Third week of Meso one for me! Woo hoo! I am thinking step moves and abs today, or athletic step and abs. Still have not decided.

Week 3 already, and I'm feeling really good!!! Doesn't time fly when your having fun?!:D I just finished 20 minutes SS on my elliptical, and disc 4 (chest/bi's/shoulders).
My upper body is fried! I increased weights on everything and my push-up count is up this week!
You gotta love drop set push-ups!:cool: I love the 21's at the end of this workout.

Have a great Sunday everyone!:D
Hi Ladies,

Yesterday was Disc 15 (back/biceps). It was the first time I had to go considerably lower in weight. My biceps just couldn't take it and I was feeling it in my wrists.:confused: Fortunately they are fine today.

Someone asked me the other day what I like better about Meso 2 (sorry, I've lost track being so behind!). I really like the tri sets. I guess the whole mesosycle is done this way? Then afterwards she has you going all out, to total failure, and I love that part!:D

Today is my rest day but I'm hoping to get in a walk and a good stretch.

Cynthia, yay for the pushups!

Kristin, I don't have either of those, but Athletic Step has been on my list for awhile.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Athletic Step done. I also did Ab circuits weights and plates, which was a tough one for me. i admit I could not do ALL the plate work :eek:.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

Julie- I think I asked you that. I've looked ahead at Meso 2 and the tri-sets/drop sets look like fun. Wonder what I'll be able to do to failure, hmmm. We shall see. Athletic Step is great. I didn't like it at first because I didn't get some of the moves down. Granted, I didn't have many step dvds yet. I think at the time I only had BM 2, Low Max, LIC, and Body Fusion, so it was hard for me to master some of the steps I had never seen before. Now I have many more including 4 DS and IMAX 2 and Cardio and Weights, and it clicked, ahhh, this is where this move is move, lol.

Cynthia- great job on the pushups! I looked ahead to this week and when I saw all those pushups, ugh. We shall see tomorrow ;)

Happy Sunday!

Just finished STS D6. My legs are feeling it! I'll need to walk the dog a few times to keep my legs loose.

Yesterday's wo was shoveling snow, both the straight drive and circle drive. I considered that enough for the day. Then DD and I were running all day.

Today's big task is painting the bathroom. I've got 3 big color patches on the walls as we try to decide which one. Problem is, we like all 3. Need to make a decision!

Kristin: Either one is a great wo. Kudos to you for abs - just realized that I forgot them. Now I'm dreading climbing down and back up the stairs again!

Cynthia - Great job on the push-ups and increasing weight!

Julie - Enjoy your rest day. Glad the biceps are feeling ok today.

Hi to everyone else!Enjoy your Sunday!
Hello Ladies.

I was about to start this thread with the new date but saw that it was already taken care of. :)

Today I did the step only premix of Intensity in the morning before my hair appointment and then STS Legs Disc 3 after lunch.

Not sure if I checked in y'day and too lazy to go look :p so if I am repeating myself, I apologize. Y'day I was a bit tired from a FABULOUS ladies night out on friday night. Had to FORCE the work out in the worst way! :rolleyes: I started out with LIS. I got through MOST of combo one before I gave up cause I just wasn't into it and making stupid mistakes as a result. About 15 minutes later I was about to jump in the shower when I decided to give it another shot. This time I popped in Cardi KnockOut and did the Kickboxing and Drills segments. I finished it off with Criss Cross Cardio's standing abs. Not the work out I was hoping for but better then nothing. ;)

Tomorrow I am planning for another day of a little cardio and STS Week 3 Disc 4. I have off for MLK Jr. Day along with my son so I'm taking advantage with a longer w/o plan. :) Never used to have to worry soooo much about cardio but as I get age it seems to become more and more important. :rolleyes:

Okay, I think I've yammered on quite enough considering I'm not even going to do personals right now. Sorry but I plan to do them tmrw. Promise! :)
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Morning everyone! Had a great night last night watching the JETS game. It was quite a game (if you were rooting for the JETS that is, lol). I am off today. I plan on doing disc 7 today! I am hoping my shoulders don't give out when I do the overhead press with 15 # today. We shall see.

Hello, everyone!

I was wondering if I could join this check-in?? I took advantage of the great STS special last week!!! I did disc 1 today. Is it ok if I'm a little behind everyone else here? Thanks, Nancy J.~~
Good morning everyone!

Welcome Nancy! The more the merrier I say:D, and we are all on different disc and weeks, so no worries this is your first week. Congrats on finishing disc 1! How did you like it?

I just finished diisc 6 legs. Is there crying in STS?! If not, I was pretty darn close to tears with low end lunges. :eek:
Sherry, how could you bring yourself to walk the dog after disc 6?! You are my hero!:cool:

Julie, disc 15 seems like a long way away for me. How do you like meso 2 so far? I think meso 2 is my favorite.

Fit mommy, I've never heard of cardio knockout. Is that a new workout?
Did you see the feature download this week is Muscle Max? I bought it!:D
Good day!

Holiday today, and the whole family is home. Just finished MMA Kickbox, and the legs feel much better. They were soooo tight this morning! Still have STS D7 on the schedule, but deciding to start laundry first while I can still lift it!

Wendy - I agree about the aging and needing the cardio. This week I want to try to get in 30 minutes every morning, which means to bed by 10 (getting to bed is the hardest part).

Kristin - I'll join you later for D7. Arms falling off? - that's why I'm starting laundry first. Shoulder presses I can handle, but I'm not looking forward to the push-ups (those really kill me).

Nancy - Yes, join in! this is my first time through. I was dreading it, but finally decided to jump in. Lovin' it so far.

