A nice compliment at the gym


It's funny, I was just reading through the facebook thread... I am not that active on here, but the reason I came on today was because I wanted to share a story that my facebook friends wouldn't necessarily appreciate :)

So I was at the gym this morning, and you know how you see someone somewhere regularly and maybe you've never talked but you'll make eye contact and nod or smile (at least if you're a total introvert like me, haha)? Well there's a guy I see there fairly regularly and we've nodded a couple times before, but never talked. This morning after I finished up in the free-weight area, I went over to this semi- walled off area where the kettlebells and TRX and "specialty" equipment are kept to do some kb swings, and he was in there working with a personal trainer doing some fairly impressive boxing/ MMA type stuff. They stopped for a breather about the same time I finished my set, and as he walked over to get a drink he said Hi and so did I and then he said "You're my inspiration." I was like "What? I am?" And he said he always sees me there working hard with no nonsense and that I'm in really good shape. And sometimes when he doesn't feel like working out I inspire him.

It was so totally unexpected and it made me feel really good. And I wanted to share with someone and thought you guys would "get" it :)


That must have been an awesome feeling to have him say that to you.

That is pretty cool!

Good for you for being such an inspiration to others!!


Inquiring minds would like to know...did you exchange #'s? ;)

Just playin' btw :p:D.

That's awesome! You keep rockin' that gym, girl :cool:.



You must be flying high with a compliment like that!! I know I would be. It's always so amazing to find out WE are an inspiration to someone else ... and that someone else notices what at times can feel like "thankless" work (don't get me wrong - obviously fitness is something we do for ourselves and our bodies but it always helps to have someone else appreciate the effort put in)

Well done :)


congratulations for all your hard work!!

Just a question....so you workout at a gym and with Cathe at home?

just wonderin' !

best wishes


That would have totally made my day or even my week if I received a compliment like that!! Way to go.


mbmundt, it was, that's why I just had to come and share, haha

Natasha, Hahaha, no - no #s exchanged :)

jcm, Yes I am, and it really made me resolve too that when I see someone who inspires me I should tell them so!

Tralaivin, I go through phases... I'm in a heavy lifting phase right now (and loving it!). I have several Cathe dvds, but they're all basically cardio ones that use some light dumbbells. I would like to get some heavier dumbbells, a barbell and a squat rack, but right now I don't have room so I work out at the gym. If I ever get room, I'd love to try STS.

AnneMA, it definitely did :)


How nice was that! Your post just made me feel good too! It's amazing the impact a few words can have on us.


Thanks for sharing that! Good for you for inspiring others and good for that guy for making the effort to say something.

Yay! :D


Wow, that is so exciting for you. Id have been walking on sunshine all day! Lol i had that happen once a few months ago.. I was surprised cause i dont really look in shape, they just notice my hard work. So i was happy!
It really is good to be told u are someones inspiration. It makes u want to keep going. Ilove helping people and love to hear stories like this, to cool for u ! Im happy for u!

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