1RM Test - So Easy a Caveman can do it

Hi all - just starting STS

I'm calculating my 1 rep maximums. Here are my first questions -

1) won't I fade as I go through them? (get weaker as the night drones on). Is there a protocol for when to do the them? I'm thinking I'll go through disc 1 tonight - then actually do disc one tomorrow - calculate disc 2 tomorrow, then *do* disc 2 the following day. is that too much?

2) what if there's a significantly weaker side? do you calculate based on the weaker side.

I have to say I'm impressed with the amount of support functions on this website - they do the math for you!

jane c
Deadlift calculations

When doing 1RM test for dumbbell deadlifts, would I use the weight of both dumbbells? Or just one like with chest flys, etc.? Seems like both would be the correct answer, but not sure.
Still red

Hi, I did my rep max for disc#1,2 but the letters still red did change to black, don't show the one I did and I don'tn want to do again the same exercices.How I can do it? please.
I've been thinking about ordering STS since it first came out and just never did. I've using other programs but keeping coming back to Cathe b/c I just love her workouts. So, the last few days I've been on the website again contemplating order STS. I know it's one of her older weight training workouts but I believe it's what I need to get me in gear and to the next level of my fitness. She has a new one that's coming out...Ripped w/HIIT that I know I'm gonna want to get but I feel that I owe it to myself to do STS first before doing the new one. Finding this information on the forum just helped push me into gear with STS. I'll be ordering the digital copy today. I cant' wait for the DVDs to come in the mail. I got really excited about it after logging into the workout manager. It's nice finding all the tools you need in one place to help reach your goals.

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