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    More advanced cardio ... w/o burpees or step!

    This sounds good - I prefer advanced cardio to be off the step. (I like step cardio, but prefer it to be more moderate).
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    metabolic weights with some heavy sets for people who hate lifting

    I like Metabolic too - my favourite is the one from ICE, but I do the LITE one a lot too, because it uses lighter weights which aloows me to work on my form. I don't hate lifting, but I just can't do very heavy. I use weights in kg because I'm in UK and my heaviest set are 10k, which would be...
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    Boss Bands Total Body

    Yes, I love it. I like to work out very early in the day before work when I can, and what's great about this set is that I don't have to walk back and forth getting out a range of dumbbells and then put them away again - it's just a question of folding the bands/loops out of/ into their little...
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    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    Did this last night, and it worked me - I felt it was tougher than the Body Bands one. I was also thinking I could use the Core section as an add-on abs after other workouts, maybe pure cardio ones.
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    Boss Bands Total Body

    I wanted the Cathe bands but the import duty to the UK just made the price a bit mad so I have similar bands from Amazon, which I think worked ok except for the bicep one (I've only done Total Body so far, not used the loops yet) - the fibres in the fabric were stretched to the limit and...
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    Learn How To Download Your Presale Boss Bands & Loops Downloads

    I've checked every email and no download code/ coupon either just an order number. I've emailed but it was Saturday night in the UK so I guess maybe no reply till later Monday.
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    I was desperate to order the DVD + Downloads + Bands this time but as I'm in the UK, the taxes/duties payable made it a bit steep, so thanks for making the workout downloads available without the bands! I have the old stretchy vinyl bands and loops so will see what I can do with those, hope it...
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    Workout Clothes

    I love the outfits but for me, one of the benefits of home workouts is that I can wear anything! As long as I have good footwear and a decent bra for high impact, I wear any old tanks and cotton shorts that come with pyjama sets. I'm glad nobody sees me....
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    The heaviest dumbbells I own are 10kg (just over 20lbs in US money, I think). I can't hold both at once either, the grips are too thick. I do own a barbell with enough plates to make it up to 35kg (70lbs), so there might be a way I could modify and use that in the Lower Body for a heavier...
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    This is the one that scares me the most - I'll try it soon but I will be going lighter!
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    How To Download Your Perfect30 Pre-Sale Downloads

    Got it the very next day, thank you Cathe support team.
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    I have literally just finished this one with the flow core add-on. I loved it, and it was a mood lifter too. Some new takes on moves like thread the needle. I'd love a whole one hour Cathe focused mobility routine - does such a thing exist already? PS: Looking at Brenda, I realised today...
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Upper Body

    I don't have any weights heavier than 20s so that was my maximum on this and I went a little lighter on some moves - 12s, 15s. I liked it, though.
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    High Impact Hiit is a HIT!

    I watched this one and felt terrified! But wen I actually got down to it, I found it was a do-able challenge - not one where I had to stop the tape and cry. I've been doing a lot of advanced steady state cardio rather than HIIT intervals so I was worried, but it was just right.