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  • I have been doing a lot of research into diet and exercise especially for women over 50 and I am changing things up. I have been way too sore and gaining abdominal weight while working out hard 6 days a week. Something had to change. So I am starting something new- HIIT 2Xs/week and the other days EASY cardio- a run or walk depending on how I feel. Lots of recovery time.
    RWH- Chest, shoulders and tris. I have DOMS in every muscle of my body from the last 2 workouts. So today I felt a little weaker then normal and it showed in how much I could lift. On a good note- work was very slow today so I also did an easy 30 minute run on the TM before lunch- love having my office at home.
    Back from being away most of the first part of this year. Have been on a dozen different planes. Have been running and strength training. Now that I am home I am going to follow the Feb rotation. LITE SBSS Lower. This is intermediate?!?!
    Still travelling. Have been going to the hotel gyms pretty steady but forgetting to post.
    A mix of running and weights. More importantly, My diet has been decent- I haven’t been to the dessert line yet.
    Fusion Lower Body with JNL. I can't let this one go- it's a really demanding lower body strength/cardio combo.
    Absolutely beautiful day yesterday. Took advantage and ran outside on freshly grated roads- pillowy soft :)
    Did Cathe's last live of 2018 which was upper body this morning.
    Good start to 2019.
    Yesterday I was going to do legs but something is going horribly wrong with the knee I had surgery on in my 20s. It acts up occasionally so I am going to take it easy on it for the next while. I rode the bike and did abs. Today was toasted trisets upper body.
    I have been away since Wednesday but I had a lot of time to workout. Thurs was a hill repeat day on the mill followed by a lower body workout, Fri was the Stairmaster as I was at a gym then I did pyramid upper body, Sat was a slow run on the mill, and today I did SS Boot camp.
    TM interval run for 30 minutes- really short on time today.
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    Melanie, I am a former runner and stopped running about 4 years ago (I consistently overtrained and was eventually just getting overuse injuries over and over). I really want to start running again, incorporate it into my Cathe schedule. How do you do it? Do you plan run days and Cathe days or do you just do what you feel like doing on any given day?
    This week was weak (HA!). I ran on Monday morning then nothing until yesterday- JNL lower body. I wanted a tough leg workout and I got it.
    Today I did Intensity Series- Upper Body Pyramid. Good except for the stability ball ab exercises at the end. Hate those.
    Upper Body Pyramid is a toughie! Does that one have pikes on the ball at the end?
    Oh yes it does- HATE THE BALL
    Buff Upper Body Live- liked it so much last week I did it again. Abs are still such a weak point. I can never remember a time I had strong abs.
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