100+ pounds gone forever!

When I was a junior in high school, I picked up my first issue of Shape Magazine. I used to pour over the inspiring weight loss Success Stories--wishing, hoping and praying that someday that would be me. Someday I would have a better relationship with food, someday I would get control of my weight (and my life). Someday I would be able to inspire and motivate other women like those women on the pages who inspired me.

Twenty something years later, that day is finally here!! I'm so excited. I am in the December 2010 issue of Shape Magazine.

If you are struggling with your weight, know that you can do it--Change is possible!!

Here I am at T getting my copy!
This is very inspiring and seems unreal story. I am sure you had to work really hard to achieve what you have. How did you feel after losing 100 lbs? Do you feel lighter than before? I am just curious, I am nearing my goal weight and I needed some inspiration.
Droopy Skin


Congratulations for losing that weight. I'm so very impressed!

After losing so much weight like you have, did you not have droopy skin? I also found my way of losing 41 pounds to date, but have a problem with droopy skin around my triceps and tummy. I now weight 127 pounds.

I'm 61 years old and wondering if the lose skin will eventually go away. Sure hope it does, but have my doubts for my age. At least I'm happy and healthy.

Sandra, your story is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing the details of your routines. I'm heading to your blog now!!
You are truly an inspiration to all of us. I was so touched by your sincere dedication and determination to reach this goal. I just love how you love yourself and I hope I could also do the same.

Now I'm on my biggest - 200lbs. and still counting. I'm just 5"1 and I already get difficulty walking due to my weight.:(
Your transformation proves that all we need is determination, willpower and patience (and some Cathe DVDs, of course ;) ) Thank you for sharing your story!
You look great! I really believe that with proper exercise, diet and discipline, you will be able to achieve your goals in losing weight. I admire you and keep it up!
Wow, you look amazing! So proud of you and the changes you have made. It must be difficult to fit in fitness and nutrition when you work 12 hour night shifts. Congrats!:D


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