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    Mohs surgery

    I exercised that afternoon!
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    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    What's OAL?
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    <—-goodbye to another Cathlete

    Gosh, I remember all of sorry, her posts always made me smile -just looking at her name...
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    Apple watch or Fitbit?

    I have apple watch - GET THE PROTECTION PLAN...have had it for 2 years and its now invaluable because it helps me find my iPhone!!!
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    Sciatica anyone

    HI! 4 herniated discs not 2, but still no backache, doing the typical periformis/hip openers -always helpful in the past -put me into could run (but could do Cathe plyos -go figure), but walking can bug it too, feels like a hot poker into the I'm going easy...
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    Sciatica anyone

    Tell us more about what you can and can't do?
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    Sciatica anyone

    Yes. Life long exerciser, knew about 2 "wedged" discs (chiropractor verbage)but no backache since the 90s and increase in weight lifting/core, etc...never could run...never, but could do plyo...go figure..anyway, last NY Day I swung my leg over my dog, and thought I pulled a hamstring...hip got...
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    Our GEs from 2012 died in FOUR YEARS.....turns out in 2010 or so , they sent their parts manufacturing to Korea and lost some quality control and repair rates soared (according to our local repair guys) the Samsung Fridge and its great as are the washer and dryer (front loaders)....also...
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    Stopping HRT for Ovarian Stem Cell Therapy

    I wouldn't do any trial form doctors in Egypt. I'm late to the party for menopause and its not a joke with the hot flashing, but the controversy on HRT - bio identical or lab derived is no way settled and the confluence of other factors are keeping me from it...stem cells to twart nature's...
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    Pure Barre

    I love our Pure barre folks here, but the workouts can really take a toll on the hip/back even with good form. I find it better than Physique 57 which moves to fast to get any muscle effect I found.
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    Plant Based Protein Powders

    Another vote for Arbonne, have made pumpkin shakes, and mix a scoop of vanilla/chocolate with left over coffee from the morning, some stevia and almond milk and tastes like a yogurt shake.
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    A co-worker of mine used it and I believe sells it now and it helped her lose 20lbs or so...its a protein powder thing
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    Brenda's posture on dvd's

    I love Brenda as we all do! Her posture is definitely kyphotic ...many of us have that issue...she's a good example though of how supreme fitness will keep her from developing the 'hump' that so many senior (usually women) develop...I have to fight that slouching too, and want to reach through...
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    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    I've been around, and also have another name (due to forgetting!) which is icumom. I lurk alot too!
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    Advocare - Any Thoughts?

    WHAT?! Never heard of it, don't know what it is, but sounds like I must check it out!