Bands for Travel Fit

Amy Steppe

I find that with Travel Fit I need longer bands than the usual ones offered by Fitness by Cathe.

I do not have enough band to pull up on some of the exercises - even the coral bands are too short.

What are you using to do this workout? I really like the workout except for the band length of the bands sold here which are too short for me (I am 5' tall).

Denise R

Hi Amy!

The bands that Cathe & crew used for Travel Fit were actually developed for them for that particular workout since the bands I believe you are using (which I have here at home and use for STS) are WAY to tight to use for Travel Fit---that is why you think they are "short" because you can't get them to "give" like a normal band....(hope I'm making sense). Alot of us have been waiting patiently for the new bands that were supposed to replace the other bands on this website but obviously they haven't made it here yet. (could be wrong on that as I haven't checked in awhile) I might purchase the new set of bands IF/WHEN they ever come out......

So for a short answer, I'd just use another 5-6 foot band for this workout so that you'd have a little bit more range of motion with it. Have a great day Amy!


Cosmo Mom

Does anyone know of bands that are for sale elsewhere? I really want to replace a band that I broke, and to use them for Travel Fit and also for T-band and Y stretches. I just dont have a band that is useful for those exercises.
(I end up doing those exercises with the band underneath my knee!)

I dont want to buy another set of bands and not get the one that I want.:(

Any help would be appreciated!


Collage Video

I use 6 foot long, medium tension dyna-band ($5.95). Item #9239 from the Collage Video Catalog. It works great for all things Cathe.
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Amy Steppe

Thank you all - I wondered how Cathe and the girls were able to get those bands so far up.

I wish Cathe would develop something for the workout, but in the interim, I will get mine from Collage!


I did Travel Fit for the first time this morning and was really loving it, when my band snapped!! I was hoping Cathe would have hers here, but alas I guess not :( I was using the 5ft. med. tension band I purchased from Collage, but I will try the 6ft. and maybe it will work better than the shorter one. Thanks for the item #!! :)


I just bought the 3-pack of 6 foot bands from Cathe; those and the fitness loops. Have you tried these...they look great!


I noticed that my green band from Cathe has a few tears in it...uh-oh, but when I went to place my order I saw that these bands (that Cathe used to sell) are no longer available. The only bands she now has are the ones for fire walkers. Sigh.

Amy Steppe

I bet that the regular bands are on backorder.

I have purchased two sets of them and their quality has been excellent.

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