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    Unhappy with downloadable "free" user's guide

    Yikes! And it’s “you’re” (you + are) and not “your”. So if we are going to be rude, we might as well do it correctly.
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    Need Advice on Awkward Situation

    I had a similar situation with a neighbor who was a stay at home dad. It was too uncomfortable for me after one walk together with our kids. I straight up told him nicely that I was sorry but that I was very uncomfortable and I would not be able to maintain the friendship. It broke off all...
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    STS 2.0 update 1/4/2023

    They still have to finish and THEN be manufactured in CHINA probably so I am thinking March too @Terina
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    News Flash

    Wow. So sorry, Cathe. I completely understand. this year has been a nice challenge for me as well, having to take off 4-5 months due to Uterine cancer and related surgery. I know it’s a bummer and I am slowly working my way back. I am thankful for you that this is not life-threatening, though...
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    Save 40% On Cathe Downloads

    Another old schooler here. I think I have all Of Cathe’s DVDs except about 4 maybe. I don’t like to be at the mercy of the internet.
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    The 2023 Cathe Calendars Are Here!

    Looking forward to seeing mine in the mail!
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    Rear delt flys and a barbell version of a rear delt row in the STS 2.0

    I think Cathe just likes to change things up. Variety and creativity is the spice of life . I appreciate that she uses little innovations. (Not that you don’t appreciate it). Just my perspective.
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    Cathe, Al, and Kristin doing a forward leaning elevated lunge in the STS 2.0 Single Body Part Legs workout

    Looking forward to the release of these DVDs! Never disappointed by a Cathe workout!
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    Excited about new STS

    this is a good idea. I wasn’t too crazy about that little round elf dvd holder thing either, seeing as it won’t match up with the rest of my collection. (I have all the workouts on dvd). I don’t get the new packaging…cheaper maybe?
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    How Many Had COVID?

    My husband will do another memorial next Friday for someone who took the vax, went home, had a stroke during the night. His wife woke up and he was dead. This is endemic. I am not lying. This is truly and actually happening in reality. Death rates are up 16% over previous years’ averages all...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    I am sorry for your loss. It is truly tragic.
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    How Many Had COVID?

    Just an update… The state of NY today ruled that all those “wonderful” businesses and govt agencies who fired their ppl for no vax now must rehire them with back wages. Bc why? Vax does not work… Meanwhile in other stories…death rates all over EU are up 16-17% over normal, big pharma still made...
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    We've Now Finished The Filming Of STS Muscle & Recovery!

    Looking for presale from the west coast…no presale today as stated above???!!!
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Is All About Heavy Weights

    Looks like a great series. Looking forward to it.