Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated? HELP!


Okay, I don't want to sound like a ninnie. Let me introduce myself. "Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm a cardio addict!"

Here's the deal. I have been a cardio fanatic for 9 years now. Since meeting Cathe (ON TV) I have done full body weight routine (Muscle Max, Pour Hour, and Muscle Endurance). I do them twice a week on a mini rotation with 6 days of cardio (one of those days I do weights AND do cardio). I have had great results doing full body routines. Don't get me wrong...I have all of the other weight videos, SS, PP, Gym Style (all of them)...I can keep going...I have them all. I just never wanna do isolated work. I have it stuck in my head that I have ...HAVE to do a full body weight routine and if I don't get my cardio I feel like a slug. I am a person that HATES and doesn't accept change well. I guess it's an OCD thing...not sure. But, I know there are benefits to doing isolated groups rather than full body weights....

The reason behind my question. I have seen awesome pictures of people doing weights and sprinkle in cardio. What do you suggest I do to get to that point. I am truly a cardio junkie. I don't know if it's a fear of gaining my weight back (I lost 80 pounds doing cardio and have maintained it through my current routine for 7 1/2 years). I have also noticed that my body isn't reacting to cardio as it use to. matter how hard I kick my rear...I am still seeing my waist expanding a bit. I know, genetics, diet, and your metabolism slows down as you get older (I'm 34). But, geez...this is bugging me. I come from a family with a large set of genes and I am fighting that gene pull. It's like fighting the tides! So, I was thinking I needed to change something to shock my body.

Long story short(if you bypass everthing I previously
typed ---> giggles). What are the benefits for doing isolated weights vs. full body weights AND what are the benefits to the body for cutting back on cardio and pushing more weights? How will it effect my body physically?

Thanks for listening or reading my internal struggles---

Tanya in Texas!
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Tanya, why don't you try a split routine for a month? A little less cardio, a little more weights. It will give you enough time to see how your body responds without being married to the rotation. Of course, this is coming from someone who can't stick to a rotation to save my life :p . On the days you lift, you can always get some walking in for the mood boosting benefits. maybe the change in routine is just what you need? If you like it, great, if not, it's not like you have to continue it.

By the way, your picture is hilarious :7
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

I agree ~ that avatar is priceless! :7

Tanya, if this helps any:

I never lifted weights seriously until now. Prior to this, the FIRM, Tae Bo, the treadmill and yoga kept me thin. Not cut or super strong, but thin. I figured this was "the key," and it would always work for me.

I turned 33, and 10 lbs magically appeared. I did more cardio, and a few pounds would budge, but they never stayed off. I was both mystified and frustrated. None of my old routines were working. I would try something new ~ cardio jumping rope ~, and while my aerobic capacity got better, my weight remained constant.

Recently, 5 more lbs decided to join the party. What the heck?! That was the last straw.

I started lifting heavy with Cathe's workouts, doing a 3-day split and cutting my cardio days (only 3 of them) way down to 10 minutes. Yep. 10 minutes, 3 days a week. (I read somewhere on the net about periodizing cardio and thought perhaps that was my problem: Too much of the same thing, day in and day out ~ my body no longer cared if I spent an hour on the treadmill.)

So far I've lost 7.5 pounds, and they've stayed off. I've just started too, so my idea of "lifting heavy" is benching 24 lbs. I can't wait to see what happens when I move up the weight scale.

Trying a heavy, 3-day split won't undo all of your hard work. You never might make your cardio days more effective. :)
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Sounds like your body is ready for a change. The thing is you need to give it a try to see if it will work. My suggestion is to do a 3 day split; like gym style and then do longer cardio sessions on the days you don't weight train. i would do 3 days of weights and 3 days of cardio. push yourself hard when lifting and i bet you will see amazing results. as long as your diet stays healthy and your not increasing caloric intake, you will not gain weight. I would stay off the scale for a while while increasing your weights b/c your muscles tend to swell a bit with water at first so the scale might move up a bit. go by how your clothes fit. give it 1 month and if at that time you don't like the results you can go back to your original routine. i find cutting down on cardio is more of a mental game (fear of weight gain) than anything else. good luck and congrats on your weight loss!
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Thank you for all the fabulous suggestions. But, I have NEVER done a rotation. I typically pull a video based on what I feel like for that day. So, I need help with figuring out a rotation or a split routine. What do you do to set that up? How do you start a routine. Gosh... I know this is sounds like I am a dork...but I have never done a rotation or anything so I don't know where to begin. See...I don't like change. Told ya! Help!!!!

Tanya in Texas!
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

I'm brand new to rotations too, so we're both dorks. :+

I lurk on the DVD Rotations Forum a great deal, reading past rotations and getting a feel for how it's done. I started with the very basic:

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Cardio
Wed: Weights
Thurs: Cardio
Friday Weights
Sat: Cardio
Sun: Off

For the Weight days, I used Pyramid Upper/Lower Body. Then I bought and started using Slow & Heavy.

