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  • Decided on an outdoor run to rosy up my cheeks a little and enjoy a beautiful fall day.
    40 hilly minutes following a blue heeled named Bug.
    Got through most of Love Those Legs Live (or something similar to that) when I got disrupted by a family emergency- nothing critical, just 2 adult children and a husband that don't seem to be able to communicate all that well which leads to things not getting done how everyone wants them done. Sometimes I seriously consider moving into the forest by myself.
    Ply HIIT One. Only 30 minutes- figured I would do 1 and 2... silly girl.
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    LOL, I know how that feels. Yesterday I changed my workout several times before procrastinating all the way down to RWH Low Impact HiiT one + Bonus Abs. I think I had a much, much longer workout scheduled. Something is better than nothing. However, today I am falling into the same pattern.
    Yesterday I got to go to the gym in the city. I did pedal pump, streaming it on my phone, then I did close to an hour of upper body.
    Today was Lower Body Confusion Live- this one hurt.
    Metabolic Conditioning Live. Still struggling to get my air and endurance back. As I am still fighting this virus I have had since the beginning of August, I hope it is just a little longer until I feel like myself again.
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    That sounds like a really nasty bug! I hope you kick its butt to the curb soon!
    Away for work this weekend but able to get some workouts in.
    Being in an actual city, I went to a gym last night Nd did hill repeats on the TM then did lower body. This morning I ran 4 miles on a beautiful path that runs along the river. May hit that gym again tonight for some upper body.
    I did end up going to the gym in the evening- upper body and abs.
    Toasted Triceps Upper Body-Live
    Thanks to MRSCTOO for posting this as one of your workouts- I loved it!
    Feeling much stronger today, except I may have to borrow someone else's arms the rest of the day :)
    So 2 days on new antibiotics and high dose steroids has made a huge difference. My ear has cleared and my voice is back. Too bad I wasted a week on the wrong antibiotics.
    I did Fit Legs Live. Needed extra breaks and couldn't do all of the reps but I was happy to do something today.
    Sick,sick,sick. Inner ear and throat infection have grinder me to a halt. Took the first 2 sick days in 25 years of work. Needless to say- exercise has been a no go. My family has relegated me to my room with the door closed so they won’t catch what I have- bless their hearts!
    Still about 80% deaf in my left ear- but at least my balance is OK.
    RWH- Circuit upper body. Felt like this was mostly lower body. Would have liked to do a little more upper body strength and abs. Always tomorrow I guess.
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    One of my favorite workouts. I love all the RWH workouts.
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    I did everything I could think of to put off going down to the basement where my "gym" is- went through the 200 emails from while we were away, wiped down even counter, rearranged the fruit bowl, etc. Finally forced myself to do HIIT circuit lower body and am a better woman for it. I struggled as I am still not 100% but it got the endorphins flowing.
    Looked forward to a good workout but this throat infection is kicking the oomph out of me.
    Decided to rest and hope things improve tomorrow.
    On our way home from vacay- where I ate too much, drank too much beer, and didn’t workout the last 4 days.
    Back at it tomorrow- not looking forward to the POCS :(
    Sunday was lost to feeling really crappy all day.
    Travelled most of the day yesterday for my week and a half work/ holiday time away.
    I ran today on the mill and did intervals then did a lower body workout with weights.
    Now a nap before tonight’s meet and greet and a few cocktails.
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