Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

Hi friends,

Jodi - Thanks for your advise. I think I will wait for Strong & Sweaty to be sold separately. Then I will order ICE Bootcamp along with the 2 S&S workouts I want most (The PHAT and the cardio ones)
Obviously , I'm not well organized, because I couldn't find time to check in earlier. But here it is now :)
Recently, I changed up my workouts and revisited some oldies.

Last Sunday - Turbo Fire 30, KCM Quick Fix w/o 2 and MTV Pilates Mix w/o #1 Upper body and core. MTV Pilates Mix with Kristin McGee is the hardest Pilates workout I own. I enjoyed to revisit it after 3 years
Monday - The Firm: Jump, Pump & Jab and Cindy Crawford's The Next Challenge. Another nostalgia day for me ;) Love Kelsie Daniels, she is the only Firm instructor whose workouts are not too easy for me at this point.
Tuesday - Jessica Smith - Cardio Abs, all 3 20 minute workouts and the 2 Jessica's segments from her Cross Train for Fitness with Guillermo Gomez.
Wednesday - 3 workouts from the UK journalist cum fitness-star Davina: Fit in 15, Body Buff, Intense . Level - intermediate. I liked that I don't need to pick up weights to work my legs but still felt it. I also like that the newer UK productions still have great music - the author's right law in the UK is more lax than in the USA, I guess, so no sound-alikes or generic sounds :)
Thursday - back to Cathe: 4 Day Split - Kickboxing, RWH Low Impact Hiit & Xtrain Core 1
Friday - KCM Lean Body Circuits, Athletic Conditioning 2 (dumbbells premix), Abs segment from KCM Home Gym Intervals (tough, love it!)
Yesterday - Shock Cardio Hiit - Pyramid ; KCM Trim Down - boxing ; KCM Body Training - Legs
Today - KCM Athletic Conditioning 1 cardio. Doubles - We'll see.

Greetings, I like reading your posts.
Got in a good arm day yesterday, 19 sets and a long ab set...felt good! I wasn't able to do much shoulder work Thursday due to a sore right shoulder, but was able to hit arms hard and felt somewhat redeemed!! Sounds like some hard work Svetlana and Jodi!! I will be traveling the next few days, no gym, but will hit it again Wed....hopefully!!
Last week, I combined parts of Drop Set Strength from Amy Bento Ross with 100 rep challenges from Linda Wooldridge on YouTube and some cardio. Here is what I did:

Sat - Cardio Supersets, the premix including the bonus step workout. Love this one!

Sun - FlexTrain and 100 rep challenge Squat & Kick (this was a butt burner!)

Mon - the Cardio Drills Only premix from Cardio Core Circuit (this was tough without those core breaks!) and 100 rep challenge Cardio Core Box. This one focused mainly on the obliques but it was still a good core workout.

Tues - from DSS I did: warm-up, chest, back, shoulders, core and stretch. I love how Amy puts her little twists on strength moves. Makes my muscles work in a different way.

Wed - the leg section from DSS and 100 rep challenge Lower Body Barre (great overall leg burner)

Thurs - the bi's and tri's segments from DSS and 100 rep challenge Biceps and Triceps

Today - rest day

Next week will be basically a repeat of this week. This was my first time trying DSS and I have lots of up arrows on my sheets. Want to try it again and get the weights right. Also, there are several other 1oo rep challenges I want to try.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Jodi, you are mixing the workouts up real nice.
Tom, Nathalie - hi!
My exercise mood somewhat returned and the backpain is finally gone.
Now I hope these more rigorous workouts will make me loose 5-7 lbs (which crept in the past couple of months) without restricting my diet.
If the exercises do not help, I will keep the lbs for keeping me warm in the winter ;) Don't feel like dieting at all.
Here is my check-in:
Monday - Cathe's Metabolic Total Body; Jari Love - Ripped Hardcore (dumbbells premix)
Tuesday - Cathe's To The Max; Xtrain Super Cuts .
Wednesday - Michelle Dozois Anytime, Anywhere; 10 Minute Solutions - Knockout Body with J Smith
Thursday - ICE Low Impact Sweat #2; Part of Rhythmic Step and the mat/ball section of Hardcore Legs
Yesterday - Party Rocking Step 2, ICE - Back meltdown; the ball abs section from Butts and Guts
Today - Jari Love's Bootcamp.

