1RM Test - So Easy a Caveman can do it

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You can easily determine the importance of each 1RM by checking the exercises rating in the chart: five stars means it is highly recommended that you establish a 1RM, while one star indicates an exercise that is not as essential to establish a 1RM. Blank lines are provided in the chart so that you can record your results, but consider using our online version of the Workout Manager (http://cathe.com/workout) to record this information for greater flexibility in making changes as you progress, and to automatically create your workout cards.

1RM Test Exercises Download:


Taking a 1RM test is easy. All you do is select a weight for each exercise you want to test for that you think you can do about 10 times maximum with good form. Then perform the exercise doing as many reps as possible.

For example, say you wanted to do a 1RM test for Barbell Curls (Shown as exercise number #178 on your download form). You would simply load your barbell with a weight that you thought you could lift about 10 times with proper form (record this weight in the space provided on the 1RM forms you downloaded). Let’s assume you think you can do 10 standing barbell curls, with a total barbell weight of 50 pounds. Next you would perform the exercise and write down the total reps you actually did on your downloaded form. Let’s assume you thought you could do 10 curls, but actually did 12 (in this case you would record 50 lbs and 12 reps on your 1RM sheet).

You would then go to the 1RM calculator and select “Barbell Curl, Standing” from the exercise list. For the next step, you would enter “50 lbs” for your weight lifted and “12 reps” for actual reps performed. Click the calculate button and our 1RM calculator shows that your maximum lifting weight (1RM) for “Barbell Curl, Standing” is estimated to be 72 pounds. Once we know this number we can easily tell you what weight you should use for any intensity level.
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The 1RM Chart is awesome! I wasn't sure about how to do a few exercises...now I know!

This may be a stupd question - but once we enter our 1RM, will the Workout Manager then calculate our 60%, 70%, etc. for us?
So pretty, I almost don't want to write on it!!

I just printed this out and WOW!!

I've been procrastinating on getting my 1RM's done, but this has definetly motivated me.

Thanks for everything and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
SNM, when I click on the link under 1RM Test Exercises Download: I get this message:

The viewer cannot decrypt this document. Any idea why I can't view that link? Could it be something with my computer?
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OMG, this is terrific! Thanks so much! You should really make this info known to the masses that are going to see STS for sale- it would make it so accessible. :)
Thank you!!

Thanks so much for posting this! This is exactly what I've been waiting for! And thank you and your whole crew for all the hard work you've been doing, especially during the holiday season.

The caveman joke is pretty funny. Have a fabulous new year!
I just started working on my 1RM tests today and this chart makes it so easy! I just printed it! Thanks so much!

Why are some exercises more important than others to have a 1RM for?

And what a fabulous job! Thanks so much for this!
Why are some exercises more important than others to have a 1RM for?
I would assume that you could more easily estimate the weight to use for some of the exercise variations based on the 1RM of a basic exercise that is similar.

The pictures make it SOOOO much more easier to know what exercise is specified! I had no idea before!

And so you don't do any 1RMs for Push Ups or band work, is that correct? Just the weight ones listed?
You're correct. You don't do a 1RM test for anything with a band or exercises that use bodyweight , like a push up for example.

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