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    Video Clip of Cathe's Perfect Pump Lower Body Workout

    Another "wow" here! This looks intense in the best way! Cannot wait. Really looking forward to seeing the premix options too! Thanks, Cathe!!!!
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    I also take collagen and feel like it helped my recovery from a knee injury as well as improved my hair and skin. After much research, I settled on trying one from MAV Nutrition and one from Sports Research. Both have quality products (and MAV has great customer service), but Sports Research...
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    Dvd that gave you the most noticable results

    Hi!! I did do Xtrain exclusively. I had to go back to my workout manager to figure out the rotation. It was Cathe's 90 day Xtrain undulating rotation. I barely survived (I get too bored doing the same workouts too frequently), but I credit that rotation for significant strength gains and...
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    Dvd that gave you the most noticable results

    I saw the most significant results from following the original XTrain rotation. One reason was that I actually stuck with the full rotation. Consistency is critical in any rotation, but I highly recommend that one!
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    website issue?

    Hi. Just want to make sure you're aware that the home page is showing as ATHENA??
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Cardio Muscle Confusion Live Workout

    Yes, thanks for continuing to provide "live" workouts and for using the opportunity to include heavier weight work too! Thanks, Cathe!! (love the leggings :) )
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    Favorite workout shoes

    Thanks for sharing!!! This is helpful. :)
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    Perfect Pump Lower Body Group Shot

    I'm with you, snowlover, especially for lower-body workouts. I can survive an upper-body day with leggings, but much prefer shorts for anything cardio and lower-body. I've wondered how Cathe and crew manage under the HOT studio lights and still look fabulous through the whole thing! :oops:
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Group Shot & Outfits

    Yes, you ladies look AMAZING - as always! Love the bright background too. Always enjoy seeing what you come up with for the set. :) Thanks, Cathe and Crew!!
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    Cathe's Touch Up Training Lower Body Live Workout

    This does look great!!!! Thanks for another fabulous workout to look forward to, Cathe!! Love it!
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    Plateau Busters

    Oh wow - that is a fabulous idea! I love it. That would be such a valuable and useful addition to a Cathe collection. Cathe, would love for you to consider this!!
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    I've only tried their capris, but I love colorful koala's brushed leggings. (You can get them on amazon and they have their own website.) No fancy designs, but they are comfortable, they don't budge on me (i.e. don't have to pull them up, ever!), and they have good "support." I tried IUGA...
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    Ripped w/ HIIT 2

    That would be awesome!
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    Short Upper Body Workouts

    I'm in search of the same. Discovered a premix in the Strong and Sweaty collection that fit the bill. I believe it was on the Total Body Giant Sets DVD. It was the Upper Body time saver premix. Was a nice upper body workout under 30 min. It was a good workout.
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    Are You Ready For Step Boss Launch Week?

    You all operate like a well-oiled machine! Awesome prep and planning. Thanks for the update and for all the work you've put in to making this a great launch. Can't wait!! :)