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    Video Clip of Cathe's LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower Body Workout

    I like the way you're doing the clips for this set. Nothing from the warm up or the stretch -- only clips from the main part of the workout. That's what I want to see. I don't miss the graphics at the beginning of previous clips either.
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    Please stop screaming during Live workouts.

    I hate the cheering and whooping on a DVD because it seems so contrived. I don't mind it at all in the live classes, in fact, I kind of enjoy it.
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    LITE Metabolic Blast Features 22 Premixes

    #19 Premix is 50:26 minutes. #20 Premix is the same as #19 with the addition of Calorie Crush and the time is 42:05 minutes.
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    LITE Stacked Upper Body Features 24 Premixes With a Special Bonus!

    Thank you for adding the pyramid lower body exercises to this DVD for the premix. I have a feeling I will use this series more than any other.
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    Muscle Max Premix Problem

    I've been trying to play the "Upper Body Push Pull" premix from Hardcore Series: Muscle Max. On my Amazon Firestick, the little circle goes round and round...forever. The other premixes on this workout are fine. I also tried it on my computer from the Workout Blender, and it won't load. The...
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    April 19, 2018

    I'm looking forward to the Vertical Loading 3 workout using the Fit Tower. I'm always excited about workouts using this tool.
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    Cathe Live is now on Fire TV

    Yes, this works. Thanks for your help. Linda
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    Cathe Live is now on Fire TV

    I just checked and Commit2Fit (Linda) is right -- the 4/5/18 workout, Advanced Step Choreography, is not listed on the Fire TV app. Also, the 3/29/18 workout, Low Impact Conditioning Express, is not there. Linda
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    Cathe Live is now on Fire TV

    I re-subscribed to Cathe On Demand/Cathe Live because of this new app. I used the Cathe Live app last night and this morning, and I'm happy to report that it worked beautifully. I also used the Cathe On Demand Fire TV app for the first time since the upgrade. On the whole, it's better but I...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I know this isn't really important, but could you return to including background scenery? I don't care for the bare windows look of the last two series. I hope this isn't a thing of the past.
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    What brand sliders is Cathe using in her Fit Split Series?

    Isn't she just using a folded towel?
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    Fit Split Shred Cardio / Push Day

    Why don't you just do the warm up on the floor? I think even the step blasts can be done without the step. It won't be as intense, but you would still get a good workout.
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    Here is How to Download Your Pre-Sale Fit Split Digital Downloads

    How long will the code be valid? I probably won't attempt the download until next week. Linda
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    Fit Split Low Impact Cardio and Metabolic Conditioning

    Cathe's DVDs have always been the best chaptered DVDs in the industry, and now you've made them even better. I'm getting to the point where I won't buy an exercise DVD unless it has chaptering. Thank you so much for doing this.