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    low pulse rate question

    I also had a heart rate of 40 / 41. I wore a heart rate monitor for awhile and all came back fine. It was just labeled bradycardia as well due to fitness.. Hope everything goes well for you:)
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    Create a treadmill series please

    I really like the book that David Siik Created. Its really good and gives some great workouts.
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    2019 Cathe Calendar

    I ordered one but haven’t received it yet. I may be interested but I want to wait a few more days in case it’s just that my mail is slow.
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    All 2019 Cathe Calendars Have Shipped!

    Anyone else not receive theirs yet?
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    Calculating MET

    I wanted to look into calculating MET's. I see they are already done for the dvd's, but not for the live. Is there anywhere where the MET are tracked for the LIVE workouts as well? Thank you. Kristie
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    Cardio on Strength Days

    I am actually very underweight so my goal is really to just maintain rather than anything else. Yes, sometimes I do feel like I am breathing hard even though my heart rate doesn't show it. I actually wonder how accurate the fitbit really is. But I've had a chest strap as well and that one...
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    Cardio on Strength Days

    My heart rate does not raise at all when I lift. For example today I did ICE low impact sweat plus ICE upper body. During upper body my heart rate was only about 30 above my resting heart rate.
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    Low Blood Pressure = lower calories burned during workouts? Anybody know?

    Yes, I do agree, but I'm horrible at that. I'm a "numbers" girl:)
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    Low Blood Pressure = lower calories burned during workouts? Anybody know?

    I guess I really have the same questions as you, but I've never asked the dr. I get so frusterated because I know I have a slow heart rate and I know my heart rate does elevate when I exercise (i've had a halter monitor and some other tests) but yet sometimes my heart rate does not elevate to...
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    Low Blood Pressure = lower calories burned during workouts? Anybody know?

    My resting heart rate is 45 and sometimes I find that the trackers don't read my heart rate correctly. For example, I'll be on the treadmill feeling like I"m going to die and it will say my heart rate is 90 which I know I feel is much higher than that. Do you run into this as well? I...
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    Cardio on Strength Days

    I've never actually followed a cathe rotation I usually just use my best judgement on what I've done this week and try to vary my workouts. But the one thing I noticed with the rotations is that on strength days, there is no cardio included. Does cathe recommend doing cardio on strength days...
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    Live Gloved Up

    Can anyone get this to play? On Sunday, it played half way and then started playing really slow. I just tried it again and now it won't play at all. I've never had this happen before.
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    Anyone else having problems streaming Live?

    This morning I tried to do a video and I got half way through and it started playing really slow. Has anyone had this problem?
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    Fit Tower Question

    I purchased the Fit Tower but do not have the weight bar clips. I see that they finally have them back in stock. What is the difference between the free weight bar clips for $30 and the weight bar clips for $20. This is probably a stupid question but they don't look different to me. I want...
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    I want to try spinning but am afraid to buy the bike for fear I won't like it. How does it compare to the treadmill and elliptical? I have both at home, do I need a bike too? My one fear is I count my steps and I hate workouts that don't show "steps". How does a spinning workout show on a...