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    Details Please!

    I'll be in Thursday afternoon. I would love a nice walk outside, the weather should be beautiful, as fall as finally hit Texas. I SUPER LOVE the DVD idea. I think just sitting outside chatting would be nice too. Maybe by the pool? This is my first RT and I can barely contain my excitement!
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    Hi Roomie!!! See you on here too! I haven't been working out and have to get my booty in gear so...

    Hi Roomie!!! See you on here too! I haven't been working out and have to get my booty in gear so I don't drop dead...
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    VOTE PLEASE! Favorite Cathe Step Move

    Hip Hop Repeater Power Jigs Fast Feet Shuffle
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    I am booking a room Soooooo.... I am booking a room, and hoping someone will want to room with me! Just let me know who wants to be my roomie :) Don't all jump at once LOL I am the most open-minded person in the world, so no matter who you are, I don't judge and we will get along!!! I am a...
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    Ok, so who is rooming with me??? this is going to be awesome!
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    I'm up for a roomie I'm coming in from Dallas...Let me know!! A little background - I am a newbie and 34. Let me know! :) Tanya Green
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    WHO'S IN?

    I am! I am #10! It's my first road trip and I'll be driving in from Dallas. CANNOT WAIT! Tanya
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    Anyone else not feel sorry for...

    My vote: Not sorry for the adults This stuff about doing this to support the kids future is crap. IF SHE DIDN'T GET TONS OF COSMETIC SURGERY AND BUY A $1MILLION HOME, THE FIRST 2 SEASONS WOULD HAVE PAID FOR THE FUTURE. I would bet they have very little in savings by the way she spends. She...
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    What Are You Doing For Recovery Week

    Cathe is the Expert so I am listening to her. No weights, and light cardio. It is a proven fact that you can't get stronger unless you let you muscles recover completely. That's the science behind weight lifting, tear them down, then let them build back up. You have to let them recover/build...