anyone from ohio?


are any of you from ohio and if so what part? I wish some of you lived near me. It would be fun to have an extra workout buddy around. I live in fremont, ohio.
Hi Laura - yep -- a bunch of Ohio Catheites! We tried to coordinate an Ohio get together at the Cleveland Marathin in a few weeks -- care to join us? We are walking the half marathon --- not running and not the whole thing --- hoping to chat and get to know one another a bit more. I think Jennie and Clarissa are still coming in, and even though my friend Gayle (banslug) is from PA, she's coming in for the walk! YAY! Let's see, Mama Deb is near Canton, Debbie (Fitness Freak) is around Cleveland, Sarah (Imafitnessfreak) who just kicked butt in the Boston marathon is down by Cinci, Erica H is in Chardon, Conni and Darlene, ... and bunches of others that I mean no disrespect to by by memory lapse! But yes, lots of us here! I'm near Chagrin Falls.

I am from the Cleveland area, on the west side of town. I don't know too many people who do Cathe videos tho! So it's nice to know there are people out there.
Soooooo --- why are you all not joining Clarissa, Gayle, Jennie and me on our 13+ mile walk on 5/18??? HMMMMMMMMM? Come on ladies!!! We'll be staying downtown on Sat night -- trying to convince Clarissa to lead us in a workout as she's a PT. Or maybe we could all do an IMAX or something!

Hey Becca - we were just in Lima visiting Ohio Northern University in Ada, OH! :) My oldest ds is thinking about going there.

As Lorrie said, I live in Chardon. A good friend of mine who is also a Cathe fan lives in Chesterland.

Hi Laura-
I'm in Mansfield. A few of us did have a mini-Cathe-get-together a few years and we're overdue for another! Lorrie, I was so tempted to join in your walk but am trying hard to recover from a knee injury so trying to ease back into my workouts. I usually do a "Walk for Life" every June for the American Cancer Society and will probably sit that out for the first time in years. I'll be thinking of you ladies in May though! ;-)
Hey fellow Buckeyes!!

I'm in Findlay! So, between the Bluffton catheite and the Fremont catheite!!

Can't go to the half-marathon -- baseball with my boys!
Erica, ONU is a great school! Very close to me! Many professors live in my neighborhood. It's a small world!

Heidi, I grew up in Findlay. The north end near the HRC (now it's called the Cube.) I just spent three hours of my life at Findlay Ford getting my oil changed. x( What part of Findlay do you live in?

Lorrie, I would love to come to Cleveland for the HM, but May is birthday month around here (all three of my boys were born in May!) and I don't see how I can fit in a weekend away. ;(

I love seeing all these Buckeyes around here!
Hey Laura, I live in Barberton. It's about 10 minutes away from Akron.

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Hi Laura,

I'm from Stow.
I'm between Cleveland and Akron.

Hey Lorrie,
Is there a web site to sign up for that 5K?
It is a 5K walk right.
Where do you all plan to stay Saturday?
What time does it start?

I'm from Youngstown which is a bit of jog from Cleveland....about 1 hour and 15 minutes away.

Hi fellow Ohioans!!

I think we have another memeber from Youngstown around here somewhere....Clarissa....where are you???
Sorry I am not from Ohio but I did visit Cincinnati. Dave is working on a project with Cincinnati Water. I'll be there in spirit :D. I am from SC.

Annette Bethel
Hey everyone, I'm from Norwalk but not quite close enough to anyone who has replied so far. But it's nice to know there are many in Ohio who adore Cathe.

Colleen - we were just in Norwalk last year. We went to Seneca Caverns and stopped in Norwalk to play miniature golf at Vargo's? They had the best milkshakes we ever had - we talk about that place all the time!

Joyce - we used to live in Stow. That's where we bought our first home. I miss living in that area.

Becca - your avatar is so cute. I forgot to say that in my earlier post. My DH LOVED ONU when we visited. I liked it a lot, but I'm not not sure that I could spend 4 years there because the school is so small and isolated.


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