I just purchased Jari Love's Ripped in 6 - Download, I was sooo craving a new workout. The download option contains all premixes. And Jari (alike Cathe) actually sells the downloads, instead of renting them for a limited period of time. I'm quite happy !
Happy exercising friends!
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry 4 not being in touch! I have been waiting for an internet provider to connect home internet since 28/07!!!
Anyway long story which will end up in a complain filling to customer regulatory board!

Reading all your check in you have all been busy. You ladies and gents are motivating me.

My shoulder is not improving and it is a bummer.
I have not been lifting at all, just working out cardio to let my shoulder heal but It is just getting longer.
It is driving me really insanely sad:(:(

Will resume checking in regularly as soon as I get internet at home.
Next week the latest I hope.
Nathalie, so good to hear from you! Sorry your shoulder is not better yet. I know you are missing your weights.

Here is what I did for the week:

Sat- from Jessica Smith on YouTube I did a 30-minute Power Walk and a 30-minute Kickboxing Cardio Ab workout. I bought an adaptor to hook my iPad up to my TV. All I can think about now is getting Cathe Live but I don't need to spend that money!

Sun- Power Hour (I so love this workout!) and another 100 rep challenge from Linda Wooldridge on YouTube, Bums + Tums

Mon- more YouTube...HiiT It Hard Cardio from JS and 2 100 rep challenges from LW, inner thighs and outer thighs

Tues- from Drop Set Strength I did the warmup, chest, back, shoulders, core and stretch. Also did the 100 rep challenge from LW for upper body.

Wed- at lunch I did a 1-mile Walk & Talk from JS. After work, I did the legs portion of DSS and 2 more 100 rep challenges, one for glutes and one for abs (1000 reps of different crunches, will never do this one again!)

Thurs- the bi's and tri's sections from DSS and the 100 rep challenge for bi's and tri's.

today- rest day but I did do another 1-mile Walk & Talk from JS at lunch.

Svetlana, glad your back is feeling better. Can't wait to hear about the new Jari Love workout!

Hey to Tom (aka T-Slop :p:D)...hope you're doing well!
Hi friends,
Nathalie - hope your shoulder will recover very soon. It is embarrassing that you waited so much for internet Western Europe.
Jodi - I read your recent postings throughout the forum, you also dabbling in new workouts (Jessica Smith, Linda Wooldridge) ;) 1000 crunches, ouch!
Tom - hi!
This week I tried 6 new workouts (some of which I downloaded free from Youtube) : the result is 3 winners, 2 OK and 1 bleh, here is my check-in and comments :)
Sunday - Jari Love Ripped in 6 workout. I am very happy with this purchase. This workout features a happier Jari plus a bright set, pleasant music, significant cardio effect, serious muscle burn with minimum equipment, and not so much repetition as in some other Jari workouts. It gave me DOMS in my back and shoulders! The premixes included in the DVDs also come with the downloads , which is nice!
Monday - Michael Olajide Jr. Aerobox (free from Youtube) - I always get a workout high from high-impact boxing workouts, and this one did the job nicely . Michael alternates jump rope segments with fast, toning segments for a super advanced workout. I didn't use a jump rope but still had a great workout! There is no modifier here, unlike his collaboration with Kathy Smith. Another new to me winner.
Tuesday - Jari Love Revved to the Max. My most favorite Jari ever.
Wednesday - Amy Bento's Hi-Lo Xtreme and the core workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Athletic Conditioning 2
Thursday - Ilaria Montagnani & Patricia Moreno - Powerstrike 3 Millenium (free from Youtube). A precious addition to my workout library. This is my first Powerstrike with Patricia. It is not as difficult as Ilaria's later workouts and the combos are less complicated, but it has more of a combat feel to it, 4th new winner. I also did Jari Love's Dumbbells premix from Lean Machine
Friday - 6 workouts from The Firm Express. Two of these, led by Alison Davis-McLain were new to me (free from Youtube). The other 4 I hadn't done since 2013. Friday is my day off and I worked out 2 full hours (6 x 20 min). I was not exhausted. I couldn't help feeling that The Firm's promise to get for in 20 minutes per day, with these workouts, is a lie. One can't build strength with these. Otherwise, I enjoyed returning to these for a change.
Yesterday I tried Tracie Anderson's Mat workout ( from internet). I skipped the arm section as I was sure I won't like it after reading Jen's review (2Lazy4Gym). Here is my opinion on the rest, with my impressions arranged from most important (to me) to least - no instruction, no encouragement, no smiles, boring music, the number of reps is never mentioned. I liked only 2 rarely-seen movements - 1 of them is unique, the other one (scissor legs on the mat) is featured in the Bonus section of KCM's Cardio Quick Fix with much better instruction and music.
Today I plan on doing Cathe's Crossfire. I deserve some fun after yesterday's uninspired workout ;)

