Any heavy lifting mixed with light cardio?


Hi there! Does Cathe have any workouts that feature heavy lifting OR alternating b/t upper and lower body lifting with a bit of cardio mixed in? I've searched her titles, and can't make heads or tails of them. Thanks so much for your help!


Hi Sheree81 ,
Cardio and weights is a good one, there is a step cardio followed by compound weights upper and lower, so think lunge with tricep extension etc. Then you go to heavy upper body weights and repeat this 4 times.
Ending with a push up combo, weights for chest and then abs.
The dvd also has IMAX 2 on it, a ten interval style workout that consists of a step combo, a blast and short recovery.


I’m not sure about “heavy” weights specifically but there’s Low Impact Circuit that alternates cardio and weights, any of the Bootcamp workouts. I guess you could just go heavier than Cathe and slow down the reps. I hope others post with their suggestions. Cathe has so many it’s hard to remember.

katie lee

I just did Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets. The pace is fast enough to keep your heart rate going and the weights are formidable.

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