Good Morning All.

Today is my rest day finally. Overdue for sure!

NancyJ:: Great work out doing an STS disc and Intensity Step back to back! You rock!

Sherry:: I don't like push ups either so you are not alone! You talk about being stiff and not being able to move because of STS...I've had mild lower body DOMS for days now! Though I have started putting in an extra short endurance leg work out each week but still! :eek:

Kristin:: LOL, there ARE actually a few easier moves in CCC. She puts them in there on purpose so as not to kill anyone I think! ;) Step Moves is a fun one. Took me a while to learn it but fun! I need to re-visit it. It's been too long.
Good morning everyone!

I'm slow moving this morning. I have Intensity step/low impact on tap but I'm waiting for my coffee to give me a much needed jolt. :eek:

Nancy, great job on STS & Intensity.

I didn't check in yesterday, but I did workout. I swear, girl scout's honor.;) I did disc 5 back/tris and 20 minutes SS elliptical. Back is my least favorite body part to work, even over push-ups! If I remember correctly, meso 2 doesn't have push ups?

Kristin, did you have to remind me about Elmo?!!!! OMG, I totally forgot! Cathe makes them sound so cute and innocent. HA! :eek:

Fit mommy, I haven't looked at my Imax2 download. Bummer about the chaptering.
Fit mommy, I haven't looked at my Imax2 download. Bummer about the chaptering.

Totally bummed about this. I double checked last night as a matter of fact to make sure I wasn't missing something and the chaptering is definitely screwy. I may post about it on the forums. I am hoping this is not how they intended it to be cause it makes no sense! :confused:
Hi Ladies,

Sorry for bad check-ins lately here. My kids have been sick and now I have either food poisoning or a nasty stomach bug.:mad: This came out of nowhere since they have strep.:confused:

I was able to keep up with my workouts until yesterday, but obviously nothing today. I am not sure how I will pick back up with STS. Legs were on tap for today so I'll have to see how much energy I have tomorrow. Maybe I'll start with a light cardio.

I haven't even read your posts, so I hope everyone's doing great. I'll be back to catch up later!

Hi everyone!

Just back from a 2 mile run with the dog. My runs are feeling better ever time. Bonus - there are no push-ups!

Upper body is stiff. Definitely need the day of rest inbetween wo's.

Sorry - quick post tonight. See you all at the gym tomorrow!
Disc 8 all done! My right elbow still hurts though. it only hurts when I stretch the arm out all the way. maybe from the pushups?

Sherry- nice run. I definitely agree with you on the fact that you really need to rest between discs (meaning no lifting).

Julie- hope you feel better soon!

Cynthia- funny I think back is pretty easy for me. It is shoulders that I dread!

Wendy- CCC kills me just about every time! The workout blender seems like so much fun.

BB tomorrow. it will probably be my rest day now.

Hello everyone!

I have been doing cardio the last couple of days...KPC yesterday and LIC today. I frontloaded my STS workouts over the weekend. I plan to do a spinning video in the morning and then Disc 9 tomorrow evening. I'll be done with week three! Woot!

Wendy - I am sharing your frustration with the workout blender. I was so looking forward to using it to modify some of the higher impact workouts to be lower impact and the combine some of my favorite workouts. The chaptering is definitely throwing a bug into all that though. Also, I can't even get the thing to compile a video once I have cobbled something together :mad: Hopefully the next version of the WB will fix some of these problems.

Kristin - I have noticed elbow pain in the past after I have gone too heavy on triceps. Maybe lighten up on those a little and see if you get some relief.

Sherry - I have an annual goal to start running. I try every year. I usually make it to week 8 or 9 in C25K program but I just haven't been able to get to the point that I can consistently run distances. I'm going to try again once it warms up a little. I just can't get myself to run in the icy winds!

Julie - Sorry to hear about the sick kids, I hope everyone feels better soon!!

Ya'll are impressing me with the intensity workouts. I previewed it but I am afraid to try it :eek: I really don't want to bring back the hip pain so I am trying to slowly build up to the intense workouts. Hopefully in a month or so I'll be there.

Cya tomorrow, have a great evening and a good workout tomorrow morning :)

Good Morning.

I almost slept through my work out but I wouldn't let it happen. I just slept in a bit and shortened my work out.

I did half of 6 week 6 pack w/o #2 and the lunge segment from Tonique Premier. 40 minutes of KILLER! :eek:

Kristin:: IKWYM. CCC by itself carries a huge dread factor for me b/c it's soooo incredibly tough! I find it harder to get through then Intensity! :eek:

Lisa:: The WOB and the downloads are both awesome ideas but I guess they still have quite a few glitches to work through with both of them. Cynthia said that the Intensity download is chaptered well so I am definitely going to be picking that one up along with Imax 3 at some point! :)
Hi Ladies,

I'm so behind I don't really know where to begin.:confused:

I'm feeling much better tonight but the day started out pretty rough so no workout for me again today. Two of my kids came down with the stomach virus after me, so I hope this is it for our family for awhile.:eek:

I may try to do some light cardio in the morning then see how I feel. Not sure I'm ready to dive in to Legs just yet.;)

Wendy, that's interesting that you mentioned Tonique. I have been looking at that recently, but not sure how I could fit it in w/STS. I saw the newest DVD, Tonique Cardio Mat, but some of the others interested me. Do you have more and/or would you recommend one?

