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    STS Check in

    I just began STS week 5 legs and for the second week I’m a row, I've hurt my knee. Not sure if this has been discussed, but the warm up seems pretty insufficient for a Cathe leg workout. I’m going to have to pause to do a different workout
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    Great, thanks. Last question, how often do you do them? And all at once or spread them out?
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    Do you feel the Gravity Yoga series is lacking since it only covers certain muscles?
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    Lifting barefoot

    Does anyone here lift heavy while barefoot? I tried it but I feel like I need something with some grip, but not quite a shoe. How do you keep yourself from slipping while lifting barefoot? Thank you!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Time To HIIT It - Low Impact Live Workout

    Does Cathe have other workouts that are low impact HIIT, live or otherwise? I’m familiar with the ones from Ripped with HIIT.
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    Running shoes to lift

    And you still feel the "burn" on strength workouts that are heavy on the legs? I did a Cathe metabolic workout in my Hoka's and def still felt the squats and deadlifts. I made the mistake of asking this question in a FB group and they've been arguing me up and down all day that I can't do any...
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    Running shoes to lift

    Ok, this is good to know. Thanks so much! Gonna keep my comfy sneakers.
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    Running shoes to lift

    Just Cathe, no heavy gym lifting. Ok good, I’ll keep wearing my comfy Hoka’s.
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    Running shoes to lift

    Hi all! I finally found a pair of sneakers that don’t make my feet hurt, Hoka. But now I’ve learned I shouldn’t lift in them, and I’m sad. I’m fairly new to Cathe and can’t believe what a revelation she is! Do any of you do Cathe workouts in squishy sneakers? Maybe I shouldn’t do heavy lifting...
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    Any heavy lifting mixed with light cardio?

    Hi there! Does Cathe have any workouts that feature heavy lifting OR alternating b/t upper and lower body lifting with a bit of cardio mixed in? I've searched her titles, and can't make heads or tails of them. Thanks so much for your help!