Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

Today was PHA Training and Total Body Abs Transformer from Jessica Smith's Cardio Abs DVD. Loved PHA Training! I can't wait to try the Live versions!

sisu-great job with Cardio Leg Blast, definitely one of my favorites.
Shouder day here. I tend to do a lot of sets on shoulders because I feel they need it! Today was a 11 set pyramid of strict press, 3x12 side laterals, 3x12 rear delt flys, 3x10 barbell front raise and heavy dumbbell shrugs x30 x30 x25 and I finished with 1x25 cable crunches. Wish I had the cardio in me y'all have...but alas, not to be
Good morning ladies. Arm day for me, and it was a good one! 6x10 tricep pushdowns/ 6x10 ez bar curls supersetted and 3x10 crossbody tri extensions/1x10 hammer curls and 2x10 dumbbell curls also supersetted. I finished with 1x25 tricep pushups (failure after all that!) and 1x15 conc curls (also failure). Loves me some arm day!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Hey all, kind of a catch all day for me. 4 sets strictpress, 3 sets chin ups, 3 sets of dead lifts, and 9 sets of abs,... 3 sets crunches, 3sets side planks, and 3 sets of cable crunches. Feels good to do something on a Sat!! Have a great weekend!
Hi y'all - everyone's been active!

Yesterday I decided to try ICE Upper body just to get some general motion for upper body and the shoulder I'm still trying to heel. Felt good - it helped figuring out how this hurt shoulder has affected the muscle balance on that side. Plus had energy to do Icy core after that (I really dislike doing abs..., so got try to squeeze them in on easier w/o days... ;/))). Today was RWH Low Impact Hiit 2 - that is such a non-dread-factor, not too hard w/o, that still leaves you with enough adrenalin I suppose to make you feel like you've worked out :).

Happy weekends :)!
Today I did Cathe Live Cardio Mish Mosh and a 15 minute stretch from JSTV. That was a tough Live workout!

sisu, you're making some good choices for workouts. I think the ICE Upper Body is a good workout to help see where your shoulder is at.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Hi Everyone,

Here is my check in

Tues: Low impact challenge
Wed: Imax 2
Thur: Cycle sweat
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest

Today w/o was Pha training from Sands series plus 100 one arm row challenge.:):)
I had a lot of fun doing this one. Just the type of stuff I love;):p:p
I was sweating and breathing heavy;):)
Good morning Ladies, today was chest and tri, 11 sets bench, 1 set inclined bench (not good on right shoulder) and 2 sets of isos, followerd by 4 sets pushdowns, and 2 sets of tri pushups. Have a great Monday!
I wrote the previous post yesterday but I guess I didn't hit post...geeze! Today was back and bi, 3 sets chins with a 30 sec chin over bar hang after the last rep, 3 sets Pendlay rows, 3 sets lat pulldowns, 4 sets ez bar curls and 1 set 21's and 1 set conc curls. I have done some chin ups on 3 of the last 4 days and I could tell it! Have a great Tuesday all!
Well yesterday I was a leg day day no show, but did do 200 pushups the day before at work (most in sets of 30 -40) and last night I did an 8 minute plank routine that nearly killed me! Today was shoulders, 10 sets strictpress, 3x8 side lat/ front raise, 3x10 rear delt fly and 3x25 barbell shrugs. Looks like Sat is leg day makeup day, Have a great Thursday!
Hi everyone! I finished my second week in the S&S rotation last week, and today started the third week. I did the Scrambled Push/Pull premix for RUUB and Concentrated Abs from Jessica Smith. Went up in weight for a few of the exercises and used a heavier band this time. Love, love, love this workout!

Tom, you are kicking butt with your workouts! 200 push-ups?? Amazing!
Made up leg day Sat and as usual was NOT fun! Did 4 sets of squats, no bench squats so I went deeper but not heavy. 3 sets of reverse lunges, 3 sets goblet squats, 3 sets single leg deadlifts, 3 sets kettlebell single leg calf raises, 3 sets unweighted single leg calf raises, 2 sets chin ups, 2 sets cable crunches. Leg days are the only ones that keep inflicting pain and suffering afterwards!! Glad I did it and glad its DONE!! Jodi, way to go on moving the weights up!! Hope next week is good for everyone!
Yesterday was overload chest and tri day doing a lot of bench sets and pushdowns, then at work I did 300 pushups in sets through out the day (not sure what I was thinking). Today I tried to punish bi's to keep it balanced. 3 sets of chin ups, 3 sets of pullovers, 3 sets of single arm cable pulls, 4 sets of ezbar curls, 2 sets 21's' 2 sets conc curls, finishing with a set of crunches, seated knee ins and cable crunches. Jodi, sts is tough, good work!
I know I haven't posted in forever--but I am still here. I still stop by and see how everyone is doing. I am posting because I just signed up for something that has blown me away. I finally gave On Demand/Workout Blender a try. OMG. I am now obsessed with creating my own workouts. I can't stop. The funny thing is--I haven't even done one yet!!!! I create them and so far they just sit there! (o: That's because I am in the middle of another rotation but I will definitely be doing them. But I just can't stop! I feel like I am creating the perfect workouts by combining my favorite parts of multiple workouts. Then I go back and tweak them. Anyway, I had to share. It is fun but time consuming. I have been doing a Strong & Sweaty/Black fire rotation I created but starting next week it's Meta Shred Extreme + Cathe Live.
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Hey Jen! Great to hear from you! Glad you're enjoying OnDemand. I'm doing the Strong & Sweaty January rotation, and every time I think "I wish there was a premix with so-and-so", I then think "well, if I had OnDemand, I could make that premix". It is tempting! I've got one more week of this rotation and then I plan to do your Cathe Live Rotation #2. Can't wait to get more acquainted with Live. Thanks for making that rotation!

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