Lisa, I don't have intensity (yet:)) either. I'm a bit afraid of the impact myself due to one iffy knee. But I've been tempted to get it just for the low impact version.

Kristin, I have a similar issue w/my left elbow. When I extend it it feels like it needs to pop. Does that sound familiar? It makes me a little nervous doing some of the tricep work w/STS.:eek:

Sherry, so nice you're able to run w/your dog! Mine would be dragging me down the street!:eek:

My kiddos need me. Hopefully I'll be able to report tomorrow that I actually got a workout in!

Hi to everyone else, and welcome Nancy!:D Glad you joined us!

Have a good night everyone!

Good evening!

Well, today i had to get to work early, then ended up having to stay late, and the snow hit just at rush hour, so the drive home took longer. After dinner, laid down with the dog, and that was it. It's a rest day . Will do D8 tomorrow, when I have more energy.

Kristin - I wonder if your elbow could be hurting from the preacher curls if you are hyper extending. Observe your form next round.

Lisa - I got started running when I signed up for a beginner's course at a local running store. The "final" was running a 5K race, which was included in the course fee. Having a target date really helped keep me motivated. That said, I've run very little over the past year and am starting all over again.

Wendy - Great job getting your workouts in so early. I don't have enough time if I wake at 5:00, and 4:30 just isn't happening yet (going to bed earlier would help - see time of post!)

Julie - Take it easy and go as your body is ready. Go lighter in weights, maybe, on legs? just doing Cathe's zillion lunges is enough without any additional resistance!

Good night!
Good Morning Ladies.

Well it snowed here so my son has another delayed opening at school which means I can't go to work until he goes to school so here I am until 9:45...

I got up at regular time this morning so my work out was still done pretty early. I decided on KPC. It had been a while since I did that one and I tend to kickbox after a leg work out b/c it helps stretch them out. Speaking of which...my legs are incredibly sore from Tonique!:eek: I guess this is why I love those work outs so much! ;)

Sherry:: It took getting used to (and a big sleep schedule adjustment) for me to be able to get up so early and work out. I actually get up earlier then I really need to just because I like my "quiet time" on the pc with my coffee before I work out. I can't jump out of bed and do it. I would KILL myself! :eek: LOL I go to bed aroud 9pm every night and get up between 4 and 4:30 depending on how I feel. This morning was a lazy morning. I just didn't wanna get up so I pushed it to 4:30. :p

Julie:: I was not aware that Sylwia had released a new work out. Now I'll hafta check it out! I have Tonique Premier, Tonique2 and Tonique Mat. I like them all but am drawn to Tonique Premier the most. It's chaptered into Drills (cardio), squats, lunges, and finally a mat work segment. Sylwia does the exercises but has someone else doing a voice over to explain the moves. I think it's a much better quality production then the other work outs. Chaptered better and the voice over girl (IMO) does a much better job of cueing the moves then Sylwia herself. Now don't get me wrong, they are ALL good work outs. This just happens to be my fave! Tonique2 is 2 diff work outs. One if more cardio based then the other. There are tons of different moves in these work outs that you don't find in Tonique Premier. All 3 work outs have upper body moves in them but one of the Tonique2 work outs has an upper body only segment that will make your shoulders cry for mercy and SCREAM at you the next day! LOL The mat work out is standard mat work chaptered into back lying, side lying and on the knees. My fave is the work done on your back. It's a total bun burner. OMG! Hurts so good! ;) There is also ab work in her mat dvd. I know there's none in Tonique premier and I don't *think* there's any in the Tonique2 work outs but don't quote me on that. I'm not positive. Wow, this post is long...I better shut up now! LOL

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!:)
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I did disc 9 this morning. Week 3 is done, only 1 more week of meso 1!!!!!! I really dislike this type of weight lifting...I am looking forward to getting back to the heavier, slower lifting I prefer.

So, for the active rest week what do you all plan to do? My original plan was to just continue with my normal cardio routine and just not do weights but this week my hip has started to hurt a little after workouts so I am reconsidering. Now one part of me thinks I should just "man up" and work through the pain but the other part remembers the multiple trips to the physical therapist and chiropractor last year and says take it easy for the week. I am considering doing a week of Ellen Barret workouts. Those barely get my heart rate up though. :confused: i don't want my weight loss to stall for the week and I don't want to give up eating for the week. Suggestions?

I won't be doing any cardio today or tomorrow...I am moving my daughter into her own apartment. Finally!! The apartment is on the third floor so I think I'll get my activity in for the two days!

Have a great day everyone!

