August 05' Rotation: Boot Camp

Cathe Friedrich

TEN-HUT Everyone! Time to get tough this month so double knot your laces and get on your game face....we got work to do....and you are gonna work}( :7 Get ready to break through your plateau!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I made an edit on Week Four. So if you printed or copied this rotation before 9:15 pm on Saturday July 30th, be sure to note the change to TUES and WED of Week Four.

Sweat and Tears Week One:

Mon: BODY 200 jumping jacks at the tail end of the cardio and 40 push ups at the tail end of the weight routine (work work :eek: )

TUES: Imax One plus 200 walking lunges (and walk don't squawk :p)

Wed: Step, Jump and Pump plus Kick Max leg sculpting drills (if you don't have time for this workout...MAKE TIME }( )

Thurs: Imax Two plus segment three of Core Max (I KNOW YOUR TIRED BUT JUMP HIGHER:7 )

Fri: 5 minute BRISK power walk, 400 walking lunges, 200 jumping jacks, 8 sets of 8 push ups, 400 crunches from all angles, 4 sets of 25 dips off the coffee table (and NO COFFEE til your done;( )

Sat: Imax 3 plus 20 terminators from Boot Camp (squat thrust climbers)...Embrace the Challenge :eek:

Sun: Stretch Max and a warm bath with epson salt:+

Sweat and Tears Week Two:

Mon: 5 mile run (no excuses other than to substitute an all out POWER WALK at record breaking speeds)

Tues: Double Shot Tuesday:9 Boot Camp...Boot Camp (yes you read it right, do it TWICE)

Wed: Kick Punch & Crunch plus the stability ball section of Pyramid Lower Body ( get on your game face }(

Thurs: High Step Challenge plus the high intensity drills section of Kick Max (arrrrre youuuuuu wooooorking?)

Fri: MIC plus segment two of Core Max ( I can feel your energy now)

Sat: 3 mile run (include some hills) plus Leaner Legs

Sun: Stretch Max and Advil

Sweat and Tears Week Three:

Mon: 5am Fitness Fiesta....100 toe touches, 100 burpees (squat thrusts), jog in place for 5 minutes, 100 jumping jacks, 100 alternating front lunges, low pulsing hover squats for 2 minutes, jump rope for 5 minutes, 50 push ups, 400 sit ups....REPEAT THE WHOLE THING AGAIN!!!!

Tues: Circuit Max plus CTX Upper Body

Wed: Step Works plus Imax 1 (first 5 intervals) ;( waaaah ....was that a sheep?

Thurs: High Step Training Advanced plus abs from Kick Punch and Crunch (I hope your getting your balls out and hey, while your at it, repeat the ball pikes segment twice }( )

Fri: Step Fit plus 20 minutes of Ab Hits (just a suggestion, TAKE IT :p

Sat: Cardio Kicks, plus Imax one (second five intervals) plus segment 2 of Coremax ( there's no time for down time)

Sun: Is there such a thing? }( Rest up, tomorrow is a tough one troops!

Sweat and Tears Week Four:

Mon: Three mile run plus Muscle Max plus PLB stability ball segment only ("You start off thinking hey, this is easy and then hello!" )

Tues: Imax 3 plus 200 walking lunges and 200 sit ups (this is tough stuff)

Wed: Muscle Endurance plus 15 minutes of Ab Hits (your not just sitting there reading this are you?)

Thurs: Boot Camp plus Intensity drills from Kick Max ("You can do anything for a minute.")

Fri: Gym Style Legs and run 3 miles (keep movin and groovin)

Sat: Double Header....Gym Style Chest/Tri..AND ...Gym Style Back, Shoulders, Biceps... ("It's all about how you spend your time under tension") ;( ;(

Sun: At Ease and Fall Out!

You did it :7


YIKES!! I'm sweating just reading it:eek:

I'm keeping this one on hand for after the baby is born. Thanks Cathe.:)


AT-TEN-TION!!!!! OMG...this looks like so much FUN!!!!

I am in the midst of the three month HardCore rotation, but I will be attempting this one in four weeks!

I salute you General Cathe!}(

WOW!!!! Cathe that is awesome. That is the toughest rotation I have seen. It is so sad because I have a foot injury and I want to do this so bad. But thanks for putting this out, cause I will heal and then I'm going to bootcamp!



Oh how I really want to do this rotation - I don't know how I will make the time! This looks like about 2 hours or so a day -- I hate splitting workout sessions - guess I can try to get up a bit earlier!


Cathe who made you mad and why are you punishing all of us? :) WOW this looks incredible. I love your humor in the writing of the rotation. I just hope those of us that do it still find it funny after the first time we do bootcamp TWICE !:)

Thanks Cathe!




This roation looks awesome and a whole lot of fun and hard work. Thank you Cathe!

Now you've given me all sorts of ideas to drive my not so in shape football players, that are all coming in this week. To start practice for the first game at the end of the month.


Renee McFar

Week one sure has a lot of step workouts...I am not sure my knees are up for this. I really would love to try this killer month.

Does anyone think it would be okay to sub some hi/lo stuff in week one instead of all that stepping?


Oh...... MY!! This looks FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Nothing like a bit of hard work, huh? Perhaps I'll show this to those who look down their noses at me when I say I work out at home with DVDs}(

I'm already committed to a rotation for August, but you can bet I'm doing this in September, baby!

Thanks Cathe. We love you:D


You do realize that you've just pretty much created an ultimate fitness goal for about 90% of us, right? And this means you're in trouble, because when we master this, your next workouts are going to have to get HARDER!!!

This looks amazing.


"Can you do it? There's only one answer and that's 'Yes!'" The only acceptable Cath-ism when we're presented with this challenge, right, Our Wee Whip-Cracker?

Just Do It! :)


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Oh my! Cathe, you have truly outdone yourself. You have outdone everyone in the whole wide world. You are clearly psychotic, and should be evaluated by your local mental health professional. ;-) Heck, anyone who willingly attempts this rotation should be evaluated by a psychiatrist! But, seriously, this is a rotation I will aspire to... someday.... :)

Thanks, Cathe, for your creativity and humor. :D


Hey Guys,
I don't like to run........any ideas for substitutions for the 3 mile and 5 mile run. I know I'm very bad....x( I'll be more then happy to do any other cardio and I am very open to suggestions.

Bad Robin:9

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