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    Lower Body Blast (May's rotation)

    Today's workout Lower Body Blast won't launch from the On Demand app. I'm using it via Android. This is the first time I've encountered this problem. If I go to the internet from my phone, I can open via web but not the app.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Halloween Hocus Pocus Live Workout

    I saw the clip on Face Book and so enjoyed the creativity.
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    Yoga Strength & Flexibility Gold Star!

    I did this after doing Lower Body weights and glad I did. I really needed the stretch. Seeing the clips that were released earlier I opted to purchase the round yoga mat from Amazon and glad I did. I'm so glad to have a 30min yoga which is perfect when I'm in a crunch... hence Perfect 30. ;)
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    Perfect30 Perfect Pump Lower Body

    Did this yesterday and used the same weights that they used except the 40lb (don't have 40lb dumbbells). I really enjoyed this workout and perfect for me getting back into lifting after taking 2 weeks off.
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    Bands & Mats

    I'm liking that circle mat in the Perfect 30 Mobility; I found one on Amazon and excited to use it. Using the regular yoga mat I tend to stretch beyond it in some positions; with this one I'm sure to remain on it.
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    Perfect30 Perfect HIIT Low Impact

    I did the Low Impact HiiT yesterday and really enjoyed it :) I think this has to be my favorite LIH; the moves and the length really works for me. This was released just in time for me; I opted to take 2wks off from working out and returned yesterday. Needless to say I'm easing my way back to...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Blast Live Workout

    I appreciate you still doing the live, even without a room full of people. I had to brag about your commitment on my FB page. We are in this together, #noexcuses
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    Cannot get Live on Firestick

    I'm having the same issue, I even went as far as uninstalling the app, turning off my TV then back on, reinstall the app and no videos. Good thing I have a smart TV and can stream from my phone, but I much rather use the app. I'm using the FireStick as well, the OnDemand works fine. I notice the...
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    Heavy weight workout

    I love the STS Series although its several years old; an updated version using the newer cardio workouts as part of the rotation would be great. I'm considering doing STS for the 3rd time once I'm done with physical therapy for my right shoulder (sudden onset of frozen shoulder); really looking...
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    December 19, 2019

    First, love your leggins Cathe. I actually got to workout during the actual LIVE session thanks to me having 2wks of use or lose leave. Really enjoyed it, have a Merry Christmas.
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    Cathe Rotations Are Now Available On Roku

    Looking forward to it being available on Fire. It will be so much easier to do the rotation without having to print then search for it.
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    How did you find out about Cathe?

    Once upon a time there was this channel on Verizon Fios called FitTV where I first saw Cathe. She was aired at 7pm ET where I learned about step aerobics and I became hooked. :) I was doing the workout without a stepper then I got a small one to start with; soon after my hubby purchased me the...
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    Where can I find Cathe's rotations from each series?

    I know this post is OLD but I'm sure glad I came across it; I was looking for Hardcor Series, Body Blast and 4DS series rotations. I now have them and printed them for future use.
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    My Complete bodybuilding 4-WEEK Rotation using (GS) Gym Series and Muscle Max + (IS) Upper & Lower Body Pyramid workouts, PROVEN TO WORK!

    OMG, I found this just in time; currently I'm doing the ICE Level 3, 30 day rotation for the month of April, which is more cardio (45 min avg) followed by weights (15-20 avg). This works for me because last month I did STS & LITE rotation, this I did weights first (50 min avg) followed by...
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    Body Blast

    Hey I'm looking for a rotation that includes Body Blast series