Cynthia - I totally agree on D6. All those lunges were killers. I barely made it up the basement stairs afterwords. I had to walk the dog to keep the muscles loose. If I stopped moving for any length of time, the muscles tightened up.

OK, off to attack Mt. Laundry (guys came home). Have a great day!
Fit44: Thanks for the welcome! After doing the first disc, I may have to go down on some of the weights.... Love it, but I think this will be harder than I thought; but thats ok; bring it on!!!!
Sherry: I saw your post on Facebook re: Catheletes!! I just sent you a friend request!!! I'm planning on doing legs on Wed., with MMA boxing the next day for cardio!! I wonder when the true DOMS settle in!!!!!!
Off today; will post more later!!!!
Hey Ladies.

I'm late and don't have much time. Gonna hafta be another fly-by unfortunately!

Today ended up being cardio only b/c my day was busier then anticipated. I did a WOB creation using IMAX2 and CCC with TRAVEL FIT abs. 40 mins.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day for me so Disc 4 may have to wait until Wednesday. Not worried! :)

BBL or in the morning!
Good evening ladies!

This appears to be a weekly check-in for me :eek: Sorry about that! To be honest I get a little overwhelmed with all the personals...I stop in and read every day but I usually don't have the time to personally address each post. I am not sure of the ettiquette of posting without addressing all the personals :(

I am still on track with the program though. I finished disc 8 today :D 1 more workout to go and then I am on my last week of Meso 1. Woot! I really don't like endurance type weight workouts. I'd much rather lift heavy and slow. I really admire all those that love pushups. I HATE the pushups and the pullups/chinups. I am ok to do a couple of sets but after the 4th or 5th set I am irritated with them!

I am really excited to see us all progressing so well. It really is encouraging to come here and see how other people are doing with the program. Keep it up!! Have a great night, off to bed now so I will be ready for my 4 am workout call :)

Disc 7 completed! God, I am STILL not loving those pushups though. Geez. And those Elmo ones, have mercy! Nothing cute and furry about those.

Tomorrow's commute is going to be a nightmare for me if the weather forecasters are correct. ugh!

Lisa- I am right there with you on those pushups. I don't have a pull-up bar, so I am using the tubing for hte chin ups and push ups and it seems like it is a lot easier.

Sherry- Those push ups killed me. Interesting enough, my workout card had 5 # dbs listed for all the shoulder presses,a nd I made it through, except the last round with alternating presses, my arms gave way after 12, but it is still an improvement from last week. wish I could say the same for teh pushups, but it was back to my knees :eek:. I still feel it in my pecs, so I am not worried.

Wendy- your WOB workout sounds interesting. Wondering what parts you put together from each wo.

Cynthia- those low end lunges got me too last week. I had DOMs come about two days later.

Welcome Nancy! How'd you do on all those pushups? ;) they killed me on the first disc.

Night all!

I did sts week 3/disc 4 this morning since I was home for a delayed school opening for my son. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I will take my rest day tmrw instead.

Lisa...Don't worry about personals. Do them when you can! Don't feel like you shouldn't check in with us just b/c you can't get to them!

Kristin...My plan was to keep alternating a full IMAX2 interval (step/blast/recovery) with one of the lower intensity CCC cardio exercises but the download for IMAX2 isn't chaptered the way I expected it to be so it wasn't what I expected and kinda choppy. That being said, it was still a good sweat so I won't complain too much. Tacked abs from TF onto the end of it since I have that download as well. :)
Ok, day 2!! Home today due to icy weather!! I did disc 2 and Intensity step. Then BM2 abs. So far the workouts go by very quickly! Ummm, very humbled by the chin and pull ups.. Not to mention the body weight side 1 arm push ups....Wow!!
Oh, and yes, Kristin, the pushups in disc 1 were tough! I always could do all the pushups on my toes for the Gym Styles, but not here!! I was on my knees more than I care to admit:eek:
I hope you all have a great day; Nancy J.~~~
Hi all!

So, went to bed at 10 last night and fell asleep right away. But when the alarm went off at 5:00, I couldn't move. My lower body was soooooo stiff. So, I slept for another 1/2 hour, then got rolling because DS catches the bus at 6:30, and I head out from there.

Didn't get in D7 last night, so shuffling things around for the week. Did do a full grocery run. It's going to be nasty here this week - cold, wet and windy - so wanted a house full of food (and very glad I did the run yesterday instaed of today). And only bought the clean stuff!

I can't believe how stiff/tight I am from STS. I had to sit in a 2-1/2 hour meeting this a.m., and when it was time to go, I could feel every muscle fiber stretching as I walked out. Argh!

Nancy - yes, the wo's are very humbling. And Cathe keeps you moving, so you don't notice the time go by.

Wendy - at least you got your wo in! Your wo mix sounds interesting. I havne't ventured into the download mixes yet.

Lisa - impressed that you can get up at 4 to wo. I'm needing more sleep since starting STS, so mornings are killing me.

Kristin - Maybe that's why I didn't do D7 last night - I was dreading the push-ups! It'll get done tonight and they'll be on my knees!

BBL when I really do D7 this time.
quick check-in for me. I ended up doing Step Moves and No Equip Abs today. Today was a horrible day, but the workout lifted my mood, always a good thing :D. Tomorrow is Disc 8!

my elbow is killing me today. . . anyone else have that going on?

Wendy- sounds great. I have to tell you when i read 'lower intensity part of CCC" I thought, there is lower intensity on that one? lol. :eek::eek::eek:. CCC kills em every time, all parts of it, lol.

Nancy- wait till you get to the Elmo pushups! I love the ab work from BM 2 by the way. One of my all time favorite ab sections.

Sherry- How was disc 7? it was a nasty commute for me this morning. The beginning of a wonderful day :rolleyes:.

Have a great night everyone,

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