Happy workouts, everyone!
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Hi all, Nathalie, good to have you back..really sorry about the shoulder, I'm having a shoulder issue as well, can't really bench or press and it SUCKS! Jodi, Svetlana, sounds like you guys are "torching it" Svetlana, 2 hours!! WOW, I am impressed! I would be picking out cemetery plots! I have been hitting things pretty hard with the exception of chest and shoulders. My tendonitis is much better and I have been able to hit arms 2x/week and happy about that, but chest and shoulders have consisted of finding alternative excercises. Today was a hodge podge of everything EXCEPT chest and shoulders, staying light and making the workout cardio as well. I started with bodyweight stuff, doing a circuit of crunches, airsquats,skaters, 1 leg calf raises and doing the circuit twice. Next were chin-ups x12 x10, deadlifts 2x8, tri pushdowns 2x10 and dumbbell curls 2x10. Hope every one has a great week!
Svetlana, sounds like some great workouts for you! The Aerobox one really sounds interesting. I need to check it out! I'm with you on Tracie Anderson...the one workout I tried did not overly impress me.

Tom, great stuff for you as well! Hope you have been able to get in some chest and shoulder work.

Nathalie, any updates on your internet and shoulder?

Well, I have started STS this week. I've had it for some time but have always put off doing it. To prevent myself from spending money on Cathe Live, I decided to bite the bullet and dive in. Here's my check-in:

Sat - long uphill walk on the treadmill

Sun - STS Disc 2, Back & Triceps. Loved it! I also did the STS No Equipment Abs.

Mon - Double Wave Pyramid from the HiiT DVD and Kick Butt Kickboxing from Jessica Smith on YouTube.

Tues - STS Disc 3, Legs. Another awesome workout!

Wed - Timesaver Premix #15 from ICE Low Impact Sweat. It has Cardio 2, the BB, and Core 2.

Thurs - STS Disc 1, Chest, Biceps and Shoulders. Ugh, the pushups!! Way too many for my liking and no chest presses at all. Boo! I also didn't help matters by getting my flu shot at work that morning so by the time the afternoon rolled around to do this one, my arm and side were sore. The pushups...the struggle was real! :eek::eek:o_Oo_O

Today - rest day. I am sore but I still think it's from the flu shot.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Hello gals and guy,

Cathe has started filming today! I'm finding myself checking for updates every half hour :)

Here's what I've been up to fitness-wise in the past week:
Monday - Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast & the toning segments from ICE Chiseled Lower Body. For all exercises I used my 12 lbs dumbbells (my heaviest) and found that both had equal intensity
Tuesday - Susan Chung's Rapid Fire 1 and the stretch bonus from Kathy Smith's Cardio Fatburner
Wednesday - Kelly Coffey Meyer's TLC - both workouts
Thursday - Michelle Dozois' Cardio Strength 2 and a Pink Firm: High Def Sculpt.
Yesterday - Michael Olajide's Aerobox AeroSculpt. This time I tried using a jump rope during part of the workout. I felt great afterwards, got very tired and slept like a baby :) I'm impressed by Michael and his background crew - they are extremely strong and coordinated! I began doubting if they are aliens lol. I like Michael's instruction and voice. The credits show that he wrote the music for this workout himself! Jodi this will be a great cardio for your STS rotation.
Today - 10MS Pilates On The Ball - stretch segment and Linda Woodridge's Inner Thigh mat workout using resistance band (free from Youtube). This is my first workout from Linda. My inner thighs were burning like never before. I can't say I had fun, but I'm sure this will change my abductors if I persist with it. I will try another workout from her soon.

