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    About My New Workout Series

    I will be pre-buying this as soon as it appears. STS is a favorite for me…
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    How did everyone start exercising??

    I did have the big hair and the heavy blusher as well. And I wore it proudly I thought I looked great
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    How did everyone start exercising??

    I started doing the 30 minute workout in my living room in the early 80’s with those girls on the in their leg warmers and headbands . Then I moved on to Jazzercise for about 5 years. Then when we moved out to the country I found The FIRM and loved those and did those for years. Finally in the...
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    Back to Cathe after 6 years off (and several setbacks)- warning, LONG but hopefully worth a read

    Hi Andrea I read it all and I am glad for you that you are all right and working out again. Thanks for sharing your story. tracy
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    I need encouragement

    I don't really have advice...just that I feel like I can relate! I have been doing Cathe videos for almost the same amount of time and am also 56. I also was border line anorexic in my late 20s and early 30s, but here I am feeling sluggish. .... Still doing Cathe workouts and other things...
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    Covid in USA

    Totally on the same page. If we look at the total overall death in the USA comparing 2019 to 2020 they are just about flat. I am not saying this virus does not exist...but the numbers don't lie. Even the CDC stated that only 6% of the reported deaths were actually totally from COVID. Not to...
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    Does anyone know where the Step Boss guide is?

    oops! Just saw that it may not release until next week!!! I suppose it would help to read the forums better!!
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    Does anyone know where the Step Boss guide is?

    Does anyone know where the link is? I have looked for it....though not extensively. On the IMAX 4 dvd it says to go to for it. I did that but there was nothing there.....
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    Creatine or other supplements?

    I don't recommend taking creatine. My husband was the picture of health in his mid-thirties, working out (on SWAT, did SWAT Olympics) and was a faithful user of creatine. Then he started having all sorts of health problems. Please don't use it. Things might not happen right away, but some...
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    Help Me Pick a Series

    Xtrain is my all-time favorite!!
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    New step platform

    I know that I have seen step toppers and risers at Play It Again Sports. That's where I bought my extra risers.
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    august rotation??

    I, personally, am just thankful that someone takes the time to do them. They don't have to do it. Thank you Cathe people for putting them together.
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    Toe Fungus Help!

    I had a fungus and I was obsessive about treatment and it went away. I applied the treatments multiple times throughout the day and soaked my toes morning and night. I used the following: Listerine: the original amber colored one white vinegar apple cider vinegar tea tree oil In the...
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    Sciatica anyone

    Hi there, Back in 2015 I developed sciatica when I began running with my sister. I did all manner of stretching exercises to help it. In the end, I just had to stop running and kept up with my in-home workouts and weight lifting. After some months, it finally disappeared and I have not had it...
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    when will Fit Split be in On Demand?

    Hi, I have not been on the forums in ages. Just wondering when/if Fit Split will be in On Demand??? Thanks