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That is so cute!
I thought I wanted girls to
do things with but you made me realize I have a lot in common with my boys LOL...Hi! Lannette


Hi Back!

Haven't I seen you somewhere else recently? Just kidding!


PS How do you guys get the cute smileys to show up in your messages?


Cathe, my mom was 40 when she had me!

(Now you know what went wrong with me!! hee hee). And then she had my brother when she was 42. She was told about the high(er) risk of Down's syndrome also. I don't think you have anything to worry about(except that it might turn out like my brother or me! hee hee). I can hardly wait to see you with that round little belly



Congrats, Cathe

I'm excited for you Cathe. I'll be getting that ultrasound in about six weeks.(But we do not want to know the sex.) This is our third child, we have one of each so far, so we just ask that the baby is healthy.

But as far as newborn boys go, they sure are little squirts!!! Change the diapers quick, or put something over the squirter as you are changing the diaper. Also watch out at bath time.

With our son, my husband and I had a good deal. I nursed my son so we thought it would be good father and son time if my husband gave him his bath. He got squirted almost every time! I never did!


Isn't finding the sex of your baby one of the most awesome feelings in the whole wide world?? I cried reading your post.......I have 2 boys which are 9 and 2 .....and then I had a little girl who is now 4 months. I always tell people"I love having boys because I get to grow up again and see the world through a boys eyes"...they teach you things that you missed growing up as a girl. CONGRATS!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your husband!!!!!!!!!!!! Michelle momma to Aaron Matthew, Brye Keith and Kaylee Brooke


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Congrats Cathe!

I am almost in tears reading your post Cathe. It sounds like you are doing best to you and your husband. This is just SO exciting!! I have two boys, ages 16 and 14 and they are STILL my babies (don't tell them that). There is no greater joy than being a mother, and I know that you will be such a great mom to that little boy. I will say that there is a special bond between mothers and sons. You probably already feel it! Well, from what you posted..this little guy is MAKING you feel it, hee hee! Congrats!!!

Nancy C


What a wonderful day for the two (or should we say the three) of you!
You are so gracious to share your news with us and keep us updated on you pregnancy, what a treat for us
. The pics are a the middle picture
and so glad you're doing well with everything.



Wonderful news!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news (and pictures with us). A colleague of mine, who is over 35, is expecting for the second time. She just had a new, more powerful sort of ultrasound in lieu of an amnio. I can find out the name of the procedure if you'd like.

Yup, gotta change those little boy diapers fast! When I change my grandson, I do the same thing as Joyce. I have everything ready *before* I open the old diaper and I put a wipe over the squirter. No clothes, walls or anything else squirted yet!

My best to all (three) of you!


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A Baby Boy!

Wow. How exciting! I don't think there are words to describe the joy of seeing your child moving around healthy and happy for the first time. It's miraculous. I love the ultrasound pictures and I love the image of your husband celebrating the boy victory. My first (and my second, too!) was a boy and although my husband claimed not to care about the sex, I could tell he was filled with some foreign testosterone-induced pride. He insisted we go right from the ultrasound to Kinko's where he made a zillion copies of the ultrasound photos and practically passed them out on the street. There isn't much sweeter than seeing the man you love turn into a daddy! I am so happy for you and for your husband and that precious baby. Oh, and yeah, the little guys are quite the little squirters at first. I think that newborn period was the only time my husband has ever been grateful for wearing glasses i.e. shields. :)



Hey Cathe-
Congratulations on finding out your son will be a son. I had a baby boy at 35 (about 1 year ahead of you), and had no problems at all. And you are in much better (OK at least an order of magnitude) shape than me. You will enjoy the little guy, even the squirts. My little on just squirted himself in the face the other day. You should have seen him jump. It was pretty funny, and makes up for the times it had been me. You might think I would cover it, but I am never fast enough.

Barbara P


That's wonderful news! I was about as far along as you were when I found out I was having a boy, he is 7 1/2 years old and we're on vacation right now at the ontario Science Centre in Toronto Canada (he's sitting next to me watching me type this!!) Anyway I'm so happy for you and your husband!!

Barbara P


I'm thrilled for you


Congratulations on your little boy!!! When I had my first, I had no ultrasound; I think my doctor was old-fashioned and it was 1985. With my second, in 1989, a different doctor did ultrasound, but we didn't want to know the sex. It is SO exciting to see the heartbeat and see the baby move. It makes the whole thing seem real, doesn't it? Your pictures look great. Your son will love to see them when he grows up; my daughter gets a big kick out of looking at her baby book, where the first picture is an ultrasound picture, and then the next is a picture taken during her birth.

Good luck to you and your family,

Sandi M.

Daphne M

Boys ...

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Congratulations on all your exciting news, Cathe. I had to wipe a tear or two away, I felt as if I was right there in the room with you. What a wonderful feeling, to finally get a look at the little guy. It is amazing to see how perfectly formed he already is. THought I saw a bicep there, too!

BOYS! They're wonderful. I wouldn't trade my little boy, his skinny banged-up legs, cowlicked hair and tough-guy talk for all the tea in China. A long, long way from my soft chubby sweet little baby boy. But, just last night, he told me that he likes to play dinosaurs with me better than anybody in the whole world. And he still wants me to carry him to bed, even though his feet now hang way past my knees when we walk. See what you have to look forward to?

Thanks for keeping us updated on the little guy. Clearly, he's already got tons of personality. Pretty soon, you'll be playing dinos with your OWN little boy. But first, I hope you get to enjoy lots and lots of days and nights of holding him close. Long after his feet are dangling past your knees too.



AMNIO and Congrats


Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy! I too wanted to know the gender of my children before they were born. I do not know how anyone has the patience to wait. It wonderful to have the technology to see them before they're born!

BTW I emphatically agree with your decision not to have an amnio. I didn't because I didn't feel that it was worth even the small (one in 200) risk to the pregnancy for information that I probably would not have acted on anyway. In my opinion an amnio should be done only if you have definite plans if the results are abnormal. It should not be done for curiosity.

Congrats again!



goose bumps

Hi Cathe

From reading your description of your ultrasound it is SO APPARENT how excited and happy you are. It brought tears and goose bumps even. I think part of the reason is because your description brings back so many memories of the events I experienced with my two children. The ultrasound really brings it all in perspective doesn't it.

It is great to hear and see your happiness in print.

Take Care


Liz C

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congrats on your beautiful baby boy!

Yay, Cathe! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to meet you and the little one in October. Best wishes from the camp of Cathe lovers (headed up, of course, by the wonderful Daphne) here in DC!



Little Squirts...


The lone Shapiro female (me) and all the Shapiro boys (Alex (12), Evan (9), Ken the Dad (43 going on 18) and Eddie the Dog(2)) are just thrilled for you and Jon! A healthy baby AND a boy! WOW!!!

Having grown up with only one sister, and in a huge extended family full of women no less, I was totally unprepared for life in a male household, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Little boys sure do love their mommies, and there's absolutely nothing like a great big dirty-scuffy-shoed-messy-faced-little boy hug! It's bliss on earth. I'm so glad for all the joy and fun and adventure ahead of you.

And let me just say "amen" to everyone on the subject of diaper changing on a little boy! The minute air hits, that little squirt will come to full attention and spray. I learned to open my boys' diapers with my right hand and immediately slam a cloth diaper onto the wee squirt with my left hand. My sweet husband considered all of this unnecessary until his glasses were hosed down. I heard this "SH-T!" from Alex's room, looked around the corner and there stood Kenny, glasses and hair dripping -- while Alex continued to squeal happily and make like Old Faithful all over his changing table!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! What wonderful news!!!

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