Greetings from Bulgaria!
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I skipped yesterday, sore back, flu shot, lack of motivation, not sure but had a good arm day today. 4 supersetted tri sets , skull crushers 3x12/ dumbbell curls 3x12, tri pushdowns 3x10/ hammer curls 3x10, crossbody tris 3x12/ short curls 3x8, kickbacks 3x15/ ez bar curls 3x10 and 1x8 concentration curls. I finished with 1x50 crunches and 1x30 cable crunches. Hope it clears up in Bulgaria Svetlana and hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the weekend!
Hi all! Here's my check-in for the week:

Sat-intervals on the treadmill for 5 miles
Sun-STS Disc 5, Back and Triceps, STS Extended Stretch, and STS Pilates-inspired Abs
Mon-from Jessica Smith on YouTube, I did Kickboxing Circuit Workout, HiiT Cardio and Core Workout, and a 1-Mile Power Walk
Tues-at lunch, I did a 12-minute power walk with Jessica Smith on YouTube (I am loving these quick walks during the day) and STS Disc 6, Legs after work
Wed-at lunch, I did a 10-minute interval walk with Jessica Smith on YouTube and then after work I did XTrain's AOLIH with Core 1 and a 1-mile express interval walk with Jessica Smith
Thurs-STS Disc 4, Chest, Biceps and Shoulders...pushups...uuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!
today-rest day but did a 1-mile "turkey trot" with Jessica Smith on YouTube (just a walk but filmed around Thanksgiving)

Hope everyone else has been killing it this week!! I'm going to order the calendar now!
Hi buddies,
Jodi - I borrowed your idea and tried several Jessica Smith power walks off Youtube this week :)
Tom - Do flu shots help? I don't remember ever having one, though they are available over here too.

Here's my workout activity in the past week:
Sunday - ICE - both workouts and some of the strength segments from Jari Love's GER1000
Monday - Chalean Xtreme Blast It Off Circuit & KCM Body Training - legs
Tuesday - KCM Shape Up (cardio premix), KCM Slim Sculpting (core premix) & Cathe's Rear Delt bonus from Xtrain Legs
Wednesday - Michelle Dozois Cardio Interval Burn Remix . I'm very glad that I found this workout free from Youtube.
Thursday - Kathy Smith & Michael Olajide - Aerobox. I've done this workout for years but this was my first attempt to use an actual jump rope. I'm doing only a standard jump, no way to dance with the ropes like the crew. Still, a great workout, great music, got workout high, jump rope is my new mania! PM - the Jessica Smith 12 min Turkey Trot & Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs (free from Youtube) to check why the rave on VF. Pilates felt great after all the jumping ;)
Yesterday - I finally got around trying 2 more free Linda Wooldridge workouts : BarreBell Hiit & 10 Min Hiit. Very effective workouts, but alike her Inner Thighs workout I checked out last week, I don't see myself doing these often. I workout mostly for stress relief and these workouts do not do that. They are just hard work with no fun factor. Linda is sweet though. I also did 3 1-mile walks with Jessica Smith, they feel great after spending hours on the computer (thanks, Jodi!).
Today - I did Xtrain Chest Shoulders Back. Wow Jodi here's the answer to your question: I'm not sure if I killed this workout but it was on the way to kill ME :) And I don't even own all these heavy weights Cathe uses! I can never do pushups with such lightning speed as the ladies. I ended up doing some pushups on my knees. My rear delts were fried too, which is excellent for my posture.

I'll be moving to another country in the upcoming months. So I'll need strength workouts using no / less equipment till I'm able to hoard a new set of weights. But I want my workouts to be fun and efficient too! Ideas, anybody?
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Here's the wrap-up for my past week:

Sat-from Jessica Smith on YouTube I did Calorie Crushing Cardio, Indoor Jogging and a Total Body Stretch. The jogging workout really made my calves sore!
Sun-STS Disc 8, Back & Triceps, STS Extended Stretch, and STS Yoga-based Abs. Try as I might, I cannot do the levitation hold in that ab workout!
Mon-a 1-Mile Express Flat Abs Walk with JS at lunch, and after work I did Faster Fat Blaster: Plyometric Cardio Workout from JS, RWH Low Impact HiiT 2 and RWH Bonus Abs 1.
Tues-a 1-Mile Walk & Talk with JS at lunch, and after work I did STS Disc 9, Legs.
Wed-To The Max premix #4 which subs the Fitness Tabata for the Compound Leg Work part. Love this workout, my favorite way to do cardio with the step.
Thurs-STS Disc 7, Chest, Biceps and Shoulders. This workout is crazy! She throws so many pushups at you when your arms are already burned out from the bicep and shoulder work. Drop Set pushups towards the end of this kind of workout?? Yeah, that didn't go so well for me. I did them all but most were on my knees. Only one more week of Meso 1. Happy to be moving on!
Today-rest day but I did a 1-mile Belly, Buns & Thigh Walk with JS at lunch.

