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    Cathe Live on Roku Help

    Sorry it took this long to respond with a shoutout to the amazing Tech Support at Cathe! Thank you so much for your quick response to the Roku channel not working. It's very much appreciated.
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    Cathe Live on Roku Help

    I also am unable to watch content on either Live or On Demand on my Roku.
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    Cathe Live Spreadsheet 01/30/2017

    OMG . . .YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you so much for this!!!
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    Cardio Slam DONE!!!

    I was so excited to see the new serious On Demand this morning! I also did Cardio Slam and it was fantastic!
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    So, my DVD player from like 2002 finally died and because I was too lazy to leave the house, I swapped out my old tube TV (yes, I still have one of those) for the Smart TV from my crafting room and signed up for Cathe OnDemand and Cathe Live . . . OMG what took me so long?!?!?!? I am in LOVE...
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    Nov. Butt Rotation Check In

    Good morning all- I missed one workout last week due to travel, but am back on track this morning. Just finished X65. Phew!!
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    Nov. Butt Rotation Check In

    Good morning!! In place of Pyramid Upper Body (which I don't own) and due to time restraints this morning, I did Body Max 2 Upper Body and the dreaded 300 Walking Lunges! In an attempt to add more air to my stability ball, I lost the plug (it went flying across the room and disappeared...
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    Nov. Butt Rotation Check In

    Hi ladies- I'm Christine and was hoping to join you all on this endeavor. I actually started yesterday with Intensity and completed Cardio Leg Blast this morning. I will be away at a work conference Thursday and Friday, so was thinking of trying to get a run in on those days (I'm new at...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 14, 2009

    Happy Friday ladies!! Bayerngirl - great job finishing up Meso 1! Is this you first time doing STS? Meso 1 is my favorite (I just love endurance style workouts). Enjoy it and get ready for your well-deserved rest week. Punka - sounds like a great workout plan. I've always wanted to...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 12, 2009

    Good morning everyone. I finished up disk 21 and weights and plates abs this morning. Now I'm getting ready to go to work (ugh . . . is it Friday yet?) I hope you are all doing well.
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 10, 2009

    No rest for me. This morning I did STS disk 20, Premix 4 of Low Max and Stability Ball Abs (did I mention I hate the stability ball)!?!?
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 10, 2009

    Good morning!! Bayern - nice job. I did Stability Ball Abs as well this morning (although I did get all cranky and annoyed when the pikes came into play). I HATE stability ball abs!! I suspect it must be a really terrific ab workout since I hate it so much! Is this your first STS...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 9, 2009

    Deb - cold turkey . . . I truly believe it is the only way to go. Of course I say this after having quit for about two years and going back!! This time though I know my triggers and am going to avoid them like the plague. Pinny - I will definately check out the group. I'm sorry to hear...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 9, 2009

    Good afternoon and happy Sunday to everyone! Punka - I know I love to babysit my nieces and nephew too! Do you have kids of your own? I don't so I guess that's why it is so much fun (we just get to spoil them and then go home)!! Bayner - It sounds like you are having a wonderful day, a...
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    Commit to get fit and lean for Aug 7, 2009

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am alternating weeks of STS and circuit/boot camp style workouts. Of course there are cardio days in between. Lately I just have no drive (I woke up late again this morning - mornings being when I workout). After finishing the 3-1/2 month STS rotation I was...