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    Video Clip of Cathe's Metabolic Conditioning 2 Live Workout

    What an awesome gift Cathe! And Thank you firemedic but I don't own a computer or any device of any sort and I have no internet so it is only dvds for me. I have limited time on Sunday mornings when I visit my parents that my mom is nice enough to let me use her computer and go on the...
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    PHA2 vs PHA3

    I love them all. They are all worth doing.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Metabolic Conditioning 2 Live Workout

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I often watch the clips just for a little inspiration but this one I wish I could do! If it were on DVD I'd buy it. It seemed full of moves that were new to me. Also I want Cathe's shirt. It is the best alternate version of Keep calm and carry on that I have ever seen. Where...
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Boss Loops

    The hardest work is going on already--I have to exercise my patience! Seriously, though, I can quickly tell from the clip that I will really enjoy the challenge. I pity all those who think working out is such a drag . . .
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 6-7-21

    I'll do my best to be patient, that is. Maybe I should look at what I'm typing . . .
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 6-7-21

    I'm really looking forward to the new bands and dvds. I do my best to patient (just kidding, 'cuz it'll be worth the wait)!
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    Nutrition and workout

    Thank you Bobbi for writing what I often share with people. It always amazes me when they essentially claim food is evil. I once was eating freshly cut pineapple for part of my lunch and a coworker told me that it was a bad thing to eat because it was full of sugar. People really need to...
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    Cathe Apparel?

    Funny you should ask this question. I've been really wishing they would have Cathlete shirts again. Mine are so worn. I've loved them to death. In fact I just looked down and realize I have one of them on right now but it is getting close to the point I have to retire it.
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    Hula Hoops

    I have a weighted hula hoop on my wish list because I loved using them as a youngster (I had a hula hoop with a "bee" in it so it buzzed as I used it) and a few years ago tried one that a coworker had. I do not doubt it helps with strength and flexibility but also with coordination. The...
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    Cathe Boss Bands & Loops Update - 5-14-21

    I'm looking forward to the clips. I love having a sneak peek and makes me excited to do the full workouts.
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    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    Best wishes on your recovery, Cathe! I've been worrying about this very thing happening to me since I started having really bad flashers last fall. I'm constantly on alert but do know, like you did, to get treatment right away. What is the saying? "Life happens when you are making other plans"...
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    Boss Bands Difficulty Level? Like/unlike other band workouts?

    Hey CanadianCathelete I have an idea for you: up your weights and something like LITE's Strong Body Stacked Sets won't be only for light days. I do that with other workouts in the LITE series and ICE series. If I had my notebook with me I could give you an idea of what I do. At any rate I...
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    Boss Resistance Bands work your muscles in a very different way than free weights do

    Forum administrator, I love your biased opinion. As part of the Cathelete community you can say I'm biased too--I rarely find any other workouts I want to do other than Cathe's. She IS that good! No convincing needed for me. The only series I don't have is STS but it is on my wish list and I...
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    BOSS Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads Pre-Sale

    I don't care about shipping at all. I think whatever Cathe is offering is an excellent price anyway so I'm more than happy to pay for shipping. Just order ordered my both dvds and both band sets combo. It'll give me something to look forward to this summer (I'm not a fan of summer weather so...
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    Announcing Cathe's New Workouts & Boss Bands & Loops

    Thank you firemedic! I decided to come back to the Cathe forums before I finish my once a week internet time and saw what you posted and it worked. I've never clicked on the apps and tools and sure enough the background showed a nice long peek at what to expect.