Svetlana, you should search You Tube for any free resistance band and bodyweight workouts. I bet you could find a bunch!
Jodi, Jessica Smith TV is a great discovery! Yes I found at least 7 workouts using only a resistance band and at least 10 workouts using stability ball or play ball! I use my son't toy balls and it is fun. I also love how many of her workouts use no equipment at all. I lack energy for advanced workouts so Jessica's offerings suit me great at the moment. I somehow dropped 5 lbs too without changing my diet.
My check-in :)
Sunday - a 30-minute Jog Walk and a 30-minute Power Walk from Jessica Smith TV
Monday - JSTV Cardio Ball 47-minute & Resistance Band Fusion workout. This one is my most favorite of all JSTV workouts though I like them all :)
Tuesday - Jari Love Ripped in 6; 100 Rep Inner Thighs from Linda Wooldridge
Wednesday - The Firm (Pink) Bootcamp Max Calorie Burn and 2 segments from The Firm: Calorie Explosion
Thursday: JSTV Resistance Band Walk and 2 toning workouts using the band and 2 short JSTV abs segments
Yesterday: JSTV Zumba Dance , Barre Dance (great music, loved them!) & 3 JSTV Upper Body short workouts using light dumbbells
Today: Kari Anderson - Go, planned for the afternoon - barre for lower body with JSTV.

Greetings :)
Hey all, just checking in. Last week I was in the Florida Keys, no gym, but several margaritas! When I got back Wed, I combined chest and tri's, Thursday was back and bi's, Friday was shoulders and some abs, today I combined legs and arms..whew! Sounds like you ladies are putting in some good work...good on ya!! Have a great weekend!!
Good Sunday Ladies! Today was cardio and abs for me...5 miles on the airdyne, and 100 reps of crunches and cable crunches. Wishing a good upcoming week for everyone!
Hi everyone,

Hope you are well. I started Physio therapy for my shoulder. I have 3 sessions this week.
My shoulder is getting better although I have now discovered how badly my shoulder is inflammed.
There is a lot to do to get full mobility. That said I am responding pretty promptly now:)

This week workout are:

Monday: PRS#Step mix core
Tuesday: Cycle Max
Wednesday: Rest

Hope you are all having a good week;):)
Nathalie, any updates on your internet and shoulder?


Sorry Jodi for the delay! Yes I finally have an up and running internet. The tech guy had to comeback cause the line
was not stable. It looks really good and stable now thanks.

My shoulder is getting better, there is still a lot of work to do. Funny thing about this is I am learning
new way of working out around this tendonitis. For example for push up, I have tried a different way of positionning
my hand to put less stress on my joints.

My rotator and mostly my romboid region is inflammed and stiff.
My shoulder was already injured years before I started working out heavy stuff. Many years go;):)
At the time I did not look into it properly. Now I am picking up pieces!

Anyway, it feels a lot better now though:)

Hope you are having a good week.
Catch you later:)
Good Morning ladies! Today was shoulders for me, and Nathalie, I am having shoulder issues too. Struggling with overhead stuff and bench. Hope yours gets better with therapy. Today I did 4 light sets of light strict press, 3 sets side laterals, 3 sets rear delt flys, 3 sets barbell front raise, 3 sets dumbbell shrugs, and finished with 3 sets of heavy cable crunches. Yesterday was a leg day , doing 4 sets bench squat, 3 sets of gob squats,3 sets 1 leg dead lifts, and 5 sets of dumbbell 1 leg calf raises. Tuesday was back and bi, 3 sets chin ups, 3 sets pullovers, 3 sets pulldowns, 3 sets dumbbell curls, 3 sets hammer curls, 3 sets ezbar curls and 1 set conc curls. Monday was chest and tri, bench press, 9 sets (light) with a set of rom isos between each bench set, tri pushdowns, 3 sets, 3 sets crossbody tri extensions,and 3 sets of kickbacks. Have a great one ladies!

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