Hi, everyone!!!
I am impressed with everyone's perseverance!!! You rock!! I finished the first week of Meso 1 this week. I did them Mon., Tues., Wed. with 30 min. of cardio and 10 to 15 min. of abs. Hour long cardio Thurs. and Sat., 30 min. cardio and Muscle Endurance (which is quite different from STS muscle endurance!) on Fri., a little bit of yoga and/or stretching each night,(needed it!!) Today; rest day, meaning just yoga for about 75 min. I used to rotate Gym Styles with Slow and Heavy and Pyramids, and always finished the week with a total body w/o; so I am going to try this method with STS. We'll see what happens!!! I may have to modify!!:p
Glad to hear I'm not the only one going to bed early!!! Except I really like a full 8 hours:eek: I can't just get right up and workout, either! Need caffeine and quiet time first!!
Rest week will be tough for me, when it comes up!!! I will see what you all are doing........
How is everyone doing with eating??? I've been STARVING, as I expected to be on this program. Water, fiber, Protein, and veggies have been key!!
Week 2 starts tomorrow! Take care, Nancy~~
Hey Nancy! I am sorry I posted teh new week I guess around the same time you posted your post here. I've been hungrier too lately ;).


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