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    Meso 2 question

    I started week 3 of Meso 2 and I thought the same thing. This week I did chest on one day with a little cardio and tris and shoulders with some HIIT. I was able to lift a heavier on my shoulders and tris than if i was to do the whole disc all together. I guess I will see if it makes difference...
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    Ride vs CycleMax

    I thought that ride was easier for a spinning workout. Don't get me wrong It is a great workout, but I think cycle max is harder....
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    STS First Timer Needing a Reality Check

    christa, Think of it like this, there is no wrong way in getting the job done as long as you are putting effort in and making it challenging for yourself. If this is your first time though, think of it like a warm up. The next time you do it you will be more knowledgeable than the first time...
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    STS STS 3.5 Mo.-Is Anyone Else Doing This?

    I couldnt agree more! i missed STS and didnt remember how tough of a workout it was. It was great! i think i will be sore tomorrow too, but the nice things is i gained strength from the last time i did the series because I am lifting more than i did before. Great feeling! the plan for next week...
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    skipping meso cycle 3

    I don't know why you would want to do that? I just love each meso cycle because they offer something different. I really enjoyed the heavy weight work, didn't think I would of but it's my favorite now. Goodluck!
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    STS STS 3.5 Mo.-Is Anyone Else Doing This?

    I am starting the 5.5 month rotation tomorrow. I did the xtrain just the strength series last month but I miss my sts. I got some really great results from sts in the past and hope I continue to get more. I have def gained strength and definition from the series! Good luck on your adventures!!
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    STS vs Chalean Extreme

    You can't go wrong with sts, it's my all time fav series and worth every penny!
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    Salt, Sugar Fat by Michael Moss

    Thanks for the suggestion! I am going to look into it!
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    Burn sets

    I have the book, I was following the 30 day strength rotation, kinda fell off the wagon because I have been sick on and off. I downloaded my program so I don't have premixes unless I do the workout blender..(too much work) so I figure I will just add the burn sets at the end on each workout.
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    Burn sets

    How are you using them?
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    Burn sets

    Omg!! I did chest shoulders and back along with chest burn sets tonight...all I have to say is, yeowzza!!! Gonna feel that tomorrow!
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    Weight program to take to the gym

    I have sts and xtrain, but I am looking for a weight program that I can download to my phone that i can use at the gym. So minimal equipment and easy to follow without watching. I do this with sts and I love it! Any suggestions?? I was debating gym styles or slow and heavy?
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    xtrain and STS rotation

    I bought xtrain to mix it up with my STS rotations. I love STS so much and I have gotten such great results from it. I really like the heavy lifting in STS and Xtrain isnt about so much lifting but working the accessory muscles that help you lift those heavy weights. It would be great if someone...
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    Xtrain 30 day strength

    I was going to start today, but I teach aerobics class, I will start tomorrow. I never did my 1rm for sts. I just tried to go as heavy as possible. I don't have the weight gloves so I can't increase by a pound I have to increase or decrease by 5lbs.
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    What exercise clothes fit you best?

    I was actually thinking about buying some feelfitwear....How is the quality and the fit? I liked the grey capris with the white sides that cathe has in one of her xtrain workouts. I dont see them having to pull up the pants or adjusting(i hate it when I have to keep pulling my pants up)