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    Question on specific leg exercise

    When I went through physical therapy for a partial knee replacement, the therapist showed me that step downs were actually far more effective and challenging than step ups. They are. Do they work the same areas? Thanks.
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    Best workouts for getting ready for a week of Alpine skiing

    I used to be a very aggressive advanced alpine skier, however, I haven't skied in several years and I ain't what I used to be when I was a spring chicken. I need suggestions for getting ready.
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    Free shipping not offered for pre-orders?

    Hi, I'd like to pre order the Boss band and loops dvds and loops/bands, but am being charged for shipping even though it is over $50.00. Is that a mistake? How do I get free shipping?
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    Calories burned PHA3 vs. Perfect HIIT

    Thank you, I was unaware that the Workout Manager provided calorie burns. Good info, I am grateful.
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    Calories burned PHA3 vs. Perfect HIIT

    I love both of these programs, but am curious if anyone has compared the calorie burn for both. I am exhausted after PHA30, even more so than any of Cathe's cardio programs, including To the Max and Crossfire. I don't have a calorie heart monitor.....anyone? Thanks.
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    Thank you for Perfect 30 HIIT plus pyramid cardio bonus

    I love both of these workouts and always add on the pyramid bonus cardio for a thoroughly fun and effective workout. These are just what I wanted. Thank you for all the work and thought that went into these.
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    Knee friendly options

    It seems a common need.......perhaps a few workouts which provide knee friendly moderations. Or simply a few that are strictly knee friendly. Thanks.
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    Knee friendly cardio

    Hi, I've torn a ligament. I'm healing, but still need to be very careful, but I feel sluggish because I've not been able to do much in the way of cardio. I've been able to do upper body and ab work and some lower body, but really want to lose my breath. Any suggestions?
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    PHA with cardio circuit

    I would love a routine which combined plyo leg routines followed by upper body weight work in the PHA tradition. The plyo moves could incorporate weights to really fry the legs and get the heart rate pumping.
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    Calling all 60 year old and older Cathletes

    Hello fellow oldie but goodie because we workout, I'm 70, and my favorite of Cathe's series is Ripped with Hiit. I really think she hit her high mark with that series and always reach for them. I also love her PHA programs from her more recent offerings and still find Afterburn one of her...
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    Giving up on a new Ripped with Hiit from Cathe

    Wow, Sydney Cummings is fantastic! Thank you so much, I'm adding her to my go to workouts. Wonderful! Thanks again.
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    Giving up on a new Ripped with Hiit from Cathe

    I've been hoping for a program equally as good and challenging and wonderful as Ripped With Hiit for awhile now, but am getting the impression Cathe is reversing herself to earlier days of dancy step that does not really challenge. I love the PHA programs but give the remaining workouts to the...
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    Is Step Boss considered Intermediate or Advanced?

    Definitely intermediate. Another one making me scratch my head, but I will use the PHA workout. The step routines I'll donate to the library.