For Cardio days, I just did whatever I felt like: A Cathe Step DVD, treadmill, or jumping rope.

Now that I've gotten used to the basics, I'm prowling the Rotation Forum for ideas. There are a ton of rotations from both Cathe and Debbie (Fitness Freak), plus I've noticed veteran Catheites have gotten pretty good at creating their own. Take advantage. :)
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...


Quick question: do you do your cardio and weights on the same day?

Also, you mentionned that you reat something on the net regardins periodizing cardio. Do you have the reference. I'd like to know more about that (even though my schdeule allows me to workout only 3 times/week, maybe I could try some changes in my routine.)

RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

No, I alternate Weight and Cardio days. But if I only had 3 days to work with, I'd do both on the same day. Maybe weights first, then cardio.

Here's the link and a snip from the article that mentions cardio:

CB: Another area of debate is the use of cardio during muscle-building programs. What’s your opinion of doing traditional cardio training when a client is trying to build as much muscle as possible?

Cardio should be kept to an absolute minimum on muscle building programs. In some cases it can be dropped completely. I prefer to keep three days a week for 20 minutes year round. I like the way it makes me feel and I believe it helps me stay leaner while gaining muscle without interfering with my gains.

When the fat loss season arrives, there is a progressive and gradual increase in cardio frequency, duration and intensity. I don’t recommend high volume cardio year round. It’s too easy to adapt to high volume cardio. Cardio should be periodized just like strength training.

People who are strongly opposed to aerobics often like to use aerobics instructors as the example of why “cardio sucks.” “Why did a survey reveal that the average aerobics instructor has twenty-something percent body fat? Why aren’t they leaner?” The answer is because they don’t periodize their cardio like bodybuilders do. Lay off the cardio when you want to gain muscle. Gradually increase and build to a peak when you want to get ripped. Your body will be more responsive this way when you do add in the cardio.

I'm currently experimenting with this now, having started at 10 minutes on my Cardio days. I just upped it to 20 over the last two weeks (tried to keep it low while working with heavier weights) and am now playing with the idea of going to 30, just to see what happens.
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Laughingwater, or anyone else who knows, what EXACTLY is the definition of "periodization?" All this time, I've never been truly certain I really understand. Thanks.
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

>Laughingwater, or anyone else who knows, what EXACTLY is the
>definition of "periodization?" All this time, I've never been
>truly certain I really understand. Thanks.

Very good question. I'm curious to know the answer.

Your answer gives me food for thought. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

Nathalie :)
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Below is from the STS FAQ Section on the Home Page (rt side column)
Its filled with every possible answer to STS & Periodization info... Its a must print / read / reference for me.

#10 What is periodization?

The STS workouts are based on the training principle of Periodization. Periodization is simply an organized approach to weight training and exercise that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a workout program during a specific period of time. In our case we have designed STS to be a 3 ½ month program featuring three workout cycles called Mesocycles, each lasting four weeks. You will get a different workout every week for a total of 12 weeks along with an active recovery week between the Mesocycles to help your body rejuvenate and your mind prepare for the next cycle. Because of the way in which we vary the intensity (weight lifted) and the volume (reps and sets) of each exercise over the 3 month workout period you should obtain faster and better results than if you had chosen your workouts at random. Periodization has been around for decades and is used by most strength training coaches and personal trainers to train their athletes and clients. With STS we truly are bringing you a health club workout into the privacy of your own home.
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Do two week's worth of isolated weight training, and you'll see and feel the benefits over total body weight training. But make sure you're lifting a heavy enough weight to FEEL it. If you're easily doing all the reps without having to work, you need to increase your weight.

I never feel the burn with total body training, which is why I don't do it. I only do isolated muscle training. It's the only way I see results. And the results are so fine! :7
RE: Cardio vs. Weights? Full Body Weights vs. Isolated...

Okay yesterday I did my typical cardio...BUT added the Bodymax biceps and shoulders segment on (semi isolated weight work--->hey it's not full body--->progress huh?) and I woke up with sore biceps. Now, this is silly to get excited about...but I have NOT had sore muscles in about 2 years! Today, I did the ankleweight work from Legs and Glutes. I'm trying...but I am a baby step kinda person. NOT a cold turkey for change kinda person. Gosh, it annoys me that I don't do change well...but, I am really trying to pull myself OUT of my comfort zone. I am trying to make small changes to enable me to make those BIG changes easier in the future! Hoping that I don't talk myself out of tomorrows routine. But, like I said I am a rotation and weighted isolation dork and I don't know where to go from here...but I'll wing it! I'm on a roll! Yippie! NOW to see the waistline day at a time! Sigh....

Tanya in Texas!

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