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    Where can I find Cathe's rotations from each series?

    I know this post is OLD but I'm sure glad I came across it; I was looking for Hardcor Series, Body Blast and 4DS series rotations. I now have them and printed them for future use.
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    My Complete bodybuilding 4-WEEK Rotation using (GS) Gym Series and Muscle Max + (IS) Upper & Lower Body Pyramid workouts, PROVEN TO WORK!

    OMG, I found this just in time; currently I'm doing the ICE Level 3, 30 day rotation for the month of April, which is more cardio (45 min avg) followed by weights (15-20 avg). This works for me because last month I did STS & LITE rotation, this I did weights first (50 min avg) followed by...
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    Body Blast

    Hey I'm looking for a rotation that includes Body Blast series
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    STS & Newer workout series

    Thank you, I'll Look at doing it for my next 30 day personal challenge. I just really enjoy the type of weightlifting that is done w/STS
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    Newbie need help!

    What they said. Being 45 I workout 5 to 6 days a week and have incorporated plenty of strength training. My "scale" numbers haven't dropped to where I want them however, my clothes ;) I'm much toner & my blood work is on point. I deal w/genetic issue that affect my spine so I have to at times...
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    LITE done & done

    I really enjoyed the LITE series highly recommend it to others. Midway through I came down with a sinus infection & bronchitis. Being a member of the streaming service I greatly benefited from the time saver options which allowed me to still do the workouts for that week it took for the medicine...
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    STS & Newer workout series

    Is there a rotation that includes the STS with the newer workouts like Ripped w/HiiT, X-Train, and/or others? I really enjoyed doing STS it really helped me developed muscles but I also enjoy the others as well.
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    Send Us Your Success Story

    I've been consistently working out since mid-May 2017 after 2nd surgery in a year on my shoulder (this time it was frozen); 2016 repair rotatory cuff & labral tear with slap. I started back doing with Xtrain (30 day) mid-May thru mid-June; then Jun-mid August is did the monthly rotations until...
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    1RM question

    I spent a 3 days doing the 1RM testing; its best to print the 1RM testing sheet and follow along that. The sheet will not have to repeat the samething.
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    I took a week off (recovery) then the 2nd week spent doing my 1RM testing along w/my 19yr old son. We are doing this program together, he's doing his own cardio but doing the weight lifting with me. He even started his own Workout Manager account.
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    STS mixed with newer DVDs

    As of this week 2/26/18 I've started my 2nd round of STS using your rotation and love it.
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    Early morning workout; had a protein shake, proteine bar then did ICE Low Impact Sweat Time...

    Early morning workout; had a protein shake, proteine bar then did ICE Low Impact Sweat Time saver #12.
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    New & Improved STS 1RM Test Excel Spreadsheet

    Thank you for taking the time to create this; I was considering doing the same thing but decided to search the forums to see if it had already been done. :-)
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    New to STS & want to track progress

    I'm about to start STS on Nov 6th & I'm trying to figure out how to track my progress. I printed the workout card and will write down the actual weight/rep but what do I do w/the information? Do I go in Workout Manager and update my 1RM with what I actually did? I'm currently doing ICE series...
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    STS is there an App to track workout?

    Is there an app for STS? I want to track my weight lifting and would like to do it on my phone; I've downloaded a standard weight lifting app from google play but thought I'll check here to see if there's an option for STS. I have a fitness log but it only has 11 spaces for strength training...