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    Total Body Supersets

    thanks for posting this, I wondered the same thing!
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    Life after STS

    keep lifting! personally, i'm on the last week of STS and after next week's active recovery, i'm starting it all over again. i love it! but you can do other stregth training workouts to keep building muscle..
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    STS benefical if you need to lose?

    hi there, during my weekday runs i run 5-milers, sometimes 6 and weekends i go longer, 8 or more. i'm not in training anymore (i retired from racing when i had my son in 2007) so i run strictly for pleasure and fitness.
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    OK,OK,OK, I FINALLY BROKE.........

    then why did you order it, if you don't mind me asking? i'm just curious. i didn't order it because i know i won't do it often. my cardio of choice is always running, and i just don't like indoor cardio workouts that much. so, i saved the $ and didn't order it.
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    I love my job!!

    wow how awesome! thank you for providing a much-needed service, and enjoying it! btw, i love my job too. i work for a large social service agency. we help 37,000 individuals and families living in poverty every year. i get paid to help people and change lives for good. i love it.
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    STS benefical if you need to lose?

    hi there, i lost 12 lbs since march when i started STS. i'm almost done the series and will be doing it again when i'm done, i love it! i hit a plateau after my son was born and really needed to do something different with weightlifting. STS was it! i run 4-5 days a week and do STS 3 days a...
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    How does cardio work with STS?

    i run on the days i am not lifting. so, i do STS on mon/wed/fri and run tues/thurs/sat & sun (and sometimes friday at work with my coworker)
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    Has PETA lost its mind, or...?

    still, regardless of what you think of PETA, protecting flies is perfectly in line with their mission and shouldn't be considered extreme for them.
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    Doctors say obesity isn't a disability

    you have control over a disease. whether it's the treatment you seek, the method you use to control symptoms, the way you deal with it mentally, who you talk to... you have control on one level or another. i do not think labelling addiction disempowers anyone. now, treating addiction as a...
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    Need running help

    well i've been running for many years and ran many races, and i will just say one thing: all the goos, gels, carbs and sports drinks in the world will not take the place of adequate training. and you cannot expect your body to go from 10 to 15 miles in a week. at long distances (my personal...
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    Doctors say obesity isn't a disability

    how about that! i was a data analyst at a women's treatment facility and a research analyst at a NIDA-funded research institute. my MA thesis was focused on drug addicts' access to health care in SF.. so i am basing my opinions strictly on years of research conducted not just by me but by many...
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    Has PETA lost its mind, or...?

    in all fairness, PETA advocates the ethical treatment of animals, of which flies are a member. what a great PR stunt.
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    What do you think?

    this is terrible!
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    Doctors say obesity isn't a disability

    ^^ well that's cool, thanks for posting one doctor's opinion. i appreciate it! funny how he says smoking is an addiction.
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    Doctors say obesity isn't a disability

    um.. what? to quote my buddy Beavs.. "what a bizzare post" lol.. and yes, alcoholism IS A DISEASE. morningstar, you can certainly choose to not believe it's a disease, but it is.