anyone from ohio?

Thanks, Rebeca. I think I'm going to splurge. I see on the Beachbody website that it's like $120 and then people are selling them on eBay for almost the same. Why wouldn't they just buy them new? Am I missing something?

What's the ya ya board?

I'm so out of touch...

I am from Westerville. Born and raised. Went to OSU and graduated in 2000. Someone asked about living in the Westerville area - there area lot of new/nice developments north of Maxtown Road. That is where you will find the newest schools as well.
Grew up in UA (Columbus), work at The OSU and of course, am a big Buckeyes fan.

Would love to join the walk but just getting out of a tough first trimester of pregnancy. Have fun and let me know if you ever do get a group together at another time.
Oh my goodness!!

I live in Stow too!!! I am from Green ( right down the street from Debbie H ) , and my DH grew up in Lyndhurst and graduated from Brush!

This is cool, I have yet to know of a Stow person on this forum!
>Oh my goodness!!
>I live in Stow too!!! I am from Green ( right down the street
>from Debbie H ) , and my DH grew up in Lyndhurst and graduated
>from Brush!
>This is cool, I have yet to know of a Stow person on this

I almost missed this post!
I can't believe it.
Where in Stow?
I live real close to the border of Hudson.
Are you going on the July RT?


I live off of Fishcreek Road in Partridge Highlands!

No, we are going to Florida in June and I am going to spend the money that direction. Are you going????
Do you have any children in Stow schools?
I can't believe Joyce and Connie live so close!! I live off of Stow Rd. by the fire department, and work in Hudson!! And I am actually getting married in Hudson next year at Lake Forest. This is SOOOO COOL!!!
Wow this is so awesome!
We aught to get together some nice day and walk or jog or bike the trails.
Or if one of you has a big work-out room we could all do a Cathe DVD.
I have to move the furniture to get enough room in my living room.
I work 2nd shift so it would probably have to be a weekend.

My DS graduated from SMHS. He's going to Akron U. now.
You probably have younger kids than me.

How exciting a wedding at Lake Forest. Is this your first?
Second time was the charm for me. Mainly because my first was a lying cheating snake in the grass. Nothing against snakes or grass.
If I would have married my second husband first there would not have been a second. We've been married 21 years now. Gosh that makes me sound old. I don't feel old.
Anyhow I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

Trixie108 - another Stowite???? No way! I am trying to figure out where that fire dept is on Stow Rd. I am on Stow road every day! I work in Twinsburg off of 91.
That is a great place for a wedding, congrats!!!

Joyce - My oldest graduated from SMFHS in 2003, went to JCU and UA and is a hotel mgr.
My youngest goes to Lakeview and is in 5th grade. We are at the start of little league season!
Don't worry about the second time around, it took me 2 tries to get things right also!

This is too stinking funny! Are you both on the RT?

We need to hook up!!!

How long have you guys been on the forums?
Yes I'm going on the RT. I'm #70
Are you?
I've been lurking off and on the forum for a year or so.

How about you Trixie108. Are you Road Trippin'?

Laura, I think I mentioned this to you before, but I was born and raised in Tiffin, just down the road from Fremont! I moved from there about 30 years ago, but I still think of it as home. I used to have relatives in Fremont on Coe Road but they moved years ago.

I also lived and worked in Columbus for many years -- met and married my DH there. :)

ETA that DH and I left Columbus about 6 months after we got married -- about 23 years ago. We went back there around Christmas and I almost didn't recognize it! OMG it's so spread out! I can't get over how the landscape has changed.
>Hey fellow Buckeyes!!
>I'm in Findlay! So, between the Bluffton catheite and the
>Fremont catheite!!
>Can't go to the half-marathon -- baseball with my boys!

Holy cow, I'm in Findlay, too!!!!

Email me at bartocentral(at)

I live in Fostoria...not too far from Fremont! I lived in Findlay for years and grew up around the Bluffton area...small world:)

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