Anyone else have a hubby doing STS with them?


My DH started STS with me yesterday. He has definitely never underestimated Cathe though. He knows she can kick his butt and that he can't make it through one of her workouts. He stuck with it pretty good though and took breaks where needed. I think seeing the guys on there REALLY helps him because he sees how built they are and it makes him want to work harder. ;) Now, we'll just see if he can stick with the program!


Not completely related, but please bear with me. Whenever I have my clients do any of Cathe's moves (especially for legs) with 5, 8, 10, 12, or 15 lbs, the military guys and/or powerlifters often remark that there is no way they could ever do what my clients are doing. They freely admit that they don't have the balance, coordination, stamina, or endurance to endure that type of exercise. So, whenever I see a buff guy lifting 300+ on the Smith machine for squats, I wish I could have him try three sets of Cathe's low end 1 leg squats or an entire set of Butts & Guts (to include Pizza Presses!). ;)


I'm trying!

I'm trying to convince DH to do STS with me. I think it would help him get that last 10 lbs. off, and would really take it to the next level. He's not so disciplined about working out, so Cathe would crack the whip on him.

Our major stumbling block is that he doesn't want to get up as early as I do (5:15 a.m.) to work out!

Maybe this summer, when I don't have to get up so early!

m keith

Hey crew - been away from the boards for a while...but I'm back now. And wife and I are doing STS together. So far so good...these are some killer workouts for sure. We start week #2 today. Bring it on!!


Yes my Hunny will be joining me in doing STS and I am very excited. We are planning to start March 1st to give us a little bit of time to finish 1RM testing and to continue preparing him for a split training routine with weights. He has been very active with boxing and ju - jitsu but just started back up with weight training just before beginning of year with more of full body and circuit style routines. I have lured him back in with a promise of a massage after each workout ( hope my arms work , lol)


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My hubby likes his own weight lifting routine, but he keeps asking about STS. (I'm not sure if it's the concern regarding the investment I made, or hoping to see great results. I am going to work really hard and show him that Cathe is not for sissies!) I'm hoping that he will surprise me and join me. :D


I got my husband to start Cathe a while ago, mind you though, he only does the lifting, none of the fancy feet stuff. (not that I expected him to, although it would have been fun to see how he does...)

Anyway, he is excited about STS, but will probably start on his own schedule, because he is recovering from a bad bug, and I don't wait for him, because I want to keep the momentum going. He will only do the upper body ones though and go biking and running, completely ignoring the leg workouts.

There was supposed to be a thread for guys who are going to do it. Has that started yet? I think that would be a great one for my husband to read.


My DH has been exercising with me on and off since I found Cathe many moons ago. He absolutely LOVES STS and I could not be happier!


My Dh is also very curious. He says he is going to do it but I don't know if he will stick because I get up at 4 to do it before we go to work but he will be doing it in the afternoon. He jokingly said I will have to do two-a-days to keep him motivated:eek:
I don't think so after I tried out disc 1 today before I get started up on Tues. 2-9. My weight days have always been Tues, thurs,and sat. So I will keep that for now.
But I also always done legs on Sats. so on the third meso it is going to be a big change for me:eek::eek:


My husband and I started it yesterday - he signed up on the forum and wm too :) It was TOUGH!! We both kept mentioning what a humbling first workout it was...we are excited and scared to see what comes next! We have done some of the gym styles together and the pyramids, but have never made a 3.5 month commitment to workout to the same schedule. It's pretty exciting!!!


soooo excited...finally convinced DH to join me in STS...whoo hooo major accomplishment there...
now let's see who's toughest - me, hubby or my pops, as we are all doing the series.


My husband isn't the video type... I am new to Cathe myself. I have muscle max and he joined me for a little bit!!

His words were "She is crazy"... "holy cow lady there is no way!"... LOL... I don't lift as much as Cathe but at least I made it through the video... he is a couch potato.

He has actually bid on her DVD's for me on ebay... he is so tired of my tae bo.. he said she works you!

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