Lisa:: I was going to do some combo of cardio, maybe a little endurance weight training (super lite like Slim Series/Tonique/BBL/CLX-what she calls interval cardios which are really circuit work outs) and ab/core work. I'd like to do Core Syn from the P90X program. That work out has been on my mind for weeks now and the STS rest weeks are the perfect time to do it. No heavy weight lifting. That's my only real 'must follow rule' for the rest weeks though. :)
Disc 9 completed! Meso one is almost done! I admit it, I am looking forward to the rest week :p. I am loving STS, but it is tough! I am already seeing more definition in my arms though, is that possible?

Lisa- I definitely plan on sticking to just cardio and some yoga, ab work too. That's it. I am also looking forward to the heavier/slower count. Sometimes on the last few reps I cannot keep up with her pace and it drives me nuts, even though she says to go at your own pace and slow down if you need to.

Wendy- I also like to do kickboxing/boxing after a leg day for the same reasons.

Sherry- That makes perfect sense. I definitely was hyper-extending during those preacher curls on the ball. I had never done them before STS and it didn't feel right when I did them the last time. it had to be that because I didn't do triceps until the day after my elbow started hurting. it is better today though, so at least it is going away. I'll have to be more aware next week.

Julie- it was kind of like that, feeling like it needed to be popped into place, even though it was in place. I think Sherry was right about those preacher curls. glad you are feeling better.

Okay, I think that catches me up for now. I will BBL or tomorrow. i am planning on doing Boxing or MMA Fusion tomorrow.

Hi ladies!

D9 done! I think this is my favorite STS wo so far. I was so relaxed after the extended stretch, that I decided to save abs until tomorrow (when she tortures me with D9). Obviously the rest day yesterday helped.

Wendy - Unfortunately, I often not home 'til after 9, because once work is over, I become mom's shuttle service (kids are 14 and 12). And I leave at 6:30. I have visions of getting 30 minutes of cardio done if I get my butt out of bed at 5. Perhaps after my body adjusts to the heavy weights and running I'll be back on track. Was easier when the kids went to bed earlier.

Lisa - I haven't really thought much about rest week yet. Just trying to make it through Meso 1. I guess cardio, abs and lots of stretching, but staying away form the weights for a week. I'll think about it some more.

Kristin - Awesome that you are seeing definition already! I agree it is tough, but it's such a feeling of accomplishment when each disk is done! I mentioned the hyperextension because I have a habit of doing it (elbows and knees) if I don't watch it. Just keep watching your form.

Hope the rest of the ladies are enjoying the STS journey. See you all tomorrow.
Sherry:: Oh the joys of the teenager! :p I have one child and he's only 5 so I can go to bed as early as 8:30 every night! And sometimes I do! LOL I know for me, I need 6 hours of sleep minimum in order to function on a human level but definitely prefer a bit more. I usually get around 7 I guess and it seems to be enough. IA that the STS stretch is nice but I don't normally do it. After spending an hour + working out I usually don't have the patience for a 15 minute stretching routine and actually have the TIME to do it even less. :(
STS Disc 5, CTX Allstep + ab work is all done. I have no idea where I found the energy but I made it happen. Phew! Thank goodness it's over! ;)
MMA Boxing all done. I love the core work in that one. I am getting ready to jump in the shower and have a nice dinner with my family.

Hi ladies!

Finally posting to say that legs and abs (yes, I did both) are done! Once again wondering at the wiseness of working out in the basement. Actually finding it harder to go down than up. Then I painted the bathroom. That was somewhere in between helping DD make her Egyptian vase and running DS to a birthday party. Finally, DH and I get to cuddle on the sofa and watch "Date Night".

Wendy - 6 hours is the norm, but when I start working out harder (like lately), I'm needing 7+. However, I can usually say I'm asleep between 12-5 (saw when you posted - sleepless night?). Don't normally do the xstretch either, but decided to last night. Felt real good, almost like a good yoga buzz. LOL!

Kristin - Love that one, too! Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

Off to watch our movie. See you all tomorrow!
Hi everyone!

This stomach bug has not left our house yet.:(

I managed to get in Disc 17 Legs yesterday plus Pilates Abs and boy did it feel great! That was by far my favorite Leg disc of STS so far! I have some serious DOMS in my lower body...finally! Haven't really had them like I expected yet. Today was MMA Boxing minus the abs.

Kristin, I saw upper body definition right away too; that's awesome.:) After completing Disc 11 I remember feeling kind of stressed at the workout being so tough.

Sherry, I haven't always been one to enjoy stretching but I force myself to do the STS stretch after the workouts and it always feels great. It's worth the extra 15 minutes.

Lisa, for my rest week I did a combination of low impact cardio, ab work, yoga and stretching (not all at once:p). It felt really good to take it easy that week and prepare for Meso 2. And as much as I love cardio, I enjoyed not doing it that much that week. Just listen to your body.

Wendy, wow, thanks for the details on Tonique! Now you've got me all confused.:p I'll have to go back and check out the others!

Going to bed soon. I guess I'm just going to be off on which days I do my workouts for awhile, but that's okay.

Have a nice night.


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