B&G Leg Blast premix


Just did this and I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow! Am I a masochist? I must admit I was really swearing by the end!
Yep, I've done that blast once and haven't had the nerve to do it again since. OUCH!! I'm thinking about doing it again soon, just thinking that is.

I'm currently using this premix as part of my "Butt-Blaster REmix":
Ankle Weight Segment
Leg Blast Premix

I've also tried the following version :
Ankle Weight Segment
Deadlifts (two sets)
Leg Blast Premix

Talk about DBDOMS! (Deep-Buttock DOMS!).
I did this yesterday for the first time and I think it qualifies as torture under the Geneva Convention! :eek: I did not do the last (and billionth set) of lunge squat combos--I had nothing left by that point. Afterward, I felt pretty psyched--like I just swam the English Channel. }( (Oh yeah, bring it on!!) I'm moving okay this morning--we'll see if I can make it thru Step Blast like I planned. Someone posted that they did the B&G leg blast once a week and it made a big difference after just a few weeks. For that kind of pain, it better!!

Chocolate IS the answer, regardless of the question.
Kathryn, you are officially my idol! Holy butt-flamers Batman!! Here's my solem vow: One day, as God as my witness, I too will do this BB REmix and not vomit/lose consciousness from the fiery jets engulfing my glutes...Until then, I'll just quietly snivel in the corner with my own moderately pathetic "shallow buttock DOMs"...:+

Chocolate IS the answer, regardless of the question.
>Kathryn, you are officially my idol! Holy butt-flamers

Well, I did do it as I do many Cathe workouts: with longer breaks between some moves (especially leg presses and those 1-legged squats).
This is a killer. I did it once and am afraid to do it again. I had trouble sitting on the potty!!!:eek:

I am so glad to discover that I'm not the only one who finds this terrifying!

Huge respect to you Kathryn. The only thing I could combine this with is a lung workout where I scream at Cathe at the top of my voice!;-)

I don't know if I'll ever try this again although like you Jonahnah, I felt a huge sense of achievement when I'd finished!:7
Cry baby cry, wipe your tears from your eyes, put your hands on hips and let your back bone slip. Duh, I forgot the song :+ :p :7

I do Leg Blast sometimes twice a week, it’s a goodie. Practice my friends. Practice! Have you tried Legs & Glutes Xtreme that one will kill you}( its' also one of my favorites.

I am in the middle of it right now (taking a breather!!!). I can't believe how tough this is!!! This is the first time doing it and I am cursing under my breath. Can't wait till it's over! Doing this workout definitely will get results!
Well, I managed to get up and down stairs but I have strong DOMS right in the middle of each cheek! x( (apologies if this is TMI!)
Ronnie- Just wait till tomarrow! Isn't that what they say, it's always worse two days after! I don't think I will be able to move! I am on the July rotation which would put me at running today. Hopefully that will loosen some of the lactic acid (sp?) built up from it. I never thought a premix would actually be harder then the real workout, then again I haven't tried the scrambled eggs pre-mix on BodyMax 2.
Ouch. I haven't tried this premix yet. I just did the Standing Abs and Glutes Timesaver (which looks easier) yesterday and I've got major DOMS today--having trouble walking, sitting, bending over--basically doing anything that even remotely involves the booty muscles. I can't imagine what it feels like to do the Leg Blast!


Sounds like my kind of workout. I actually enjoys the DOMS. Am I nut? No wonder. I love to eat nuts and I realized I actually became one. :eek:

I did not think B&G was hard. I should have pay attention on premixes more often. Thanks for the post.

Leg Blast! Here I come.:D
Can't find this video. What is the title?

Where did you get the video? I called the 1800 number and they said they didn't have it. What is the title of the video?
RE: Can't find this video. What is the title?

Thank you for letting me know what the title is. Also, how long have you been doing Cathe workouts and how long did it take you to lose 23lbs. Did you do any workouts after you had a child to lose any weight?
RE: Can't find this video. What is the title?

What I love about this premix is that there is no barbell or heavy weights - but OUCH!!! If my guests do not stay over tonight, it's on the agenda for tomorrow - otherwise, it's Monday. I always plan an upper body day the next day as I can barely walk.
RE: Can't find this video. What is the title?

I've lost 23 lbs. (give or take one or two) since January 2 of this year. I'm in a holding pattern this summer - my schedule has gone a little haywire and it's been hard to squeeze in a regular workout routine.

My youngest is 4 and when he was 6 weeks and after I got the green light from my doc, I did (and continue to do, whenever I can) a combination of cardio (run/walk on the treadmill, biking, step, NordicTrack) and lifting - with more emphasis on lifting - using a variety of Cathe's weight training DVD's. I've lost 40 lbs. since DS was born.

I discovered Cathe in 2000 and have accumulated at least half of her workouts.

Good luck to you! :)

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