopefully a good 4 or 5 miles. I just need to wake up for a good 10 min yet before hopping on the treadmill.

Wendy- Sorry to hear about the sleep issue. I hate when I get like that.

Cathy- Hope you feel better soon. I'm telling you this winter was bad for sickness and now this summer seems to be getting eveyone.

Judy- Enjoy your yoga.

Marcia- I love BBFM. It is a very good read and very informative. Enjoy your rest day.

I'm off to check email and then the treadmill for me.

RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Karen...uh, 10 minutes to wake up!? My body is LAUGHING at you! :p I need atleast a friggin' HOUR PLUS atleast 1 cup of coffee AND food! }(

Marcia...If you re-arrange your schedule thoughtfully, you can stay on track with your training while dealing with whatever life throws at you! :)
Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

I got in my 4 mile run (just kinda took it easy today, didn't want to push my legs too much!) & then did Baron Baptiste's Yoga for athletes- my legs needed a good stretch, especially hamstrings! Felt great!

So now I can enjoy my oatmeal & drink my coffee in peace. We didn't end up going to the pool y'day, just hung out here & played so we're heading to the pool today! It's gonna be a hot one!

Wendy ~ Here's hoping for a cough-free Joey so you can get in your TM run!! I'm still so excited for you w/ the running group/ training for the 5K!!!

Cathy ~ I hope you're feeling better soon! Good for you for still getting in your run though!!

Judy ~ I need to try that w/ the PUB. I just love that workout!! I love the abs at the end too!

Karen ~ Enjoy your tempo run. I read about your dd being scared- sounds like my 5yo!!! She gets frightened easily!

Marcia ~ I've heard a lot about the BFFM, let me know what you think when you're finished!! I usually eat pretty clean- I try to avoid white flours/ sugars & stick to the good carbs. I hope you have good success if you do it!

Have a great day everyone else to follow!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Thanks Jess!

Enjoy your coffee and oatmeal! I already ate my oatmeal and I am finishing up my 2nd cup o' java as we speak. Have fun at the pool. Do you belong to a community pool? I wish they had one here but they don't...maybe in the next town we move to. My mom bought Joey a kiddie pool though so we will be hangin' out in that all summer instead. ;)
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

I'm totally addicted to this oatmeal- it's cranberry w/ flax oatmeal & I add 1/4 c. Fiber one & a sprinkle of walnuts. My favorite breakfast!!

One of the perks of my dh's job is that we can go to a nice park/ pool for free (only employees & family members allowed). The pool is a nice pool & there's a great tot pool too w/ a kiddie slide & toys, etc. My 7yo goes to day camp there on Tuesdays also, she loves it! We do have a kiddie pool & a slip & slide too so we spend lots of time outdoors in the summer time!! And a trampoline too- we all love the trampoline! I'd much rather my kids be outdoor kids than sitting inside all summer!!

Have a good one!

RE: Cheetahs Check In Thursday 6/15 (for insomniacs!LOL...

Ha! I get up at 4:45, usually eat a banana & guzzle some water & am out the door by 5. I just can't get up any earlier for those early morning runs!! I'm more of a get up & go type of gal, if I waste time then it's harder to get motivated!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Hi, ladies! No caffeine needed for this cheetah to wake up in the morning. All I need is the sunlight and the birds chirping to wake up....YUP...I'm a freak! LOL

Cathy-I hope you're feeling better soon!


Jess-I'll see you at the pool today!

Marcia-I've heard a lot of people say good things about BFFM book. Is that the one that's an e-book?

Judy-have FUN playing tennis!!!!!

Karen-glad you got the training schedule last night.

As for me, once the birds woke me this AM, I hopped to the basement for my workout. 3 mile easy run, some push ups, then Stretch Max #1. I'm working hard on taking it easy! LOL. This is only week 1 of my marathon schedule and I don't want to go out too fast or hard. I know where my problems were with my Disney training, so I'm working on avoiding those pitfalls again.

Getting ready for our weekend camping trip. Then hitting the town pool with the boys.

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

I don't need caffeine to wake up, I just love coffee!! ;-) I do limit myself to just 1 cup usually!!

Ok, what time will we be meeting?? :) I wish someone lived near me, we'd love another cheetah running buddy!

When's your marathon??? I'm on week 4 of my training for a Sept 24th marathon! It'll be my first though. It sounds like you're doing great figuring out the training!!

Have fun camping- that sounds like fun!!

RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Good morning cheetahs were up early, sorry about the imsomnia...:(...maybe you can get in a nap?? Enjoy your run if Joey is better and you can get to the gym.

Judy...enjoy your Yoga today.

Karen...have a good tempo run, I am hoping for a nice interval run myself...:)

Jess...I think you get out the door very early!! I need my morning coffee myself...1-2 cups and I am ready.

Elaine....yes I think I know the area where you will be. It'd be fun to get up there for a run with you...:)...but I'd slow you way down!...I'll look at my work schedule and see what I can work out...great workout yesterday! I need to add back in walking lunges too...

Christine...good workout ysterday. It was a bit cold here too after the rain. Nice for running yesterday though. I know when the clouds go away, it'll heat right up again.

