Another strength rotation

This is a rotation I did this summer which really gave me good muscle tone and definition. The first week is combining Gym Style and Slow & Heavy and its tough. I did the weight portion of this rotation in the morning and did the cardio in the evenings. Be sure to do this 1st week safely, as both series are considered advanced. I can guarantee, you will be sore. (I am also going to post a fat loss rotation soon).

Day 1: GS Chest: 72 pushups; S&H Chest only, skip pushups; GS Chest only, do not do the close grip presses; IMAX 3 step only.
Day 2: S&H Triceps only, no dips; GS Triceps only; 10-10-10 cardio only.
Day 3: S&H Back Only, double arm rows & pullovers only; GS Back only, entire section; S&H Back, Superman's, Prone & Supine Planks; IMAX 2.
Day 4: S&H Shoulders only; GS Shoulders only; Muscle Endurance Abs.
Day 5: S&H Biceps only; GS Biceps only; Cardio & Weights Step premix only.
Day 6: REST!!!

WEEK 2 (started week 2 on the 7th day, not sure why, so day 7 is day 1 of this new week)
Day 1: PUB Chest only; Pure Strength Chest only
Day 2: Step Blast
Day 3: PUB Triceps only; PS Triceps only; All Step cardio only, Core Max #3.
Day 4: PUB Back only; PS Back only; GS Back: Low back exercises only; SJ&P Step premix only; SJ&P abs.
Day 5: PUB Shoulders only; PS Shoulders only; All Step cardio only.
Day 6: PUB Biceps only; PS Biceps only; Step & Interval step only, Power Circuit Abs.
Day 7: REST!!!

Day 1: CTX Chest only; Body Max Chest only; CTX Tri's only; BM Tri's only.
Day 2: Low Max; Stretch Max #3
Day 3: CTX Back only; BM Back only; CTX Shoulders only; BM Shoulders only.
Day 4: Rhythmic Step
Day 5: CTX Bi's only; BM Bi's only; Pure Strength Legs; PS Legs & Abs Ab section.
Day 6: Step, Jump & Pump Step & Hi/Lo premix & all of Step Blast
Day 7: Muscle Intensity Chest only; Muscle Max Chest only; MIS Tri's only; MM Tri's only; MM abs

Day 1: REST!!!
Day 2: MIS Back only; MM Back only; MIS Shoulders; MM Shoulder only; IMAX 3.
Day 3: Step Heat
Day 4: MIS Bi's only; MM Bi's only; MM Lower Body premix.
Day 5: REST!!!
Day 6: High Step Challenge
Day 7: Cardio & Weights only; C&W abs.


My oh my! This looks tough! I am looking for a good rotation to start this weekend and this might fit the bill. I also like working muscle groups once a week so this would be right up my alley! Thank you for posting this! :)



Hi Debbie,
Looks wonderful.... but I was thinking maybe day 7 of week one was a leg day (GS legs) because I didn't see one in the first week and it would fit right in. ???



Hi Debbie,

I'm looking forward to seeing your fatloss rotation and really appreciate you sharing your rotations with us! They are well thought out and effective ;-)

The proof is most definitley in your physique ;-) You look amazing & are such an inspiration!
You Go Girl!




Where is your fat loss rotation that you mentioned in your post? I would love to see it and try it!

Look down on the forum list, it says Endurance Rotation using Premixes or something like that. Its about the 6th one down depending on when you're reading this board.


Back again with yet another question! LOL

I'm almost done with this rotation but need a clarification... Debbie, what do you mean by "Cardio & Weights only" in Week 4 Day 7?




:) :) :)

Yeah, it was kind of funny. Since you add the C&W abs after it (which is already included in the workout), maybe you meant only the weight segment from Cardio & Weights? Or the Time Saver Compound and Heavy Weights Premix? I thought that an all-weights workout could follow the previous day's High Step Challenge?


P.S. On Monday I start your Muscle Building & Defining Rotation. Can't wait!!!!
Hi Debbie,
I'm trying to decide what to do for my next rotation and having trouble choosing between this strength rotation or your muscle building and defining rotation. Which one did you get better results from?



Uhhh... not sure how I'm going to type this. I've got a serious case of noodle-arm. And I mean like, 20 minutes past al dente.

I just tried day one of this rotation (no cardio) -- thank you, Fitnessfreak, for this humbling experience! ;)

Note to self: if you want to make a chest workout harder, just do 72 pushups as a warm-up.

Last week I did S&H chest only and went significantly heavier than Cathe on all exercises. After the GS pushups, my S&H weights dropped quickly. By the start of the main body of the GS chest workout, I was already going lighter than Cathe. I barely finished the last set of GS incline flys (I didn't have to be told twice to skip the close grip bench presses) at 10 lbs, and had to take a quick break to messily knock out the last rep.

Ouch. I love it.


Oh, that good huh? I may have to give this a turn around the dance floor. Hmmmm. But then again, I agree with Justine, the Workout Blender would make it so much easier. Yup, I'm going for the first two weeks, at least. I'm getting DOMS just reading the rotation.

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