Mattea...avoiding weights?? When I feel that way I try one of Cathe's endurance workouts. Something with fun music and nothing heavy for weight, like a Superset or Push-Pull premix...I'll work on that story....I think if I would have come from a family with money I might have started out on a better foot with her...:) glad to hear from you!!! I am glad you got the surgery fairly fast. Sounds like you had some damage...I bet you will heal up fast. Physical Therapy will help alot. I can only imagine how tough it is to be sedentary...please keep us posted...sending recovery hugs your way...:) did I get involved in the pacing??? Well my dear sister volunteered me!!! She met Pat (the girl we are pacing) when she worked the aid station at the Western States run the last few years. Pat got to mile 92 last year in the cutoff time of 30 hours so she had to stop there. She has completed other 100 milers but this one has given her trouble so my sister told her we would pace her this year...:)

Tomasina...glad the bronchitis is leaving your body. Don't you love PUB!!! I do always feel better when others have trouble with their MIL's...and I haven't even dove in to the rest of his family...!!!

I'll be doing my own legs exercises and a 6 mile interval run. I should do some Pilates or Yoga after if I have the time...

Have a great day...:)
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Ok, I'm done. I got in a good 4.5 mile tempo run and then the stretch. i really think the key to my IT band was the warm up. I haven't had any trouble now that I warm up and jog a good mile. I'm so happy with that.

Jess- I coming over to join you in some oatmeal.

Wendy- No visitors last night. I'm totally shocked. It could be a delayed reaction that will come back to bite me when I'm having one of those good sleeps. Then I will here her call MOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM. She is waiting to get me good. Funny how they never call DDDAAAAAADDDD.

Carole- Hope you have a great run today. I forgot to ask what time you were pacing for when you are the pacer in that run. At 100 k I'd probably be the 45 min per mile pacer. If they need one I'm there.
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Karen...I really don't know about the specific time I'll be pacing. I meet her after she has gone 58 miles. I will run 20 miles with her although I know there will be some steep terrain and we will walk some. I guess I estimate 15-20 min miles....before I leave next week I'll post the website and give you cheetahs her number. You can actually track a runner there...I am so glad your IT band is not giving you trouble...:)
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

Good Morning (Very, very early morning:p ) Cheetahs!

Wendy-Sorry you aren't able to get some much needed rest right now. 20-20-20 isn't an evil mishmosh (there are not DOMS today!) but you will be huffing and puffing at the time, lol! Hope you get a nice TM run in at the gym today.

Cathy-Best wishes for a speedy (cheetah) recovery!

Judy-Enjoy the full-on yoga day! Sounds like a very full day tomorrow, but fun. I LOVE tennis! I'm not awfully good, but I love it, lol.:7

Karen-I've done the 10 min. and then "off and running" before. It's not that bad, unless it's very early in the morning. And then you end up thinking, I can't believe I'm running intervals at 5:00 am or something like that, lol:p

Marcia-Glad you're feeling so inspired by BFFM! Enjoy your working rest day:)

Jess-4:45?!? On purpose?!?! Sounds like a good idea taking it easy today, good luck this weekend! Have fun at the pool:D I also LOVE the trampoline. Did you know that 15 on the tramopline is equal to running one mile? DH's CC coach told them that years ago.

Gayle-I'm so excited to hear about your training everyday! I love the way you're more experienced now and love reading your comments on not just what you're doing, but why you're doing it.

Carole-OMG Super Carole you read my mind! I was just sitting eating breakfast thinking I want to do PP/SS this morning, probably one of the premixes, lol! My in-laws are all about money too, they don't actually have any, they're just all about it:+ Is anyone else scared of what Carole means when she says "my own leg exercises"?}( I think that running as a pacer is so cool and generous. You definitely need company if you're running that distance!

Barb-Hmmm, I never considered applying for sainthood, but if I get through this day without pepper spraying someone then it will be my first official miracle, lol!

Christine-Is there room for my MIL on that 7 year trip as well? Return ticket is totally optional}(

Kathy!!! So glad that you're keeping us updated injured cheetah:) Wow your surgery sounds so major I can't believe you're already on one crutch. You are going to blow away your doc and PT with how fast and powerfully you recover.

ShellyC-My MIL's main problem is that I married her son, everything else is just icing on the cake, lol. Enjoy your many restaurant trips in NJ! When DH and I were there we had a great time at a place called Bertucci's. Very italian, but a little chain restauranty. Sounds like it will be a thrilling trip, choosing from all of NJ's culinary delights:D I'll just keep telling myself, you just did HSTA and HSC back to back, now just shut up, smile, and curtsey like Barb told you to, lol!

Thomasina! Yes, momma cheetah! Except I think I'll take PP/SS with me instead, the music is more fun. Glad to hear from you. Sorry about the bronchitis, but sounds like you're easing back into things. I LOVE your idea of how start the meal with everyone}( }( }( but my SIL would never forgive me, and she's not all bad;-) Thanks again for the offering me the book, I'm very excited!

So, today will be something like PP/SS, probably a pre-mix. Thomasina has sent me to my room and I'm not allowed to come out until I've made nice with the weights again, lol!
I'll let you know what I settle on.
Gotta run! :p
RE: Good morning lovely cheetahs!!!

The weights are your friend Mattea!!!!! Play nicey nicey or eles.LOL

MY thing is that I usually wake up 7-7:15 and by 7:30 I'm off and working out. My girls get up at 7:30 so I set them up in the living room with morning juice and milk a few books and a good show. Then usually I'm done my workout and they are beginning to move about. When they are doing teeth and beds and getting dressed I can usually meet eveyone in the kitchen for breakfast and we all fix it together and eat. It's a tight ship but one that works. But if i sleep in then the ship sinks completely.

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